Chapter 2
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The mood in the room sure had changed fast. Gone were the looks of bewilderment, surprise and disappointment on my demonic hosts faces, and in their place were eager, hungry grins. A mischievous glint twinkled in Mellius’ eye as she flashed me a cheeky, toothy smile, Valla’s long, forked tongue flicked impatiently as it darted in and out of her mouth, and Zyxxine stood, only inches away, leaning over me with a half-smirk. All three were clearly sizing me up, staring as though they’d just found a delicious morsel, but frankly, I had no idea what they were on about. 

“Frankly,” I said, “I have no idea what you’re on about. What do you mean by another one?” My inquiry was met only with tittering giggles all around as the three demonesses encircled and enclosed me. 


“Well, we’re just excited,” Zyxxine purred.


“Very much ssso,” I hadn’t noticed Valla encroaching on me, but she’d quite literally slithered right up to hiss in my ear. I jumped, whirling around to face the lamia as she wrapped the tip of her tail lightly around my ankles. 


“Mhm!” Chirped Mellius as she whizzed up from the floor, flying in circles around my legs, then torso, before popping up just in front of me, her face only inches from mine. “Boo!” She shouted, and, much to my embarrassment, I yelped in surprise and instinctively took a step backward, only for Vella to tighten her tail around my ankle, sending me tumbling backward into Zyxxine’s grasp. She caught me under the arms, and stared down into my eyes, then licked her lips. 


“W-why are you so excited?” I stammered, my lips quivering in time with my voice. 


A low, musical giggle rolled from the back of Zyxxine’s throat. “Because, silly. We’ve found our virgin. She’s you.”


“M-me? So you’re really gonna turn me into a girl?” It sounded too good to be true, part of me still wondered if this really was a dream and this would be taken away from me, or if this were a trick of some kind. Still, despite my better judgment, hope bloomed deep in my gut and spread tingling excitement through my body. Try as I may, I couldn’t keep a giddy smile from spreading wide across my lips as I spoke.


“Well some would say you’ve been a girl all along and we’re just giving you a body to match.”


Perplexed, but still eager, I scratched my head and asked, “what do you mean a girl all along?”


“Well, obviously if you want us to ‘turn you into a girl’ then you’re trans, duh.”


“Trans? But that doesn’t make any sense, if I were trans I—”


“Nope. Nope. Nuh-uh. No. Whatever you were just going to say the answer is no. Sorry, sweety.”


“But how can I trust a bunch of demons? You’re probably trying to corrupt me and tempt me into sin, or whatever.” I’d never considered myself particularly religious, but my parents had made sure I had a good head on my shoulders and I wasn’t about to be tempted by a bunch of literal hellspawn. Even if I did really want them to turn me into a girl, which was, of course, a normal thing for guys to want. 


All three demonesses looked to one another in confusion, before Mellius spoke. “Um, well, yeah. Was that not clear?” She looked back to her two companions, “was that not clear?” She repeated.


“I thought it wassss pretty obvioussss.” 


“See! You admitted it!” I shouted triumphantly. “But I’m not falling for your tricks. I’m going to remain pure and chaste and save myself for marriage… okay, maybe not that far but still. I’m not letting a bunch of demons corrupt me! Besides, I don’t even know that I want sex, the idea of people seeing me naked makes me uncomfortable. So obviously I’m not trans and I’m not going to let you corrupt me, even if I do really want to be a girl.” Admittedly, I did find all three demoness’ really attractive, but I wouldn’t want to actually do anything with them. The idea of anyone looking at me, or even worse, touching me while I was naked sounded just awful and gross. 


“Well obviously you feel that way because, ugh.” Rubbing her temples in frustration, Zyxxine paced around me for a moment before her head snapped up and she halted just in front of me. “Okay, fine, you know what?” Zyxxine waved her hand and a cloud of purple smoke suddenly appeared around me, enveloping my body. When the smoke cleared, the tall, horned demoness locked eyes with me. “There, I just turned you trans…. with magic or whatever. You’re trans now.” 


