Chapter 370: The Maiden Who Became Selfish
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She caressed her stomach while staring at the gateway. Astral appeared on the side of the gateway. She trotted to her with a smile.

“Ash,” said Astral. “You look worried.”

She shake her head. “I am.”

“Why? I don’t think your hubby is the type to cheat…or is he?”

“Well,” she scratched her cheek. “Circumstances can be discussed. It depends on the woman as well.”

“Ah?” she raised a brow. “Really? Sure is tolerant are you? I don’t remember meeting someone like him. Or ever seeing you get close to this person. Or is this a sudden love?”

“No,” she bobbed her head. “I don’t think I could explain it to you. Let’s just say that it is hard to describe how we are. I say that we are truly fated. Blasted man wouldn’t give up on me. I feel so blessed”

“Oh,” she turned to the stream. “That is so cheating. I’ve never seen you this blooming. Or it because after all these years you’ve become a woman? It was a news to us that the Mentor of the Heroes had a husband. Not to mention she bears a child, happily teaching. I guess we all change in the end.”

She looked at the gateway again.  The light trembled. She held her stomach and her brows furrowed.

“Come on,” said Astral. “He’ll be fine. The Lord of the Morning will not do anything.”

She nodded again. Ashia twisted on a bench near the river stream with Astral leaning on the bench. It was a quiet place where the only sound that could be heard was the giggling of children and the solemn look of individuals. People passed by and they greeted her.

“A village of immortals.”

“It is. We lost two immortals today. It is rare that these folks would return to this place. I do remember that the four layered world had many troubles. They won’t reach this world. I don’t think they will with that spell. And not like they would find anything on the surface.”

“I see,” said Ashia.

“They say that this peace is revolting.”

“The Deniers again?”

“Yeah. They choose to venture on the fourth layer. They intend to rid that place of chaos. No matter what realm and firmaments the chaotic beings of the cosmic lingers. They will find no place here. We had made sure of that two years ago. It is time for peace. Yet there is always something that threatens us.”

Ashia looked up. An object on the sky that seem to glow.

“We’ll be relying on your husband.”

“He can do it. He’s no hero, but he can do it.”

“That’s a giant planet. Four years from now he’ll have to cut it down.”

“I am not worried,” she said. “My husband will cut that planet into two.”

“You really are confident about him.”

“He’ll do it because I know he can. Do you know how many time I’ve seen that man return despite all the hopeless scenarios he faced? I’ve seen him fight a horde of demons. Fought down many evils a man could and returned alive. He might not been chosen by the world as a hero. But I choose him. He’s mine you know?”

“I am not trying to.”

“Good,” she lifted her chin. “I won’t let a planet stop us. We wanted this for a long time, Astral.”

“Tell me.”

She nodded. “I’ve been wanting to find a peaceful place to settle. We are different in thinking and his ideals sometimes do match mine. I think that because of our different views that it took us so long to be together. I do think that I was addicted to it…but do you know what made me realize?”

She listened. Her eyes on the stream.


“I saw him happy. The man who I know was a man of war was happy. He loved the peace. I could have not appeared in front of him, but yet my heart told me to not let go.”

“I am glad that you seem to enjoy this choice.”

“Yes I do, Astral. I don’t think I will regret it.”

She knew that this was not the world she fought for. When she became a war maiden without the help of the three fates. She knew that her path would be bleak. No matter how many times he tried to push him away. He kept on being with her not only because of admiration, but because he wanted to cling on to the hope she carried.

Nonetheless he respected the Nolan Salvatore who fought with his life on the line. She admired the unbending will that he showed every battle and his ability to keep on moving forward and be devoted to a cause.  That’s why she fell. She had hurt him, and shamed him, and yet she knew that she was running away from her own feelings. She admits that she had done things such as warn noble ladies who fell for his courage and looks. She had done petty things to keep him by her side, but she was a coward who could not admit that she loved a man.

She could not forgive herself for what she had done to her first child. She could not pretend anymore that she didn’t let that monster of the pale pass kill her because of what she had done. But then again it was fine now right? This was not the world she had promised to save.

This was not the place where her soul was born on.

She had done her best.

That duty was over.

Why not be happy?

Why not let go?


She turned to where that voice was.

There he was standing with a different mood around him. His shoulders were relaxed and he had lost that blood-like eyes. She felt not curse lingering on him. He didn’t make the face he does when he hears the screams inherited by a bleak walker. He gave a soft look on Astral. Astra turned to Ashia and smiled.

“Hello Guardian,” said Astral. “I bid you goodbye for now.”

Nolan nodded. Ashia smiled. “Done?”

“Done.  Let’s get out of here.”


She said to him, letting Nolan take her away from this place.