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[Evolution completed. You are now a worker ant.]





Nolan screamed out in excitement as he woke up.

He had finally been liberated from his powerless forms.

Nolan turned his head around as he inspected his surroundings.

He could still see his siblings lying around.

Grubs and pupas scatted everywhere.

The nursery was still moving as usual.


Legs strong and filled with the power to run fast.

A solid and robust exterior to repel attacks.

Antanas on top of his head to sweep for nearby presences.

Eyes that delivered sharp and clear images of his surroundings unlike before.

Arms with the strength to sweep with force.

Short hair that could swing in a fluid motion.


Wait a minute, something is not right here...

The confused ant looked back down on his body.

Looking at his surroundings, it was still all the gigantic fat grubs lying around.

Several odd pupae have already started to turn brown as they matured.

Looking back at himself.

It was fair white hands.

Blue coveralls.

Thick arms and legs.

Grass trimming scissors in hand.

Isn't this a human body!?

Why did I suddenly turn into a human?

Did my desires warp my form?

And why a scissor?

Would the other ants in the family see me as one of their own?

What if they attack me, should I just make a run for it?

Worries filled up his mind, as Nolan panicked.


"What is wrong...oh it is you."

A young feminine voice came from behind.

Nolan turned to face the voice.

There stood a young girl that looks about 14 years old.

She stood about 1 head shorter than Nolan.

Dressed in a black maid's dress with a white apron above it. Long flowy silver hair. Crimson red eyes. Fair and young features. On top of her head lays a small white pleated headdress. Her dress seems to extend to her knees. Revealing white knee socks and the brown shoes that would have otherwise be hidden. Behind the girl's back, lay a big pair of scissors.

"Hey stop gawking, don't you know it is rude? Respond. I am in a hurry. Don't make me throw you back into the hole even after you have grown up."

The silver-haired girl's eyes narrowed as she said in a miffed tone.

It seems she was the ant that kept punishing the hyperactive Nolan. He could kind of tell it was her as well, despite the complete change in appearance.



The girl's eye widened as she was confused by his single word.

"What is this!? Why are you human, too?"

Nolan was shocked.

Perhaps, he was not the only one human after all.

"Human? What are you talking about? We are ants! Proud noble ants! We have nothing to do with those gigantic monstrosities that plague our kind!"

She said in a pissed-off tone. Her eyebrows scrunched up.

It seems that Nolan has poked a hornet's nest.

Nolan could tell the mood was turning sour.

He then makes an attempt to justify himself.

He pointed at the grub lying beside him, then to the girl, and lastly to himself.

"B-but that!! That is my brother or sister, right? Why do you and I look so different to them?"

The girl heard his confused spill. Her eyes slowly turned into crescents as she gave a light chuckle.

"Of course, silly! When insects develop fully into their adult forms, their sense organs change and the facial recognition adjusts. It modifies us into our desired forms. You should have received a message while evolving right? Aren't your siblings so cute? You used to be cute like them. Though honestly, you were a big pain in the ass."

She gave a slight pause as a looked at him in surprise. A finger was placed on her tiny nose as she looked up in a pondering expression.

"It seems you have chosen to be a worker like me. But weird, why are you in a male body? Did you not choose the female option, too?"

Nolan was stumped.

So that was what that message was about? It seems like imaging myself as a male was the right choice.

"Err-I guess things did not go the way I think it should have."

He gave a vague response.

The girl gave Nolan a look, before turning around. Her dress and long hair swayed gently as she gracefully turned.

"Well, whatever suits you. Come hurry up, let us meet the queen."

Nolan then followed the silver-haired girl who guided him towards another room.

He was finally free from the nursery.