A torrent of emotions welled up deep within me. On the one hand, that demon had totally just messed with my mind! She’d reached inside my head and fundamentally changed who I was as a person. But also, at the same time, I didn’t really feel any different? Like, the only real difference was that now instead of just really really wanting to be a girl I actually was one, deep down. Really now it just felt like I was ‘allowed’ to be a girl or whatever. And I did really, really want Zyxxine to‘’give me the body to match,’ as she’d put it, “Um, do you, do you think you could y’know, do that thing you said?” I asked timidly. 


Zyxxine made a big show of thinking it over, she huffed and scratched her chin and hummed, tapping her foot methodically all the while. “Well, see here I thought you didn’t want to give in to a bunch of demons?”


“Oh, uh, w-well I don’t,” I blurted, then cast my eyes downward as I tried to muster up some sort of protest. “Oh no! You’ve changed my mind to work against me and made me trans, now, um, now I guess I have no choice but to want you to turn me into a girl?” I asked hopefully, glancing up from the floor, then quickly averting my gaze the second I caught Zyxxine in my gaze. 


“I suppose since you asked, and since, after all, the three of us are looking for a girl we could work something out.” My heart leapt with joy at her words, so much so I practically forgot all about the thing with her turning me trans or whatever.


“Yes! Yes please! Please do!” My desperate pleading was met with condescending giggles all around. 


“Of course, dear,” Zyxxine purred. With another wave of her hand and a flash I was engulfed in brilliant light. And, as quickly as it came, the light faded. When my vision cleared I found myself having to tilt my head even further up to meet those piercing, fiery eyes. My breath caught in my throat as I rushed to check the rest of my body, and damn, it really had changed. Most obvious were a prominent pair of plump breasts ending in puffy pink nipples which jiggled about in response to my sudden movement. Running two dainty hands down my sidessaids I felt silky smooth skin and delicious curves ending in wide hips, the exact sort I’d always loved to see on other girls, and secretly wanted for myself. I reached around to cup my rear and realized it sure has hell stuck out a lot farther than I was expecting. I soft moan in a sweet, high, feminine voice escaped my lips in response to the electric feeling of my hands running down my electrically sensitive skin. Something stirred between my legs as a tingling, rolling warmth began to radiate from my core. Panting with anticipation, I traced my fingers lower, between my legs to find a wet, ready, waiting slit. My thumb traced my labia as I groaned in delight, then inhaled in sharp shock as I grazed my clit. A feeling was building within me, the desire to be touched, kissed, filled. All of my clothes had completely disappeared, leaving me completely exposed, but for some reason I now felt no shame at all, only desire. 


“Y-you, you didn’t just turn me into a girl! You corrupted me!” I shouted. “You made me horny and want to be touched.”


Baffled, Zyxxine blinked a few times, then cocked her head to the side. “Wait, but I di—”


Before she could finish, Mellius zipped over to Zyxxine and placed a tiny hand over her taller companion’s mouth. “That’s right!” She chirped. “We did that. We corrupted you, we turned you into a totally sex-crazed nympho and your descent into complete sinful debauchery is inevitable now!”


In my most convincing voice, I feigned disappointment. “O-oh nooo, I guess I have, uh, no choice but to let you three fuck me?” 


“Exactly!” I’d never seen someone nod so enthusiastically as Mellius was, the tiny imp was practically bobbing her whole body with her as her tiny little wings gave it their all to keep her afloat. 


