Chapter 371: Her Time of Peace
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      The songs of the past could not change the crimes. No matter what world she saved, there was no excusing the worlds she had made to suffer. She had many names, yet she couldn’t let go of her name as well.

Pretending to be some kind of goodie two-shoes, she snarled to herself. But...let me remember what it is like to be human. To feel like you are needed. Not to be glared like a monster for once.

Alice took the basket and rounded a street. Alice’s house was on top of an overlook point. So Alice had to carry the basket up the hill. Not that it would matter to someone superhuman like her.

Four years, she muttered. It has been a long time since I came to this world. The cord that connects me to the Burned Woman has grown still. No, I can pull my power out if I had to. I see no reason to do it however.

Alice observed the giant object in the sky. It was a planet that acted like a second moon to the world. The appearance of this new moon increased the water levels. The Port Town of Agni responded to this by creating a natural barrier wall on the coastline. Magic played a role in creating the coastline.

Around the world the same was happening. But the lack of major wars and Alice purging those who would dare to commit evil had made things peaceful. Though Alice had noticed that there were Guardians of this world who held a level of power.

Alice had been able to conceal herself not because of any type of magic. Simply because Alice had a connection to a living God, her main body, that she could avoid detection from these Guardians.

They are like flies I could easily swathe, she thought. No, please, no, why do I have these thoughts? Would it kill you to stop being so suspicious of those who would guard the world? Fool woman you know that this is a closed off world. There are no world trees here. Just an Errant World that is lost on a Cosmic Plane.

Alice entered her house and placed the basket on top of a counter. Craning her head, Alice examined her home. It had been decorated with a magic lamp, a voice-box and a couch. The curtain swayed all the time with the house directly pointed at the sea.

Alice prepared the fruit, bread, and meat she got from the town inside a cooling box where the items are usually put on. After she placed the items inside the cooling box. Alice turned towards the counter where the ones she left aside were prepped up and ready.

It was then that the living door opened. A girl entered the room carrying a bag, and skipped to where Alice was. Alice smiled and set aside the ingredients on the table, kneeled and let the girl who was ten-years of old hug her.

“Ma!” said Nia. “I got this!”

She fished out a paper with a marking on the top right. Alice took the paper and nodded her head. “That’s great. You’re growing smart, Nia!”

“Hehe,” said Nia, giggling. “Ma, what are you cooking?”

“Pie I think?”

“Oh no, Ma, you know that you are terrible when it comes to pie!”

“Well, excuse me that we have different tastes on the matter!”

“Fine,” she crossed her arms, pouting. “It’s your food Ma, so it’ll be fine.”

Alice bopped her nose. “Go and change. Your uniform’s going to be stained.”

“Okay,” Nia said, running up the stairs.

“And don’t run on the stairs!”

“It’s fine Ma! You made me strong.”

“Manners Nia!”

Alice breathed in a sigh. She gathered the ingredients once again, and started preparing them. She went and created an apple mincemeat pie. She was fond of the pie when she was back in a world where things were advanced. This world she was in had advanced once again and had started paving a path for a peaceful civilization that was closer to the world Nolan had lived. Of course there are matters that require her attention. But most of the time she had shown some of the paths to the people who had the power to do it. Appearing before them and offering them wisdom that belonged to the people who were wiser than her.

She had nothing to offer, for she was a goddess of war, but she can offer the realization and the knowledge of those who had been better at her in regards to caring for people. Alice thought that no system or ideology was perfect unless each side sits down. Some do not compromise and some do it out of hatred.

There was no changing human nature unless you take their free will. She had ruled with iron fists and yet she couldn’t feel superior about her achievements. Alice had been saving worlds yet Alice could now recall the destruction that she leaves behind after saving those worlds.

Alice could no longer pretend about her actions. Not when she had seen the look in the eyes of those people in the tower worlds. The look of the Eon-Father and the Pale Shine as she slays them.

Alice stared at her palms. Her ideals, beliefs, and wants were being suppressed by her reasoning. Four years had passed since she came to this world. In those four years she found a home. But even so she wanted to find a reason to keep on going. Four years was nothing to an eternal like her. She was perpetually alive and she only knew three existence that could end her.

Deadman...I hope he does not find me here, no, I doubt that he would here. He would hate interfering with this world. No, he’s after the Burnt Woman, not Alice Dame.

Alice calmed herself. She placed the pie inside the oven and waited for it to take. It was then that Nia sauntered down the stairs and twisted on one of the chairs of the table.

Focus on the current, fool woman. Don’t let them ruin this bliss you found.