Chapter 367: Desert Reminiscence
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      A train station that was rounded around a plateau with a view of the dunes that followed a long river connecting to the northern sea of the continent. Holding Ashia’s hand, Nolan escorted her through the crowd, and rested on a bench. People were looking at the scopes mounted on the side of the railing.

Leaning on Nolan’s shoulder, Ashia watched the heated dunes, and the long river.

“Do you remember Oasis?”

“I do.”

“Sad that it fell. We had to make a new home on the stasis river.”

“It worked well,” Nolan shifted his arm. “That place had rounded natural walls and protected us from the rocks and natural predators, even the nobles choose to move out of the ‘safety’ that they desired.”

“Safety,” she smacked her lips. “What a word for them. If they didn’t control half of the merchants of Salt Passing. I would have given them the people’s justice.”

“Ashia,” he said slowly. “Back then, you knew that I was doing it right?”

“The killings? I saw you hung people when I followed you. Men, women, and even those who could be turned into soldiers. I know my ideals were getting better at me. And it was because I saw some reasoning in your actions that I could not give a reason to hang you in front of the crowd. I did in other timelines, but never as myself.”

“I am still not whole, Ashia,” Nolan whispered. “I have one missing fragment, a strong fragment that escaped me, and possibly stronger than what I am.”

“I know,” Ashia nodded. “I am connected to her mind after all. Will he come?”

“For you? No, but he will come for her. If anything, I fear that he might come for me.”

“I see. Still, we have no control over that. Fight because we are damned to this.”

“We’ve been at it for years. It’s still hard to believe that we aren’t being chased by monsters.”

“Perks of being strong to squash them. Do you think your guardian friends would accept me?”

“Accept you?” she smiled. “You humiliated them. From Astral to Faun. Once we reach Mount Toic no one would dare to disagree that you are not worthy to be a guardian.”

Nolan nodded, he looked up to the sky, where the giant ball had become a moon for the world. Nolan worried about the tides that would be changing, and the effects the object. However, power came from different directions, stabilizing and pushing the object. It would take about four years for that object to come and enter the atmosphere of this planet.

Nolan tugged on the source of power with his little finger. He could see the strings of the world attached to each tiny objects. The feeling was the same as using all of his sense to form a new one. The world we became opposite colored. If he wanted he could create an instant rune-spell that could carve a lake on the dunes.

Nolan snapped his eyes closed. He withdrew drawing from the source of power. He turned his attention to his side. Ashia’s eyes stared at the dunes with a calm face. Although he had seen such fate for so many times now. The thought of seeing her face this calm still perplexed him. How long it was to reach this far?

In this world there was no enemy to slay. No world needed saving for it has been saved. Now, there was only nature taking its course, plowing towards the planet.

“It really is beautiful despite the threat of it.”

She looked up. “It is. Still, I wonder when you will tell me about your world.”

“My world?” Nolan asked.

“Yes, your home world, the world before you came to my home world.”

“Ah,” Nolan said, wearily smiling. “I am not telling you because of anything special. It’s just that it has been so long that I had forgotten what my world was. Not to mention that I keep on getting young and old.  I would become young, and then die old. That cycle had made a mess of my head. All I know was that I was in a modern world with towering concrete buildings, where peace seems to have come. Sure, there might be places where war is active, but people live and die peacefully, although they are buried in work sometimes.”

She stared, listening.

“I had a brother, and I think we had a rather big family. Well, it was nothing special really, and I spent my time foolishly climbing buildings for fun.”

“That’s fun for you?” she nodded. “I did notice how you were rather nimble.”

“Ah, well, it helped that I could climb like a monkey. I didn’t think that I would reach this far,” he smiled. “I was not talented and it took my millennia’s to acquire something and gain power by consuming the old revenant.”

She blinked. “I think that the brave men of history, of all worlds didn’t think that they would become notable.”

“Ah, true, you don’t know what life will put you through,” Nolan thought back. “I recalled someone from my own world. He was a farmer who liked hunting. You know what guns are right?”

“Of course, I did spent time on those towering worlds with you.”

“This farmer who liked hunting joined a war. This nation fought a bigger nation, and he fought until he became death to people’s eyes. When people asked him if he regretted, he said that he did what he was told to do. He was a farmer who fought for his country, and became the most deadly soldier in our history. So I get what you are saying. I never wanted to be like this, but again, what need is there to weep over parts of life?”

Ashia agreed with a bobbed of her head. “For now, how about we enjoy the dunes? We lived most of our first lives in the desert, though I wish it had a little bit of green on them.”

Nolan nodded, turning his eyes back to the desert.