0.2 – The life of a grub + A hard choice
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As a tiny grub, his duty would be to grow fast.

A nursing ant comes forward to him.

Looks like it is feeding time again.

The ant came forward to Nolan the grub.


Vomit came out from the ant.

Yes, vomit.

Tiny grubs like him were unable to eat solid food yet like a baby, thus they need liquid food.

How so?

Eating regurgitated food from a mature ant.

Nolan silently ate the liquid.

It had a faint sweet taste, followed by the sour taste of digestive fluids.

Endure. Endure.

Nolan convinced himself yet again.

He has been repeating these words since day 1.

After slowly finishing his meal, he then went back to his exercise routine.

Rolling and bouncing about.

When he was finally exhausted by his actions, he fell into a deep sleep.


Nolan's daily life was very dull.

He repeated the same exercises.

Once in a while, he would shed a layer of skin—moulting. The shed layer fell flat onto the ground. Each molt allowed made him feel stronger and get more strength and power.

He has already shed his skin 3 times already.

Perhaps his journey as a grub approaches its end.

Soon, he prayed silently.

He continued his routine.

Looking at his neighboring brothers and sisters.

They have all started to get plump.

They have become juicier- no, I mean healthier and stronger day by the day.

Nevertheless, he has been the only one rolling about.

Roll. Roll. Roll. Bounce. Roll.


Another layer of skin fell to the floor as Nolan feels himself get stronger yet again.

After the fourth molt, things changed.

The ant caring for Nolan stopped giving him vomit but rather soft solid food.

I am free! No more post-digested food for me!

Nolan was excited.

Looking in front of him.

There were soft jelly-like substances of various colors.

Some dyed in the color of honey, others in pink, blue, red, and many other colors.

Finally, I can start eating something else.

He shuffled his imaginary hands.

After all, Nolan was still a fat ant grub.

He had no arms or legs.

Nolan slowly gave the pink-colored jelly a big bite.

Oomph. Nom. Nom.

That is weird, why doe it taste the same as vomit, without the sourness. Let's try another.

He gave the yellow jelly a bite.

Oomph. Nom. Nom.

It also gave the same taste.

What! Are they all similar!? Only additives? It can't be!! I refuse to believe it!

Nolan slowly sampled each and every one of the colors.

They all tasted the same.

By the time he was done, Nolan sure was one big fat grub.

That day, a sad fat grub rolled even harder.


One day while Nolan was rolling around.

He suddenly felt an urge.

It was a sudden calling.


[Male or female?]

Well isn't that choice simple?

Nolan thought to himself as he was about to make the decision.

Ma-Wait one moment.

Based on Nolan's past knowledge, a female worker ant's life cycle generally lasts for 1 to 3 years.

Male ants only lived around 3 weeks though, that is a sad but unfortunate fact.

Biology class is somehow useful after all, huh.

Nolan thought to himself.

But now the main question remained.

His honor or his life?

Female ants could either becomes worker ants or a queen, while male ants were only meant for mating and afterward they die.

The insectdom was ruthless.

Female! He thought out as his skin slowly started shriveling.

[Evolution initiating.]

It slowly hardened itself up.

He was finally becoming a pupa!

Another step towards independence.

As a female in body but male in mind.

Yes, Nolan could not discard his previous identity so casually.

I am a male.

A male.

The self-reinforcement continues to run in his mind.