Chapter 81: As usual
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   When the bolt made of elemental s strike him. Lanon, no, Nolan Salvatore could only stop on his tracks. The bombs that he rigged were set up and by the time that bolt came. The surrounding district was blown apart and although he covered himself in obsidian flesh. He still couldn’t prevent the fire from burning his skin, the water and wind had skinned him, the earth pinned multiples holes in his body.

He couldn’t see or hear, but he could at least smell. His arms were working. He could smell piss and shit all around him. He was sure that the burnt smell was him. His heart was beating, he could feel like it was because he was still alive.

He crawled through whatever place he was crawling. He could smell blood and gutter. There was a rotting scent five meters away from him. He could feel the water flowing east of where he was crawling. He continued down that path until he found himself unable to move forward.

His sense of pain was numbed for a while but when it came back, he arched his back in pain, he shouted, agonized, and growled like a beaten dog. He prone near the sewer tunnel with his body constantly shaking in pain. He felt something biting his flesh, this creature chewed, nibbled, and feasted on his torso. It was only when regained sight that he was able to grab hold of the strange rat-like creature that he felt a bit of relief. His legs were chewed and one of his legs were missing. His left-hand fingers were eaten by the rat-like creatures. He didn’t want to encounter the creatures so he climbed up the sewer tunnel and proceeded forward, skipping, making use of the tunnel walls to guide his way.

When he got his other leg back. He tried to use the obsidian flesh but it only fell off from his body like cracked egg shells. He thought that the blast had disabled the obsidian flesh. He could feel his body being sewn back by the obsidian flesh, however, it was like it could barely perform its full potential after exerting too much energy.

The sewer tunnels shook. Nolan looked around before realizing that he was on the drainage system of the city. The thundering roar of the water made his senses sharp. Yet, he was slap by the water and was thrown down a hole and had his left thigh pierced. He didn’t cry out in pain. He just lifted his left thigh and limped away from the grate, avoiding the barrage of water coming from above. He stared at the water for a minute before continuing down the pathway.

A corpse was hanging from a loose beam in the chamber. He stared at the corpse, turned towards the coil of rope placed on a rotten crate. He thought of something and proceeded to do it. It’s not like he had anything to lose on trying, doesn’t he?

So he tied the rope around his neck and let go of the loose beam.

He closed his eyes as the impact broke his neck.

The rope tightened and for a while, there was a bit of silence with two people hanging inside a chamber.

And then suddenly there was a loud thumping coming from his chest.

It was loud enough to scare the rats away.

Then the black sinews slithered out of his chest. It crawled around the neck and his broken neck was sewn back by the obsidian flesh.

He opened his eyes, and his expression crumbled.

“I see, so that’s how it is, huh? You really haven’t got enough out of me huh? Is that it? Not even the mercy of death? Are you kidding me?”

He trashed around and repeatedly punched the floor.

“Honestly, when will you give me a fucking break?”

He shouted with an ugly frown on his face. He simply couldn’t control the frustration that has been plaguing him since he arrived in this world.

Nolan hasn’t experienced the other timeline and like always the thought of not dying had him worried. All of his beliefs were centered around the idea that he could die. He had built up all of his strength and courage in one idea in order for his heart not to be dented.

It was cruel in a way that his actions led him to this place. He thought of doing something only to be pressed down by an unimaginable strength. Nolan Salvatore had not felt happiness nor he tries to seek for it. If there was one thing that he does not admit. It’s the fact that he simply wanted to rest his body.

He had traveled so long. He had fought so long despite his old self. He held on to such bleak hope in order to have a dignified death. He died and the thought of it made him happy. He was truly happy to see the sun shining back after so much darkness.

He tried seeking for a purpose this time. He really did. But the thought of facing someone who could conjure a bolt of lighting from a strange distance made him despair.

He knew that he was being reckless. He didn’t blame anyone but himself for where he was right now. But even so, he could not help but break the mask that kept him cool. He had already guessed that he wasn’t going to die easily after that elemental bolt. He had enough for one lifetime. And if this was the way it is then he would have to accept it.

It was simply the things that he could not control.

In the trichotomy of control, it was simply what it was and will be.

He would cry for today. He would have to take time to straighten his mind and get back up like he always does. He wasn’t unbreakable and even his obsidian heart needed time to heal. For now, he will rest and think back of the actions he made.




No matter how bleak it was.

All he had to do was act as usual.