Seemingly satisfied, Zyxxine nodded to her two companions. “Right then, girls, shall we?” Without a moment's hesitation, all three sprung into action. Valla coiled herself tightly around me, restraining my torso, arms, and legs, then dragged the two of us doward onto the cold, smooth floor before arranging herself so I was lying atop her. Meanwhile, Mellius and Zyxxine took their own places at my mouth and crotch, respectively. My gasps in surprise were soon muffled by plump demonic thighs and a small, tight, gushing impish pussy. Dutifully, I began to run slow, gentle licks all up and down her labia. I’d never eaten anyone out before, but I decided it would be best to let instinct take over and work my tongue wherever her moans were the loudest. Unfortunately, the tiny bundle of raw sexual chaos wasn’t making my job any easier, and seemed to only moan louder and grind more eagerly no matter where or how I worked my tongue on her. Just as I was about done with trying to make any sense of Mellius’ reactions, I felt movement at the base of my hips. Valla’s ridiculously long snake tail had somehow wrapped itself around each individual leg and begun to spread them by pulling her tail taught, honestly it was quite the feat. 


I squirmed in her grasp helplessly, her smooth scales sliding along my naked, sensitive flesh. As if on cue, Mellisus dismounted me for just a moment, offering me a glimpse of Zyxxine, fully erect, knelt down over my exposed sex. She leaned over me, wrapped a leg around each of my thighs, then scooting forward as she grasped the tops of my shoulders and pulled me down toward her. “Now comes the fun part,” Mellius giggled as she slammed herself back down onto my eager lips and tongue. 


“Yesss. Indeed.” Just as Vella’s voice finished hissing in my ear, her tongue flicked out, tickling my skin. A moment later I felt her fangs lightly graze the flesh where my shoulder and neck met. 


“Are you ready?” Zyxxine asked, voice surprisingly gentle and cautious. Lacking a non-occupied mouth to respond with, I simply eagerly bucked my hips toward her. There was a low, teasing chuckle, then all of a sudden pleasure exploded inside me as, coincidentally, I felt Zyxxine thrust herself inside me. My screams of pleasure were a muffled mirror of Mellius’ as I felt Zyxxine’s massive, throbbing, demonic girlcock glide in and out of me, filling each and every inch of my needy, aching pussy. I rut myself against her, feeling her thick member push inward to fill me, then slip ever so slightly outward to once again take me to greater heights of pleasure. As I gasped and writhed, still helplessly encased in the strong grasp of Vella’s tail, I suddenly felt two new additions to our little party that only heightened my pleasure. It seemed the aforementioned lamia wasn’t so content only acting as a restraint, as only a few moments into the absolute pounding of a lifetime Zyxxine was giving me, I felt a gentle, exploratory flick of something at my backdoor. Slowly, carefully, the surprisingly well-lubed tip of Valla’s tail began to press into my ass, exploring new depths in rhythmic time to Zyxxine. Not only that, but the thrusting of her tail seemed to have quite the effect on the rest of Vella’s tail, which now rubbed and squeezed pleasurably over the rest of my body, including my plump, sensitive nipples. 


I was about screaming at that point, being pleasured from so many angles. A hand firmly grasped my wrist and placed it against Valla’s warm, waiting pussy and, without further prompting I worked my fingers between her lips, eliciting even more delicious, pleasurable squirming from that long, lovely tail. 


“Mmh, you’re doing so well for us,” Zyxxine gasped as she panted hotly, “such a good girl.” And holy shit did that ever tip me over the edge, my whole body shuddered at the praise as I screamed into Mellius’ wet and waiting lips. My own muffled sounds of pleasure were joined by a chorus of undignified, primal moans from Mellius, who still energetically bounced and ground herself against me, along with the delightful gasps and coos of Zyxxine, rising over the din in time with her hard, fast thrusts. I’d never felt something so amazing, eager to please, I redoubled my efforts on all three of my partners best I could. I licked at Mellius all the more eagerly and wantonly, drawing out sounds to match my own desperation, I slipped my fingers deeper and harder into Valla, brushing my thumb along her hard, prominent clit, I thrust my hips eagerly into Zyxxine, meeting her own thrusts with some of my own and carrying both of us to greater heights of pleasure. Orgasm seemed fast approaching for all three of us. The pleasure was building and building in ways I could never once have imagined, radiating all through my body, rolling and roiling higher and higher. 


