Chapter 131: Revenge Comes Strange
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The next day, he went to the Leader of the Underground Cities. He wended his way through hallways and appeared before the Heiress of the Obsidian Flower.

“You are looking well,” Tania said. “I see that you’re recovered, even for a bit.”

“Milady,” Alva said. ”May I ask why I was called here?”

“Cut the lies, Salvatore,” she said. “I wouldn’t be called yours if I didn’t know you well. You smell like a time wraith, so I have to assume that you already know what I’m talking about.”

“I do. What I am surprised about is why you would let me live. I expected you to throw me away or have me sealed inside a blade. Like what I did to you.”

“I want to. That would mean you’d be mine instead of me is yours. Not that you’d want that do you? You wouldn’t be hiding inside my city if it wasn’t for the fact that you have grown tired of chasing after that calloused woman.”

“I just want to left alone.”

“That may be so. Still, do you really think that she won’t find you inside my city? Hah, as if that woman wouldn’t want you by side, and make you hope for a good family. Oh, don’t give me that look, Mr. Man without a Name. I spent as many days as your weapon, and I know you better than she knows you. Really, what were you expecting, chasing after such a woman? That’s right, you want to emulate a family you will never have, and yet you were thrown into things that do not suit you.”

“Your point is?” Alva asked.

“You can’t escape her. You will never will. Alas, she will find a way to make you whole. She’s so blessed to the point of unfairness. Even the war that they think would put any war to shame would be nothing with her. She’s the strongest war maiden that this world to offer and there would be no equal to her. I believe that this is your fault and at the time isn’t.”

“So, can you really throw it all?” Tania said. “I’ll give you a choice, not just any choice, but a choice that will be up to you.”

Alva stood with his arms folded. His eyes locked with her.

“You can run away from all of this and I will make sure that you cannot be traced by her. You can live the rest of your days in peace.”

“What are you saying?”

“Don’t lie anymore, I know that you have reached the end. That left hand of yours.”

Alva eyed his wrinkled left arm. He grabbed it.

“Your withering, Nolan Salvatore. Your time is short and you are no longer perpetual. Really, you lost the stigma of the bleak walkers, the curse has been dissolved, and now you are just a dying human. So let me have this revenge, Nolan Salvatore. For the crime of imprisoning me, and making use of me like a blade, chasing after a woman who never saw you as equal as her duties. I hereby sentence you to be exiled in the Island of Basing. You shall live the rest of your human life in that town as punishment. You shall not be found there.”

“I see.” Alva nodded. His eyes dim, and his fist clenched. “I shall not resist or defend myself.”

“You have no objections then.” She threw a folded containing documents. “That shall be your papers. This is an excuse, however, I have many reasons to throw you away to that island. I cannot abandon my people now. I’ve done the best of my abilities to keep them safe and this timeline suites me well. I wish to die in this timeline and not repeat it. Nolan Salvatore, you are a curse to me, and your existence has brought me pain, suffering, and love. Why fate you brought to me must be because of this. I know that you are suffering, and finally, you can have the death you seek. That’s why I must throw you away before I fall for my capturer once again. I hope that you understand.”

“I do. In fact, this pleases me. It is only logical to do this. Still, I shall not resent you for this, I won’t lash out for I know your reasons, I do admit that I feel the anguish that the moment I have settled in. I have to move away and start all over again.”

His eyes were drooping, and there was a weary smile.

“It is only for the good for the people that rely on me. If this was years earlier I would have come with you. Still, five hundred years’ worth of pondering can be long, and now I want to have nothing to do with you. You pained me and I am simply paying you back.”

“It’s okay,” Alva said. “Hah, man, why didn’t I fall in love with you first? At least you say it straight rather than being subtle about it.”

“Please don’t speak like that.”

“I know, I know. Really, why does God hate me that much? I wonder if I was a sinner once. Nah, that can’t be possible, I am just some self-destructive idiot after all. Well, I guess I’d live the last of my life then.”

“I hate you. Don’t think that I’d give you a pity now.”

“Nah, that’s fine, that’s right, we were enemies, but now we are no longer anything. It was displeasure, Tania of the Obsidian Flower. I hope that you find your own happiness. And if it is anything worth at all, I apologize for making you my blade. You were my guiding light when it was dark and your nagging was a source of joy when I was injured. So goodbye, my old friend.”

“You are unpleasant. Leave my city, and bring only the clothes in your back. All of your items shall be confiscated as compensation. You will be transported immediately to the island. Live well, Nolan Salvatore.”

“You as well, my former blade.”

Tania zipped her lips and turned away. Alva, no, Nolan Salvatore walked out of the building with his left hand bleeding and lip dyed in the color of red. His eyes bloodshot, and cheeks wet along with a smile as if he was laughing at everything.