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Dawn Temple.

"What do you mean by 'Subduing a whole clan'?"

Perenna inquired with an annoyed frown as Layla failed to fully describe the meeting held between her family and Lucifer. As much as she was repulsed by her own clan, it was quite stammering for her to speak of the clan's fate out loud.

Reorganizing her words as he gazed at the curious Agni from the corner of her eyes, Layla spoke in a manner that only Perenna and Gloria could understand.

"The meeting... was successful. All the men were rather pleased. In fact, the numbers and the frequency pleased Lucifer even further."

She replied with a minor blush indicating her embarrassment about the situation while Perenna's and Gloria's gazes turned thoughtful before their eyes widened in surprise.

'He couldn't have...'

Their gazes bore onto Layla, who replied with a nod, confirming their silent suspicion.

"I still don't understand.", inquired the crimson Demi-Goddess as she tiptoed near the trio and peered into their expression with her narrowed gaze. 

Honestly, the crimson Demi-Goddess named Agni didn't feel uncomfortable staying in this place for two reasons. One, she always had to hide her true identity when moving within the academy, and two, it has already been one day since she was separated from her grandfather. It's not like she was already missing him.

"But this is surprising, even for master."

Gloria spoke. By now, they had understood him as... well, understood the casanova as someone who loved to take his time with his targets... especially if they are females from birth.

But lately, his actions have been nothing short of rushed and inclusive of risks that the trio thought the devil wasn't willing to take. Clearly, his daring side had managed to surprise them.

While Lucifer has already performed actions far worse than seducing a whole clan, the circumstances proved that everything was simply within Lucifer's control. Each deviation was counted for as the devil had a countermeasure for almost anything.

But they didn't feel the same amount of certainty in Lucifer's current action. Deeply, the three felt that Lucifer was treading onto a thin wire that stretched above a deep and malicious whirlpool.

One misstep and everything will be lost.

In reality, their concerns were true.

From the moment Lucifer arrived, he already knew a lot about the fate of the various personalities of this world, or in her terms, he was keenly aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each 'route'. Claiming the benefit of each route while disregarding all the disadvantages was simply a pipe dream, something that Lucifer understood.

And yet, he still pressed forward and conquered the seven virtues without facing the onslaught of the seven top members of the alliance.

He still turned Agni, the future virtue of courage and made her one of his demonic servants while he still faces the threat of facing the rage of not one, but two Rank 6 Treasured Masters.

He still took in Perenna, who is supposed to perish under the mission of vengeance of the most hypocritical existence in Lucifer's eyes.

And of course, one of his riskiest endeavours would be claimed by the fact that he was rash enough to infect Shayna, the hero's foster mother and also the future virtue of chastity.

But even then, Lucifer had no thought of stopping now. If he stopped at this point, he would definitely be consumed by the whirlpool of circumstances going around him, an evident change made by all of his actions.

In other words, Lucifer had created a whole new 'route' or in this world's terms, he had created a whole new fate for each and every living being, including his.

But even then, Lucifer was aware of a lot of possibilities that existed within the range of his abilities and the repercussions that he might face. 

"But even then... do I really care?"

Sitting in his own room with a miniature Katharos on his laps, he muttered darkly as the multi-coloured light kept on flashing in his body. While an ordinary cultivator might have already exploded from the sheer amount of elemental energy flowing through his body and spirit, Lucifer's unending vitality didn't seem to have any troubles supporting his multi-elemental cultivation.

Through the energy drained from the elders and consciously inscribing the skill sets on his cultivation sphere, Lucifer had managed to bring his Darkness Element to Rank 4 core stage while his space, wind, fire and water element remained at Rank 1 cultivation sphere stage.

It could be argued that the energy drained from that disturbing orgy, something that Lucifer didn't seem to care about, yielded him a lot of elemental energy of various elements. With his bloodline heritage, the quantity of energy had to be reduced by quite a lot of amount before Lucifer decided to simply upgrade his darkness cultivation to rank 4 core stage.

Within his darkness element space, a beautiful nine-sided, somewhat spherical core rotated slowly and steadily, converting and refining the darkness element present in the surroundings.

On the nine-faced core, Lucifer gazed at the nine beautiful and distinct skill patterns that shimmered brightly even in the dark space.

The nine skill patterns indicated that he was already peak rank 4 cultivator and with the assistance of his other element, he was truly invincible if placed within the confines of Rank 5 experts.

Taking a deep breath, his consciousness exited the elemental space and he started to analyse skills for his other elements.

His cultivation plan was quite simple, yet ludicrous in the eyes of the population of the Continent.


Destined Village.

"Mom, I am going to play!"

An uncharacteristically excited boy jumped off the bed and skittered out of the shed while a cute blonde girl immediately ran after him. Her blue eyes could barely contain her distress over her brother's inconsiderate action.

"Brother, wait for me! I want to play, too!"

As the white-robed buxom figure watched the duo run out happily, her gentle smile slowly converged as she finally let go of all her inhibitions and immediately shut the door of the shed tightly. She even went as far as to push a thick desk in front of the shed as she immediately disrobed her lower half, revealing her brown-coloured skin and her smooth thighs that remained moist due to her twitching flower.

Shayna finally collapsed on the ground akin to a broken mess as her left hand slowly rubbed and massaged her right breast without disrobing herself completely and her left hand slowly made its way towards her squishy pussy that kept on throbbing as she felt soft whispers in her head.

"Mmm, yes... just like this...."

She moaned out loud as she whispered in the empty shed. Her left index finger immediately entered her flower in a practiced motion as her mind started to feel numb. As she laid on the ground, her fingers moved according to her desires that she once frowned upon. With each stroke, her body shuddered while slowly, her back arched up while her thumb and index finger pinched her right nipple.

"Yes.... just like this... oohhh!"

She let out a grunt as her butt cheeks trembled and her thighs gave out, making her back fall once again as a visible squirt glided to the distance in a graceful curve. 

Bringing her left finger to her lips, she started suckling on her juices as her right hand took place and started pleasing her once again while she curled her body into a ball.

Deep inside, she knew that something was extremely wrong with her. But even deeper, she knew that she didn't want to stop. With each round of ecstasy, she felt her going off the tracks that were supposed to be her moral codes while her heart yearned for those whispers in reality that she started to slowly expect in her dreams.

Honestly, those whispers were one of the reasons she decided to take regular afternoon naps.

Her eyes started to blur as another round of orgasm left her body while she could see a stunning silhouette in her vision, smiling warmly while his erect member slowly penetrating her, giving her rounds of unexplored pleasures.

In reality, even after her second round, her fingers refused to stop as she started digging her garden with three fingers while her lips kept on sucking on her index, middle and ring fingers.

"I really wish... mmmmghhhhh, -that you were here."

Even though she did not know who she dreamt of, or if that persona was even real. But if he was a living being, then she wished to be taken off her feet and slower and gently tended to in the beginning and then ravaged for the indecent woman she was slowly becoming.