An Empress Conquered (1)
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Inside the ostentatious court of the Dawn Palace, the crimson-haired Viarth, with his sharp brows furrowed, went through the contents of the scroll in his hands. With the court meeting already finished, he sat alone on his throne while his Empress was nowhere to be seen.

His chest undulated while his fury could be hardly restrained. With a single thought, the fire element in the surroundings revolved around his hands, showcasing his affinity and talent with the element, reducing the golden scroll to ashes. 

"With Elder Sister Jarul preparing for the Alliance War, the palace itself risks the attack by that control freak of a father. 

But how did he even lose Agni's sight? Even if her form is unrecognisable, she simply cannot escape his clutches.

What is he hiding?"

Rani, disguised as Viarth, murmured with a complicated expression. But deep down, she was grateful that her daughter was able to escape. In her entire life, she hadn't loved anybody, not her elder twin, not her father, not her husband and not even the deity that possessed Viarth on that fateful day.

But Agni's presence managed to change all of that. Though, she only had the fortune to spend a little more than 2 years with her, Rani, the current Emperor, did find a part of herself become emotional and caring.

Little Agni was successful in bringing a part of herself that Rani was surprised to discover... pleasantly surprised. But her changes didn't bode well for her family. Her father and her elder twin.

The summoning of Uriel, the God's Light required a lot of resources and a lot of manpower. It took three Rank 6 Treasured Masters to finally summon the deity's shard that possessed the unconscious Viarth while Rani took the responsibility of housing the deity's seed.

As glorious as her responsibility may sound, Rani was completely unwilling. But being the weakest Treasured Master out of the three, her fate wasn't in her own hands. Her cultivation essence deprived by the Demi-Goddess inside her womb, her indifference towards her Elder Sister Jarul and her Father Lucia turned into immense disgust.

Yet, for the sake of appearances, she had to live with the fact that she became the reason for her husband's... Viarth's demise, who happened to shower her with warm love, something that none cared to do. Meanwhile, to keep her in check, Jarul took the responsibility to stay with Rani.

While the three did not trust each other, even after sharing blood, the required procedures were completed after Agni came to life while Rani started her cultivation anew.

But her fate worsened. Targeted by her own twin's... certain tastes, her body was forced to succumb to Jarul's demands as her body slowly became contaminated enough to only feel pleasure without an ounce of disgust as Jarul's dexterous fingers struck her every night.

But the yearning for Jarul's sultry acts made Rani feel disgusted by herself. She loathed the fact that she easily succumbed to Jarul and became an object of release of Jarul's sexual frustrations. 

At this very moment, Rani would be happy to claim that her greatest accomplishment wasn't her cultivation, neither the fact that she scored a deity in the bed.


Her greatest accomplishment, her pride and joy was her own daughter. She was practically her own essence!

With a deep sigh, Rani, morphed into Viarth, stood up as she slowly walked out of the court. While she hated her twin, she didn't have any other outlet for the disgust she felt for her entire life aside from losing herself in lust and pleasure.

Many say that Lust is a sin, but to her, Lust is her only escape from reality.

Possibly, her cries of help reached the infernal pits as a messenger immediately opened the door to the courtroom and immediately knelt in front of the frowning Viarth.

"Your Majesty, the founding ancestor wishes to meet your grace in the Dawn Temple." 

The messenger being 'Viarth's' confidant, knew of the Ancestor's existence and his strange circumstances while Viarth nodded impassively and dismissed the messenger before moving towards the Royal elevators.

Wherever she moved, bows of every single citizen followed, making Rani feel even more burdened as the guilt of destroying one of the most talented Emperor, in the history of the Empire that she genuinely cares for, slowly ate her from the inside.

Her thighs tingled as she wished for something inside her special place, scratching the itch that slowly grew due to all her frustrations. But being accustomed to a similar situation in almost every court meeting, Rani kept her impassive expression and walked naturally. Her gait confident.


As Rani made a literal step towards her own demise, Lucifer stared at Gloria, expressionless, and voiced out.


Gloria bowed seriously and her melodious voice resounded in the empty room.

"There are already 2 Rank Five Experts in the harem while only 5 Rank 4 core experts were left alive and qualified to join. Rank 2 and Rank 3 dominates the harem as the combined number exceeds three hundred. 

There are still 189 Rank 1 servants who aren't qualified to join master in his endeavours and they are currently placed in their previous jobs, acting as sources of information."

Lucifer nodded.

While he did not bed all of the 'gender-bend' members and servants, he still kept a close control on them. The whole harem knew that it was only a matter of time before all of them were conquered by his demonic self, making each of them succumb to his meat rod. The meat rod so glorious that once taken, cannot be replaced by another one.

Nodding, a beautiful smile appeared on his devilish face that was far more ravishing than an impassive deity as he stood up from his soft throne/bed and tiptoed towards Gloria with a mischievous glint in his crimson pupils.

"What about you? You are still at Rank 3 and more Magma Element treasures cannot be found. At least, not in the Rising Sun Empire.

It's about time I give you some special care to increase your cultivation."

Nodding seriously, Gloria replied in a somber voice.

"It would be for the best, master. With my magma element, you can easily eliminate enemies at a wider range of scope.

But as much as I wish to accept your gift, we have a special guest called under your command."

Lucifer smirked and nodded before speaking out once again.

"Don't let anyone disturb me. Not even Agni. She can face the truth after I am done with her."

"Yes, master."

Gloria bowed before making her way to Agni's and other's chambers. As Lucifer saw her back, he could swear that Gloria would look absolutely ravishing with her crimson hair tied into a bun while her body being hugged by a pencil skirt and white shirt with a pair of glasses on her face, the dress code of a loyal secretary.