Dare Wish?
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The Royal Chamber

"Eep~ Don't do that!~" 

Rani chuckled mischievously as she looked at her own look-alike and then started sucking at her twin sister's bosom once again, making her cheeks flushed as her moans escaped through her clenched jaws.

"Oh? My dear Jarul wants more, right?" 

Smirking at Jarul's expression, Rani teased her once more while the older twin glared at Rani fiercely.

"After this is done... I'll get you for paralysing me."

Rolling her eyes, Rani snuck a little south from her bosom as her debauched voice shook Jarul's body. Rani's finger touched Jarul's soaked flowers, letting her fingers massage her forefront, slowly arousing more reactions from Jarul.

"Oh~ This part certainly doesn't look paralysed. Maybe... just maybe, you like the idea of getting dominated, don't you?"

Rani narrowed her eyes as she closed the distance between their faces and softly nibbled on Jarul's earlobe.

"Like.... mggghhhh, Hell!"

She snarled but the continuous twitch of her little sister and the fierce blush on her face only emboldened the younger twin as her fingers carried on the task to relax the elder twin.

"Hehe, too bad. I got you this time."

Sealing Jarul's lips with her's, she started returning the favour of all those days that Jarul pleasured her in the absence of any man. Their tongues twirled as Jarul showed unexpectedly flexibility with that fleshy organ as Rani easily felt her kisses getting passive.

But her hands made up for that, easily sliding down the warm cave that her tongue has visited quite a lot of time. Rubbing her fleshy walls, Rani slowly helped Jarul release a beautiful orgasm as her body arched up while her gaze lost focus for a moment.

"Time to show your flexibility inside some other places."

Rani softly kissed Jarul's neck as she allowed her elder sister to lay on the bed while she brought her own pussy in heat in front of Jarul's face, easily stomping down with one swift motion, pressing her soft butt on her face.

With swift flicks, Jarul took charge as Rani grabbed her head and tightened the grip of her thighs, forcing Jarul's face on her dripping flower.

Soon, Rani's pleasured moans resounded inside her personal chambers as she felt all her burdens vanishing, even if it was for a moment.


"My apologies for not being able to attend recent lectures, teacher."

Lucifer spoke solemnly while Perenna stood beside him, her expression equally solemn while the old director regarded Lucifer with a calm gaze. 

"I see that the Golden Flames and the Blue Flames have sent quite a number of... gifts. Their fragrance is still present in the air."

As the old director spoke with a calm gaze, Lucifer visibly flinched and then lowered his head further. 


He spoke without denying anything. Lucifer could easily remove the natural fragrance of all the girls he ploughed in the last two days but he decided to show a 'weakness' in front of the old director for his own considerations. 

Gazing at Lucifer's demeanor, the old Director's thoughts started to move quickly. The position Lucifer held was quite sensitive, at least, politically. To show such a fatal weakness allowed the old director to peer into the thoughts of Lucifer. While his impression on the young man did not change, this encounter merely added the term 'womanising brat' as one of the interpretations of Lucifer.

After all, he could easily differentiate ten distinct fragrances, none of them familiar to him.

"No matter. It's good that you did not skip classes for more than a week. But keep in mind, there shouldn't be a next time."

Lucifer nodded gratefully.

"This chance is much appreciated, teacher."

"Good, before we start, I am safe to assume that you should have knowledge on the impeding alliance war, correct?"

Lucifer replied with an affirmative nod.

The old director fell into deep thought before asking once again.

"Will the Ancestor join the war?"

Lucifer frowned, which was noted by the director as Lucifer replied with a confused tone.

"Yes, master would be joining the war. Although, I fail to see the need to do so."

Nodding thoughtfully, the old director commenced the day's lecture while the two memorised all the techniques and theories described by the director.


After the lecture ended, the infernal couple returned to their temple while the Old Director looked at his own reflection and summoned the Academy's guardian.

"Let those unfilial daughters know that Agni has somehow escaped. If that ungrateful granddaughter of mine cannot appreciate my love and concern, then at least, my daughter should finally benefit by letting an archangel breed her."

He spoke coldly while he looked at the empty space in front of him with a dark expression.

"Things are changing... too fast. It's not just the alliance war. I can feel it.

We are the first target of that damnable prophecy."

Looking at the shocked reflection, the old director smiled coldly before standing up from his seat.

"You will be teaching my disciples until I emerge once again... as a Mystic Master."

The shocked expression of the reflection slowly turned solemn while he nodded.

"Are you completely prepared?"

The old director nodded while the reflection came out of the mirror and bowed in front of the old director.

"I hope that you emerge successful... Lucia."

Gazing at the bowing figure, Lucia, the old director spoke coldly.

"Between me and you, I know that you wish nothing more than tearing me apart. Too bad, I control you as well as your flesh and blood."

The reflection flinched while a bout of rage stretched across his chest. His breathing turned ragged but he still kept a solemn expression.


The centre of Nirvan Continent.

The ruins of the golden wings city were enclosed by a mysterious formation circle that flashed a mixture of pitch black and crimson red as the formation itself rotated slowly.

In the centre of the ruins sat a golden-haired man with his eyes closed as he muttered incomprehensible words. Meanwhile, the once dreaded holy city was filled with infernal creatures of varied rank as they slashed and attacked each other.

Their blood dying the ruins green.

As the volume of the blood absorbed increased, the intensity of flashing brilliance only increased. Many infernal creatures who saw these brilliant flashes felt their blood boil as they lost their sanity, not that the lower infernal creatures possessed any, and they immediately rushed into the ruins, reliving the carnage.

"The Preparation is almost complete... this alliance war will be brutal."

The blind youth muttered as he kept the formation running. The blood of infernal creatures kept on nourishing the formation which increased the intensity of the lure, creating a vicious cycle of insanity.

"I hope, that at least one of you can survive me... for the world, one of you has to survive. Only then, can the world be saved. If I could wish... I wouldn't want to meet her that night.

I really wish that. I do... my children."

He sighed as his expression was nothing less than indifference even if his surroundings were filled with blood.

"If given a chance to be wishful, I would rather wish you both to take birth in a peaceful world... but a peaceful world in itself is a wish that none of the deities has the power to grant."

His expression became slightly disturbed as a maniacal smile slowly touched his lips. His voice hoarse, as his chuckles seemed to suppress the mindless roars of the beasts.

"You wish? You still dare wish? Hah? You fell for that witch as she sealed me within you... 'for the greater good', right?

How dare you wish?

Wish is the concept for the weaklings.

With me inside you, don't you think of ever being weak. We are going to kill those damnable heroes mentioned in prophecy and we will reduce that bitch to a slut she deserved to be!

Fate is determined, you say?

Can't you feel it?!

The wheel of destiny is filled with cracks wider than the girth of my original body's penis!

At long last, there is a hope to become free!

No... we shall be free!

I shall be free!"

His shouts rang in the empty ruins as the only spectators, the beasts, didn't pay any attention to the human covered in a barrier and slaughtered their own kind.