Chapter 375: Book 5 – Epilogue.
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      In that empty rock she called home she awoke. She pulled her hair as she was unable to reach that world again. Not even the senses she had could detect that world any longer. The Observer was gone from her sight. Vanished. Alongside that world where he was.


Her blood curdling scream broke four worlds she created. The incarnations within her protested with rage as the ‘beacon’ named Alice Dame died. She tried to reach into one of the many beacons, but there was something preventing her from reaching them.

“What the hell is this!?” she raged.

She saw a hateful vision. A fragment of Ciara Alician, the woman who should be part of her, now fragmented away, looking at Nolan Salvatore, HER Nolan, descending down towards them.

Seeing the child next to Ciara Alician. Something burned inside the Burnt Woman as jealousy and envy turned the blackened space into a flare of red. The black color for space turned orange and red as an unknown envy rose from the depths of her heart.

“Told you,” a phantom said, appearing next to the Burnt Woman. “Nothing but lies, just envy and jealousy inside you. You...have you become so lonely now that you want a companion? A simpleton that would tell you that you are right? You didn’t want to be alone. That’s why you kept him and fell. The gall of you to think that you can still be with him. I won, Burnt Woman. You will not have my Papa anymore.”

“Won?” she said, mumbling, and muttering words none would understand. “You! I will hunt you down, Alcina!”

“Doesn’t matter,” a voice mocked. “I have made it sure that you won’t bother him. He shall be forever lost in the spaces where a god like you wouldn’t reach. That world is close to the Greater World, a true errant world where not even the Gods could take a step unless the almighty himself wants to. You may be a God. But you are not almighty, you are no Grand Architect.”


“The child that you thought you had removed.. The child of the woman who you killed. The child of the man who has given everything to be by your side. The child who saw his father killed again and again for the sake of an Evil pretending to be good. I will not pretend that you weren’t good once. But there is something rotten inside of you that could not be changed. If not for the cruel, imposing coincidence that the cosmos have given me. I would not be here. An Observer does not meddle, but I merely followed the words of a phantom that possessed me.”

She breathed out a breath that turned into a phantom. It was a figure that wore a mask made of fleshy obsidian. He was missing three fingers.

The Burnt Woman tried to grab this phantom but it disappeared. Lashing out in anger, she broke another world that she crafted, and what was left was the image of the Observer fading away from the background of this burning universe that the Burnt Woman created.

You started this fight.

The Burnt Woman heard the voice of Alcina.

When you took his life and made a guinea pig out of him. You who did not care about the life of a loyal man who wanted nothing but to fight for the cause you yourself started.

Face it,  Burnt Woman, Goddess of War and Envy, you did not want a companion in life. You wanted someone who could play the fool, while you basked in your self-righteousness. You may have saved worlds, but you left them in ashes as you did.

Do not ever think that you are the right one just because you think you are. I’ve seen what your ‘right’ can do to the world. Your wanting to do to the right have caused billions of lives, of the people who you labeled as evil.

She tried to remove the voices inside of her head. The grip of this voice however could not be easily removed. All that was left for her was the mocking voice of the Observer.

You will not find your peace here, Burned Woman. I will make sure to continue observing until the day all the beacons you had placed are removed from this world. Until the day the Deadman cuts your throat, and ends you. I shall be kindly watching, hoping, that he will be freed from this battle.

And so she vanished without any trace. What was left was the Burned Woman who had become a Goddess of War for the sake of those who wanted a helping hand.She was back in this lonely world. She was back to the place where none would hear. She was so close to finding that reason to take power. She needed Nia to find that reason and yet that reason was robbed by a meddler.

But then she saw pasts like a broken film reel flying in every direction.

Upon the many worlds that had happened. There was one person who broke his trust out of his own free will. The man who devoured the time wraiths and a guardian wasn’t the one in the towering worlds. She had seen it happened only once yet she knew that he took the role of the old revenant. Older than the Burnt Woman, before she was put to a stake.

She could hear the Deadman coming. She could hear the Deadman coming for the beacons that she had thrown into the world. Once those beacons are gone then she would never be able to escape this lonely world. She had done it when she let those people of the towering worlds escape this world. She wasn’t going to escape within that slit so she thought better. She spread the seeds that would allow her to be free.

But he was coming. The Deadman comes for her fragments, hunting her down until there was only her.

Thirty-seven trillion seeds yet many of them had been torn. It was a task that could last an eternity...but yet the Deadman needed to hunt the last three of her seeds before they could find the spark that would allow her to creep out of this world.

How could she have forgotten something? It has always been this way ever since she started the loop.

Nolan Salvatore...who became the Deadman...would chase the Burnt Woman.

Not because of love.

Not because of a promise of happiness.

But to simply hunt her down.

And she wouldn’t like it otherwise.

And so the woman’s twisted love turned into a joy she could not fathom. Her face warped into that of a bliss of a woman who couldn’t control her happiness. She laughed like a maiden in love, waiting, eagerly, for the Deadman to come and visit.  The moment she could see the man with three missing fingers again...she would know.

For their story has always been about their meeting...

Chapter 375: The Sequestered Emotions