0.1 – The start to a new beginning
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A bubble sac bursts as something emerged from within.

Round, white and soft.

It was an ant grub.

Ants were constantly being reproduced in the colony.

The hive could be seen to have thousands upon thousands of the very same egg sacs.

All of these ant grubs that hatch out requires nutrition, gorging endlessly onto the ever-limited food stores of the hive.

Many veterans that set of to search for food never returned.

These grubs would one draw grow up, and take their place.

Trudging into the unknown to bring back treasures.

All for the hive!

The continued existence of the hive, which has survived through the generations.

Right now, all these grubs just eat, sleep and roll around.

And so that is what they did.


In one of the food combs of the nursing chamber.

The nurse ant looked really troubled.

Roll. Roll. Roll. Bounce. Roll. Roll.

There was one grub that has been moving non-stop.

It was only born just a day ago.

However, unlike most grubs that just eat and sleep.

This grub has been rolling for ages.

This grub sleeps much lesser than other grubs, eats mores, and just rolls every day, with an occasional bounce in between.

Looking at the grub's inner monologue...

"One roll. Two rolls. Three rolls. Four rolls. Jump. One roll—"

This grub was no ordinary grub.

It had a history.

The grub used to be a man.

A man is known as Nolan.


Nolan was a young teenager who had a troubled history.

Being raised by a single mother, attending a school where the majority are delinquents.

Picking up bad habits and ignoring work.

Nolan did his best to manage himself.

Doing part-time, hang out with friends, helping his mother out.

Until one day.

The group of friends which he was included was being chided into a fight with a neighboring gang.

It was not anything serious initially.

Just a casual knock on the shoulder by accident.

Then punches flew.

Kicks were thrown.

Everything escalated so quickly.

The result?

Well looking down at his chest, there was a knife clearly embedded deep inside.

Blood slowly trickled out.

The offending person himself was even more shocked once he dealt the blow.

A rush of adrenaline begets irrationality.

Irrationality causes unintended consequences.

Unintended consequences turn into regrets.

Regrets ensued.

To the offender who stabbed, the other fighters who were present, and to Nolan, the victim himself.

Everyone began to run off upon seeing the collapsed teenager.

No one came over to help.

Not even his 'friends'.

Nolan just silently laid on the ground.

Blood slowly trickled out.

He glanced up at the sky.

And his only thoughts were.

The weather sure is good today.


Nolan had always been living a difficult life.

The easiest escapes he had every day were Japanese animated films, manga, and novels.

They let him leave the world of a troubled life.

Enjoy a journey.

Meet new friends.

Well, now he does not need to worry anymore.

His eyes slowly dulled as his last few lingering thoughts leaked...

It sure sucks I cannot find out the next episode of One Piece anymore...

I wonder if I will get to meet a god and go to another world...he-he...

And he fell silent.


Now rewinding back to the main story, Nolan is a grub.

Yes, he got the legendary 'reincarnation' ticket.

Sadly, he did not go to another fantasy world.

At least he could not tell if he had.

He was just a little grub, rolling around.

I should train up. Who knows, I may actually get to learn magic spells. Status!

Nothing happened.


Still nothing.

Nolan is still not downtrodden by this, he is determined to succeed in this life!

An ant walks past.

He looked at the ant and gave a pause of hesistation.

Even as an ant!!

Thus the journey of Nolan the grub shall begin!

(His name is still unaltered at this point)