Chapter 125: Ciara Alician 2
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   She sat on the floor, laid her arms down on the ground. Vie’s eyes pointed at Ciara, she clenched her fists and sat on the ground as well. The wind caressed their hair, the sunlight illuminated them as they kept their silence. Ciara clenches the flowers near her hands and sat cross-legged.

“You knew didn’t you?” Vie asked. “That there would be a possibility?”

“Not at all, if I knew that we would part and take his life here. I would have stopped him.”

“You lie, Ciara. Those eyes, I knew what you came for, and you still brought him here? Why?”

“His eyes were new. He doesn’t remember anything. I suspected something, do you know what that is?”

Vie shook her head. Ciara bit her lip.

“I was with him for months. I never had such bliss. I thought this was it. However, he had skills that someone like him should not possess. When he fixed Mia’s packset, I started being suspicious, and when he modified the automobile and talked as if he knew how aircraft are made. I started to think that maybe he was experiencing the same as well. Maybe, he was chasing after me, and we were finally at the end of this goose chase.”

“You know, I had been incredibly favored and even though he was nice to me. It was all courteousness brought by the fact that I was still a Ciara, but not that Ciara that he truly loved. Incredulous, and utterly repugnant of mating with the woman who might be or might not be the love of his life. Can you believe it? Such monstrous sense of loyalty to a woman, that even his other selves can’t help but fall in love with me. How can you not love someone after seeing many incarnations of him suffering for the sake of the woman who barely loved him because of a sense of duty that was greater than the love she felt? I’ve gathered incarnations that have heartbreaks from the same man. How can a man be so stubborn when he has at least the looks to make a girl swoon for him? He’s tall, his back is huge, and the way he looks with that chiseled face of can he not get a better girl than someone who keeps rejecting him? Vie, please let me understand, why can’t he go away.”

Vie looked at the ground. The grasses swayed as the wind blows behind her.

“But I don’t want him to go away?” Ciara said to herself. “What if he finds a girl and I am left alone? Ah, that can’t be, that can’t possibly be, he only loves me, and anyone who tries to sway him away, is clearly just going make use of him and make use of him as a toy, another pawn to sacrifice? I can’t allow anyone to do that! If he’s too obsessed, then all I need to do is force him under me, and if that woman’s face is all he cares for, then I’ll steal that woman’s face and make it mine!”

“But I can’t do that to him!” Ciara said to herself. “That would break his heart! I should be happy that he is happy! That’s how love is!”

“You fool!” Ciara shouted. “Then how can we be happy? What if that woman isn’t strong enough? No, we cannot allow a fragile woman to be with him, then the only thing we need to do is become that woman. That’s the only solution to this conundrum!”

Ciara stared blankly at the sky while holding her hands near her chest. Her eyes were distant and she fell her hands on both sides as she stood without movement


“I’m sorry...I’ve been suppressing these thoughts for a while now. It’s hard to contain the thoughts and personality of a thousand voices speaking at once. My voice has been tempered, and yet it was quiet when we were together. I waited for years, and they were silent until he arrives. My heart colds when he’s not around, and when he’s around the voices of the incarnations gets a hold of me. Vie, I really want to murder you for this, but you are a good friend, the best that I can have. You care for him, and doesn’t try to cuckold me like Audrey, or that Obsidian Woman who thinks she can have him because she was his blade!”

Vie was stiff. She was like a statue wrapped in chains.

“If my guess is right then his souls should be transmigrated into another. Memory loss is either damage to the brain or he lost a part of himself. When I got all the incarnations within me, I was sure that the Nolan Salvatore that saved me from despair was different.”

“So you are saying that,” Vie said.

“This might be the kindle what I was looking for. Someone that might be able to stop this madness and this act of his was quite lovely. Though I fear that it wouldn’t be enough. Vie, that Pale Shine Lady and the Burnt Woman, those vile women still exist and I fear that they might after us. They are shrewd, and not once I’ve felt their presence around. Vie, I think this might be the last bout, and if I, who have become the strongest of all the incarnations of the War Maidens, then I fear that if I still can’t reach him this time, then all is lost. Everything is coming together in pieces.”

“Vie, I like you, still,” Ciara chops at Vie’s direction. “I am still angry at you for breaking my tracking spell. You’ll have it grown back anyway.”

Vie’s left arm slid down her side. She kneeled, held the wound on her left arm and took a deep breath, a milky green light slowly wrapped around the wound, the blood puddled on the grass. The sun illuminated the blood, and Ciara, who did the deed slowly walked to Vie and wrapped her arms around her.

“I’m sorry,” Ciara said.

Vie bit her lip and placed her other arm around Ciara as well, her lower jaw shaking. “It’s okay, my friend.”