The Delusional Crimson
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The Dawn Academy was divided into the central region and outer region. While the common disciples have a chance to enter the central region during their admission, they are required to promote to Elite Disciples to gain regular access to the central region.

As Lucifer passed through the security check of the central region, he finally entered the familiar corridor that led to the admission hall but this time, he didn't trace his footsteps back to the admission hall.

Time was right and he wanted to meet a special lady.

"Let's see... the inner library."

Lucifer looked through the academy's map and located the inner library before walking towards the location with calm steps. 


"Father, we really wish for this diplomatic mission. With the alliance meeting ahead, it would definitely benefit our nation."

Naga and Lauren felt their head throbbing in frustration as their four children had already requested for a diplomatic mission to the Rising Sun Empire for the fourth time in the week.

Even their oldest brother, the crown prince of the Dusk Empire put his hand on his forehead in frustration and embarrassment.

The trio of the crowned imperial identities knew the four princes' and princess' intentions as clear as daylight. 

Well, they don't get to witness daylight in the Dusk Empire, but they liked to follow the standard saying in the continent.

After all, it would be a strange saying— The three of the saw through the four perverted offsprings as clear as night.

"Walk me through the objectives once again."

Naga spoke and looked at the second, third and the fourth prince while his youngest and only daughter, the fifth princess, stood behind them with a bashful gaze as her thoughts kept on floating over the image of a beautiful crimson-eyed boy with short black hair and a gentle smile that could warm-up even her coldest nights.

The second prince— Shaam, bowed lightly and opened up.

"The Rising Sun Empire has always been investing in the Goblin's elevators to increase the mining efficiency of their natural resource— the Sun Gold Ore. 

With this diplomatic mission, I... we would like to create a virtuous cycle of trading our manmade resources— the Moon Pond Flower.

After entering into a trade of unique cultivation resource, we would magnify the scope of trading and build a relation based on marriages of various noble offsprings."

As Naga heard this utter bullshit, veins couldn't help but pop up on his forehead.

"I will say this one last time, if you don't stop this utter nonsense just to meet up with some beautiful girls, then I swear to the ancestors that I will forget my virtue of being humble and smack the shit out of you three.

As for Nari, I will definitely cut her off from the academy and start looking for eligible bachelors across the continent that can control her."

The threat of beating and arranged marriage finally cooled down the quartet and they turned silent while their eldest brother, the crown prince, couldn't help but laugh internally.

Unlike other kingdoms and empires, the imperial family of the Dusk Empire did not keep a formal distance between each other. This was to reduce the internal conflict as well as to actually enjoy the warmth of a family.

This was also one of the reasons that Naga only wed one wife and did not create a harem to increase his influence.

These seven were also known as the model family in the Nirvan Alliance.

Unable to contain the laugh bubbling inside of him, the crown prince couldn't help but chuckle softly. 

The moment his laugh emerged, Nari immediately shouted with a fierce glare.

"Eldest Brother! Why don't you say something?!"

While her wide glazed eyes gazed his sympathy, his mother's harsh glare shot him down and he simply looked away.

Even the Crown Prince didn't dare to enter the muddled ground of his mother and his youngest and the 'cutest sister ever' fighting.

"Enough. This matter is closed. if you really wish to gain some freedom, show your capabilities in the alliance war. Understood?

As for you, troublesome lass! Let this be your last warning. If not, I will definitely wed you to the Ancient's Palace. Am I clear?"

"Yes, father."

Their gazes turned defeated as their shoulders slumped in unhappiness.

As the troublesome quartet left, Lauren turned her gaze to the distressed Naga and smiled widely while their eldest son, Ratri, took his leave with a sly smile on his face.

"So? Our dear Emperor still thinks that Nari is all cute and fluffy?"

Naga snorted in frustration and shook his head.

"I am telling you, princess of not, daughters are a handful!"

Hearing his true opinions, Lauren couldn't help but chuckle and stood up from her seat, making her way to the throne and walking behind Naga, placing her hands on his shoulders and gently massaging them with a sweet smile on her beautiful face.

"Then? Do you still think that I falsified all of Nari's mischiefs?"

Naga immediately recalled Lauren's anxious expression as she used to shout at him when Nari was still a 12-year-old ball of fluffy happiness that brightened his day after a tiring job in the imperial court.

"Dear! Nari just bit the guard dog! I had to take her to the medic to check on her condition."

"Dear! Nari just caused a mess in the kitchen and almost got hurt by the hot ingredients! Do something about that troublesome lass!"

"Dear! Nari almost fell off the palace balcony! If not for the guards, we would've lost her! When are you going to give her a good talking?!"

As Lauren's previous nagging re-emerged, Naga's body shivered lightly. 

'Oh, ancestors!'

If all of that was true, then Nari was really a fearsome daughter. Not only she put up a cute act to melt his imperial and indifferent heart, but she also made his fearful wife cry out in distress.

Daughters are truly a synonym of terror!

Naga immediately stood up and picked Lauren into an empress carry that the beautiful wife deserved and kissed her soft lips lovingly.

"Dear, I apologise for my previous neglect. Let me make up to you."

Lauren's eyes glittered as she placed her palm on Naga's cheek and smiled brightly.

"We use protection this time around. We already have a lot going on."

With a brilliant smile, Naga complied to his Empress' demands.

"No need to worry, darling. Protection's going to be the least of your worries."

As the Imperial couple shot towards their personal chamber to have their own court meeting, a completely different scene brewed in Nari's personal chamber.

"P-princess! Please stop!"

The maid's distressed call was left unheard as Nari's nose almost touched her maids blushing nose as she felt her head buzz while her whole body shuddered.

"Please, you've been together with me since we were kids. Help me this one time."

Nari spoke seriously as her hands held the maid's hands tightly. Even though Nari could understand ger maid's mentality, she still pushed forward and laid on top of maid while her thighs latched onto her waist.

Her luxurious black hair cascaded to the side of maid's face while their bodies came into an intimate contact.


The maid finally caved in.

Nari smiled and immediately kissed her cheeks and grinned deviously.

"Thanks, Sylvi!"

"You always play dirty, Princess!"

"Hehe, yup!"

Nari stuck her tongue out as she stood up from the bed and let the blushing Sylvi calm down a bit before taking out a crimson globe from the chest placed on the side of her bed.

"Princess, this is—"

Nari cut Sylvi's shock and spoke with a grin.

"Yup! This is the Delusional Crimson!"

"But isn't this—"

Nari looked at Sylvi with a pout.

"Alright, enough! Since we have decided, we shall follow it through!"

"But Princess, you forced me..."

Sylvi muttered while Nari's ears perked up.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, this maid was merely praising the Princess' means."


As a crimson glow covered the duo, Nari let out a satisfied smile.

If she cannot make her parents cave into her demands, she shall rebel!


Whenever she thought of having her own adventure, she couldn't help but chuckle.


The beautiful crimson eyes that stole her sleep coincided with the crimson globe in her hand as she reaffirmed her motivation.