Then, as though some metaphorical ripcord had been yanked, there was a perfectly timed trifecta of Mellius rocking her sweet pussy onto my awaiting tongue just right, Valla caressing the whole of me so perfectly, and Zyxxine thrusting into me so very hard and deep. With that, I was plummeted into freefall. My whole body practically shut down as my pleasure reached climactic heights, leaving me spasming and twitching in Valla’s tight grip. I felt the sharp pinch of Valla’s fangs piercing my sensitive flesh, and somehow the sharp pain only added to the endless tide of pleasure. With the coordination of a synchronized swim team, Mellius reached her own climax and tipped backward right off my eager, wet mouth, moaning in wanton, needy pleasure as she flopped and rolled around on my tail encased chest. Still, I hardly had the presence of mind to even notice Mellius. My mouth now liberated from its soft, delicious prison, I was free to scream as loud as I liked while Zyxxine finished inside me, blasting rope after rope of hot, sticky demonic cum into my eager, wet pussy. With a satisfied grunt, an utterly spent Zyxxine slumped forward onto me as well, lightly running her tongue along Mellius’ thighs. Just as my own climax was coming to a close, I thrust my fingers deep into Valla, causing a long, loud, most undignified moan. 


“Oh, fuck yeah! That feels so good! Don’t stop, keeping going!... uh, why did you stop?” Three pairs of utterly bewildered eyes fixed on Valla, or, more accurately, two pairs, I was trying to look at her but couldn’t really turn around enough to do so properly. 


“Uhh, does she normally just drop the elongated s thing?” I asked.


“Uh, no?” Zyxxine sounded about as confused as I did. “Valla? Have you been faking that the whole time?” 


“Okay look it started as a joke okay!” Valla blurted. “But then you two just like, believed me. You didn’t even question it and then I kind of didn’t stop and before I knew it two centuries had passed and telling you two just felt kinda weird.” 


“Oh. Okay.” The rest of us just kind of shrugged, and we all disentangled from one another. I stood on shaky legs, still panting, and found suddenly all eyes were on me.


“What?” I asked.


“Uh, oh gosh. Yeah shit we really did corrupt her didn’t we?” Mellius winced, then giggled. 


“Ah, you know what? This is probably my bad, some of my venom definitely got into her bloodstream when I bit her.” Shrugging sheepishly, Vallas looked from me, then to her two companions seeming to be looking for some kind of guidance.


“I’m very confused, what are you all—” my words were caught in my throat as my gaze fell upon my body to see that, once again, I’d changed. My skin had turned a shade of dark, impenetrable green. My nipples were tipped into little blood-red flower buds. My hair had become a sea of black leaves and dark roses, Around my waist, more dark leaves hung, forming a skirt-like ring that covered my privates. My fingernails had become hardened, razor-sharp, thorns. Atop my head were two thorny, stem-like horns that curved inward toward one another. And, between my legs, where my labia once were, was a formation of black rose petals forming a new, flowery opening. 


“I fucking knew there was something poking me! I’m just glad she must have instinctually retracted those thorns.” Valla winced as she no doubt thought of what the new additions to my fingers may have done to her insides. 


“Well,” Zyxxine mused. “It seems you’ve become a hell-rose demoness. And, uh, if you want energy you’ll only be able to get it from the fiery infernos of hell so… you can stay at my place for the time being? If you’d like I can even take you out to dinner or something sometime, if, y’know, if you’d like.”


“And then afterwards all three of you can rail me again?” I asked hopefully. 


Zyxxine chuckled, “yeah, that can be arranged. Hell, if you’d like, I know a demonic bee-girl with a dick even bigger than mine. I’m sure if you asked nicely she’d… polinnate you.” I didn’t have time to scoff at the bad joke, I was too busy fantasizing about all the ways I could get absolutely plowed by the local population of hot demonesses. Needless to say, getting corrupted was the best thing to ever happen to me.


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