0.5 – Naming and new role
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The two ants slowly walked through the tunnels.

Once in a while, they will pass by another ant.

Or should Nolan say, human?

Most of the ants that Nolan had bypassed were female.

It seems they were all workers.

Most dressed in similar ways to the silver-haired red-eyed girl in front of him.

The occasional males that he sees were all frail pretty boys.

It seems they live up to their function of being seed producers.

One of the males seen was even a weak male body hoisted by 5 females.

Nolan did ask the girl in front of him if he was going to a medical bay or something.

"Dismantling, his function has been exhausted."

The answer shut Nolan up, he decided to not ask too many weird questions anymore.

The insect world is cruel.


After a short period of time.

The both of them started walking into a wide hall.

The area opened up into a wide chamber.

Hundred upon thousands of eggs lay about.

There were female worker ants slowly bring the eggs out.

There were a few guard ants around.

They looked strong and well-built. With two large blades hanging on their backs.

In the very center of the chamber lay a woman with vermillion-orange long wavy hair. Her body was bountiful and she exuded a very matriarch-like impression. She was calmly lying on her throne which was a stage higher than the rest of the place. Ant eggs surrounded her. Legs crossed. Elbow resting on the side. She stared with boredom as the female servant ants around her moved about busily. By her side were dozen of pretty boys, sitting in a pure submissive position. Eagerly looking towards her.

Nolan spotted that lady.

Oh god, she is reaaaally thick. Like thick to the max. I have never seen this level of thickness before.

Nolan could feel desire well up in him.

The desire to protect.

Wait what, protect?

Yes, a feeling of the need to protect lies in him.

As he was genetically a female, he had no pheromonal urges to copulate with the queen.

This fact troubles Nolan.

Does that mean he was impotent?

A non-riser?

The legendary cripple?


The silver-haired girl slowly brought Nolan forward to where the throne lays.

Nolan followed close behind her.

Once they have arrived in front of the steps, she gave a curtsy.

"Mother, I have brought a new adult. Please bestow him a name."

The bored woman on the throne gave a short look at both of them.

She continued to stare.

Silence ensued.

"Hurry, give a bow!"

The girl silently whispered across, her face was still tilted downwards as she remained in her curtsy.

Nolan immediately picked up his cue and gave a slight bow.

The woman by the throne then looked away, she seemed deep in thought.

"This is the first worker of the new batch, right. H-I...J...K...L...no, we are at generation N now, isn't it? You shall be N-1."

She spoke out in a slow and calm tone.

Silence ensued again.

"Stop being useless! Hurry up and thank mother!"

A soft yet snarky voice whispered from his side.

"T-thank you mother for the name! I am happy of the honor!"

He stuttered out.

"No worries, young one. This is weird, why is this worker a male? Whatever there are bound to be weird anomalies out there. This transgender is not a first. You may leave."

She said in a calm tone as she diverted her attention elsewhere.

T-transgender!? I must say I have never been this insulted in my life. (Author: Not trying to insult anyone here, this is just Nolan's POV.)

To be honest, the queen was probably right.

He was weird.

No one could expect that the ant was a reincarnated person, and would understand his current identity crisis.


The girl and Nolan slowly walked out of the chamber room.

The girl suddenly stopped.

Nolan followed suit.

She gave a slight swing as she turned to face him.

"Next time, think smarter. I cannot always be around to teach you how to do things. My name is Alice, I will be your mentor and teach you the ins and outs of our role as workers. You will be following me on these few days as you learn the job on the go. You go it?"

The girl named Alice said to him in a taciturn tone.


A short reply was given.

"It is 'Yes ma'am!' to you! Once more!"

"Yes Ma'am!"

It was a pretty awkward scene. A shorter and young-looking girl with silver hair was righteously scolding the 1.8-metre tall young name who seems to be in a submissive position. Nonetheless, this was Nolan's new life. A junior under his cute senior, Alice.