Side Story: My Late Wife
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"As expected of master. Your talents emerges from the gates of hell and pierces through heaven."

Gloria praised with a stoic expression as if Lucifer's achievements were natural while her naked body was wrapped around by a blanket. Her messy crimson hair cascaded on her shoulder while a thin layer of crust above her eyelashes made it apparent that the ancient beauty just woke up.

She woke up in time to witness Lucifer using all of his skill and her past experience allowed her to understand that Lucifer had already carved all nine of his skills on his cultivation sphere.

Layla and Perenna, on the other hand, still slept soundly as Gloria selfishly took all the blanket to cover herself, leaving them butt-naked on the bed with a slight frown on their faces.

"You should freshen up. I am in a good mood, today, so I might just attend the architecture classes and then, rest."

Lucifer looked at Gloria with a smile.

"Yes, Master. On that note, would you like to join me in the bath?"

Gloria asked politely. Thinking for a moment, a devilish smirk emerged on his face as he nodded.

"Why not? Let's start the day with a bang."

(Pun intended.)


The bathing area of the temple consisted of an artificial pond with crystal clear water that allowed the users to view the bed of the pond while the pond itself is surrounded by an uneven layer of smoothened rocks. Before the pond is the washing area equipped with fragrant soaps.

Dipping themselves into the clear pond after washing up, Lucifer heaved a relieved sigh as he felt his tension dispersing away.

"What hot water baths? It is clear that only cool water can refresh a mind and ease its worries."

Lucifer muttered as Gloria relaxed beside him while her crimson hair was tied into a bun. Her curvaceous body easily visible even after dipping inside the pond.

"Let me massage your shoulders."

Gloria led Lucifer to the edges of the pond and kneeled on a big rock while Lucifer spread his arms across the edges and shrunk his neck with a satisfied expression.

Trailing her fingers across his vascular arms that transitioned to his broad shoulders, Gloria nodded in appreciation and placed both of her hands on the base of his neck while her thumb rubbed the slight protrusion that marked the beginning of his spine.

Increasing the strength of her grip, Gloria started massaging Lucifer's shoulders and simultaneously used her dexterous thumb to rub the knots on his back.

Closing his eyes, Lucifer leaned his head over Gloria's smooth knees and changed his plans.

Maybe, he wouldn't be starting his day with a literal bang after all.

"Whatever, such a start is also quite fortunate."

He muttered with a pleased smile.

"Did you say something, master?"

"Yeah, I felt fortunate that I don't have much moralities and can enjoy a massage from a beautiful woman turned from an ancient man."

Gloria nodded seriously and commented.

"It certainly is fortunate to have such a mental fortitude. If I may suggest, then master shouldn't be wasting his time in the academy and just focus on cultivation.

That way, the world shall submit to your glory sooner."

A soft chuckle escaped his lips while Gloria's voice felt sweeter to his ears.

"Cultivation is just a teeny-tiny aspect of my life. It provides me with strength and the capital for my arrogance, yes. But it also deprives me of connecting with the outside world.

Many people say that with cultivation, you can have everything. I don't believe it. 

After all, I am the living example of the fact that such a statement is incorrect."

Lucifer looked back and smiled at Gloria.

"Let me ask you one thing? In this world, how many can say that they slept with the female versions of all the first generation of heroes?

Besides me, no one!

These things matter to me. These are my accomplishments. 

The world is so beautiful, why would I want to simply close my eyes and disconnect from the world. Each and every person has a charm unique to his or her self. I feel that life is worth exploring instead of stagnating in a grey world of cultivation."

The red mark on his forehead glowed and their surroundings changed.

'Maya's Call.'

The rocky surface disappeared as Gloria found herself kneeling on a patch of soft and fluffy white cloud while the pond still remained. The scenery transformed and she saw herself and her master surrounded by the vast blue sky as she gazed upon the never-ending expanse of clouds.

"Master, this is—"

"A bloodline skill."

He spoke calmly.

"I meant that even if this is an illusion skill, it shouldn't give off such a 'real' sensation toy nerves."

Gloria spoke with a serious expression. To break an illusion, one needed both skills and experience. Being one of the strongest warriors that walked on the face of the continent, her experience only fell short to Lucifer and his competitors.

"So? This isn't a simple illusion skill. Well, continue with your skilled massage."

Gloria nodded and spoke with a satisfied smile.

"Even my late wife used to enjoy them."

Ignoring the talk of Gloria's dead wife, Lucifer simply enjoyed his upper body being relaxed under such a wonderful scenery.