Chapter 128: Far Normalcy
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His office was on the second floor of the building. It sits near the water dam. He shared an office with a co-worker who was employed a month before he started working. He pulled on his tie and sat on the swivel chair. He placed his coat on the back of the chair. He leaned on the desk, sorting out the files that were placed on his file cabinet.

“Alva?” His co-worker entered the room. She wore a pleated skirt, she has braided black hair that reached up to her shoulder and a pair of glasses. Her eyes were of orange hue, and her skin was pale. She was lithe and voluptuous. Her white dress shirt tightened as she sits, her shoulder squeezing her above average to shape.

“Catherine,” Alva said. “Still wearing that tight shirt?”

“I like it this way, besides, you really like asking about it.”

“You are early as usual,” she taps her fingers on the table. “One day, I will be as early as you. Still, I guess I don’t mind you sporting that dress shirt that way, wrapped you cuffs up your shoulders. Are you one of those regenerative type who gets their muscle quickly after being fed?”

“Yes. Also, can we turn off the radio?” Alva said. “I hate politics.”

“Not me. I just love listening to the news. Not that I will ever partake on it. Hence, I work inside an office rather than being a Porter.”

“You do realize that we are still affiliated to the porters?”

“Inside and outside is different, ah, there’s a nice pub near the Oval street, want to come? You look like a proper man instead of the skeleton wonder you were a month ago! Look, you even have the biceps and the height desirable by any demonic women here! Aren’t you okay now?”

“Catherine,” he said with a tiny smile. “Do you remember the person who made fun of me for most of the month? That was you, wasn’t it?”

“It was friendly banter, and honestly you looked like utter shit, mate. Besides, I didn’t see you giving a single shit when I called you that. You fish-eyed freak just stared at me, started working, and I think it was only a week ago that you started recovering your social abilities. Mr. Silent Workaholic.”

“Yes, yes, ah, I may be bold, but pray to tell, why are you still unmarried in this day and age? You are an aged demon, you aren’t getting younger, and who knows when that beauty of yours would go away.”

“Do you want to have a brawl?” She said.

“Gee, calm your tits, woman, I ain’t holding back, and we are still working.”

“Wow, I actually prefer the silent brooding man you were, to think you would turn into a cunt, what a shame.”

“Sure, also, turn the radio off?”

“No,” she said blandly. “I want to hear what’s happening to Cascade now. Ah, do you know anything about the world? It might confuse you, you know?”

“I know a bit, I don’t care though.”

“Why not?” She asked. “That woman will start a war against the Cascade Nation and it’s going to be a showdown that would only happen once in a human’s lifespan.”

“Everyone must think,” Alva thought. “I don’t want to, not because I don’t find it interesting, it would mean that I have to think about the woman who’s fighting a damn nation. I don’t have to worry about her. Just let go, Alva, and just let go, let her go already, you already tried your best and who can say that you didn’t try? There are things you can’t control, and things that you can, and these things are one of those that you cannot control.”

“Your stomach aching? Ah, you must really hate politics huh. Man, you really look like you were brooding. Shit, don’t go dead-eyed on me, makes me uneasy that you can do that.”

“Were you a soldier once, Catherine?”

“I was. I fought. I won. I lost. I gave up. You should know the feeling, and no matter how many times you lie. Can’t fool these eyes, you fucking lying cunt. Fine, I’ll turn the radio off, not talk about politics unless I want to. How about that?”

“That would be good,” Alva said.

“Tsk, just because I want to be nice for once.”

“Sure, ah, can you pass me the document, yeah, that one in your right.”

“Ah, Porter’s expenses going uphill again? Oh, want to go to the pub later?”

“Sure, ah, I’ll be buying the drinks, ah, we didn’t invite Ron a while ago? I think he wanted to drink with us, he must be lonely down there, playing the documents, and writing ink everywhere. Seriously, he’s one of those types that does not tire easily.”

“Leave the man alone, he’s a workaholic, and you should know that he’s been here managing the affairs of this company, and really, do you really think that a small office company like this could be part of the porters if it weren’t for Ron?”

The two continued such idle talk until the clock that was on the wall reached six. Catherine stopped first, she took out a piece, placed it on her lips. She rubbed her fingers and tried snapping it, only for the piece to be thrown. Alva wore his coat and kept the files inside the cabinet. Catherine followed him out, the two went out of the office, they stretched their arms, took a look at the cavern ceiling surrounded by the fogs, and idled for a while before sauntering towards where the bike was.

“Cool, you got the same bike as Adey?”

“It is the same bike, I think he bought a newer one.”

He mounted the bike and revved it up. Catherine took a seat as well, pulling a piece and placing it on her mouth.

“Try to keep it steady, mate.”

“Or you know, don’t smoke while I drive, and are you genuinely retarded?”

“That’s rude, speaking like that to a girl, well, whatever, ah, can you fucking not turn like that?”