Chapter 122: Bleak Walker’s Rest
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He drove the automobile around the forest that had tall trees. The road was paved, and the tall tree-lined casted shadows. In front of him was a gigantic tree that grown large to be called a tower. Nolan continued pressing the automobile forward. The two behind driver seat was staring at the trees.

“Still doesn’t change,” Ciara said. “Still as quiet as ever, and the plant wards are still active.”

“So this is the territory of Vie?” Nolan asked.

“Yes,” Ciara said. “She took claim of this territory four hundred years ago, and it could be said her personal land. You sense it right? The plants should tell you all.”

Sunflowers that had strange mouths, roses that were half the size of a stake. The azure sky could be barely seen, however, the strange lines that were lighting the plants didn’t escape Nolan’s vision. He held his grip on the wheel, his eyes scanning the creatures that guarded the land. The automobile silently drove out of the tall trees and was on an open area field where the grass swayed slovenly to the right, and beyond the grassland was the towering tree.

“She’s in there,” Ciara said.

“That’s a big tree.”

“Don’t worry, she really doesn’t stay that much on the viewing platform of her tree, and she should always be on the base of the tree. She’s...well, she’s a bleak walker as well so there are times where she’s not well. Not to mention, that her brand of immortality is rather...strange.”

“I see. Are you coming with me?” Nolan asked.

“No,” Ciara said, she folded her arms. “I’ll stay here for now, and let her be surprised. Nolan, I know that you don’t remember her, and by any means, there should be no reason to hide it. She’s isolated all the time so she barely any hear the news, and if she caught a whiff of any trouble, then she’ll be attracted to that danger. So be lenient, and explained to her.”

“I don’t know,” Nolan went out of the automobile, he closed the door. “I don’t know what I can do. I might have indeed saved her once, and if I did then I rather say it straight to her face. Though, it confuses me why you planned to stay here for a while.

“Just go,” Ciara said. Nolan started wending his way towards the tree, his figure distancing from the automobile. Ciara watched him with cloudy eyes, and Mia saw it.

“Why?” Mia asked.

“I just felt like the last two bleak walkers should have a little talk. This isn’t a place for us to intrude. Let us wait before following, and surely, Vie needed this.”

Mia nodded in silence.

Nolan, who was plodding his way to the towering tree, his coat fluttered for a bit, he held on to his coat, continued forward until he reached the entrance of the tree. The grass being caressed by the wind sounded out. He looked up. The door had writings that were written in the language of the talons. It read:

“The Dove in thorns, and when bled, only leaves blood-soaked thorns, and in those thorns are those that are left.”

Nolan squinted his eyes, the eternal hawk sigil in his eyes glowing. His hand was placed on the door, and he closed his eyes and said aloud.

“Thorne Dove, the Snake of Throes crawl the sand, in the dark, it patiently waits."

The words rearranged into runic linings that immediately surrounded the door. Nolan took a step on the middle of the door, his eyes pointed at the woman sitting on a circular plot of land of flowers, she was caressing her flowers, her hand held a book, and her hair resembled thorns.

“Hail, Sister of the Bleak Path” Nolan said aloud.

The woman on the circle stopped her hand movements, her head lifted up, and eyes staring at Nolan. She stared at him for two minutes, and she nodded slightly. She rose from where she was sitting, grabbed the coiled staff she was holding, and trotted slowly until she was in front of Nolan.

“You are alive,” she said.

“I am, however, I have no memories of you,” Nolan said. “I came here because of Ciara wanted to know how to alleviate the Walker Syndrome and Curse.”

“I see,” she said. “No wonder I saw no reaction from you.”

Nolan nodded, grasping his aging left arm. Vie took a glance of his arm and sauntered to the table. Nolan followed suit and sat in the chair, his elbows leaned on the round table. Vie adjusted her arms on the table as well, she was leaning forward, elbows acting like a bipod. Her eyes rapidly changed into a crown of thorns.

Nolan replied with his eyes showing the Eternal Hawk on it. Vie widened her eyes, narrowed her brows, and leaned back, arms folded as she stares at Nolan.

“The Crown of Thorns.”

“The Eternal Hawk.”

Nolan saw a momentary illusion that allowed him to feel what she has felt on every battle. Nolan pushed the table with his palms and turned his attention back to reality.

“It looks like it’s just the two of us left...tell me, did our brothers and sisters had a good ending?”

Vie stood up, she walked outside of the door, and Nolan followed. She ambled to the field of grasses and pointed her finger at the forest that was covering the forest nearby. She then turned around and faced him, her arms spread.

“I am Vie, Bearer of the Crown of Thorns, and you are at the place where all the Bleak Walkers end their journeys, I welcome you to the Bleak Walker’s rest. The resting point of those who once walked the Bleak Path. Each tree represents every brother or sister that has rested their weary body.

Her eyes fluttered softly along with the wind. Nolan stiffened at the trees and thought hard. This was a place of silence yet Nolan could not help but look at it fondly, for he knew that all the bleak walkers rested here. This was the graveyard of all the bleak walkers.