Good Rani; My Rani
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Dawn Temple became a restricted area after the ancestor's revival. Prior to that, however, Dawn Temple housed many festivals that brightened the entire Capital of the empire. Nobles with their heirs would come and pray in the hall every year to live a prosperous life while the Emperor also hosted competitions and traditional dances.

Today, some of the festivity had finally returned to the Dawn Temple as the Empress hosted the devil. Her needy mouth choking onto Lucifer's thick rod willingly while her hands covered the remaining shaft that she couldn't fit in her mouth.

Her hungry eyes never left Lucifer's cruel grin that enitced a reaction out of her body every now and then while she severely wished that Lucifer would use his hands, that were crossed above his chest, and grab her head, using her mouth in any way that he wished.

She wouldn't mind gagging on him balls deep even if mind breaking pressure was applied to make all of that delicious treat accommodate inside her mouth. The slurping sound continued as droplets of Rani's saliva lubricated the upper half of Lucifer's member as she slowly inched forth, her throat bulging while she started to become breathless.

More, more, more, more!

Her mind kept on chanting as tears formed on the corner of her eyes while her pupils slowly rolled upwards. 

"What a hopeless... slut."

Lucifer smiled as his hands finally pulled her head, followed by Rani's long gasp while her open mouth leaked her drool without any ends, Lucifer immediately shoved his member in her mouth pussy once again while Rani's hand moved towards Lucifer's back, using her arms to pull herself and swallow the entirety of Lucifer's penis.

"Good girl." Lucifer grunted and immediately let out his demonic seed right into her stomach. Choking, Rani did her best to swallow every single drop of Lucifer's degenerated love but his virility shocked her borderline insane mind.

Unable to continue, Rani started to rapidly tap on Lucifer's thighs and her eyes begged Lucifer for some breather. But Lucifer's next words set the waterworks that even she did not expect.

"You wish!"

With another thrust, Lucifer finally let out his cum and let out a happy sigh. Slowly taking out his cock, Lucifer finally let go of Rani's head, making her fall on the ground as she took deep breaths while some of his seed couldn't help but leak out of her mouth and drop on the cold hard floor.

Wastage, something that Lucifer wasn't particularly fond of.

Before she could finally calm her pants, Lucifer pushed her head on the floor while his cold foot made her struggle hard.

"Wasting your master's seed is a capital offence. Finish it and then, your punishment will continue."

No matter how unstable her mind currently was, Rani's thoughts hadn't fallen so low that she would lick droplets of cum from a dirty floor. No. She still held onto some of her remaining dignity, which deep down, she found the thought slightly unsettling. 

But fate hadn't abandoned her hopes yet. 

Gripping on her hair, and pulling her up forcefully, Lucifer smiled and slowly spoke into her ears, letting his hot breaths do the task for him.

"Oh, you won't clean your own mess?"

"Mmghhh.... uhhh.... no! It hah! hah! isn't my mess!"

She whispered. Her strength and sanity slowly abandoning her once again as her grip on her last shreds of dignity slowly loosened while Lucifer's hot breaths stimulated her needy body... her needy organs.

"Okay, I understand. You are a disappointment, to me, to your daughter and to your late husband.

Your body meant only to please your elder twin while your heart and thoughts controlled by your father's whims.

You are not qualified to be Rani... at least, not mine."

Lucifer let go of her hair, her body immediately crumbling on the ground while her heart pierced by Lucifer's cruel statements. With her remaining strength, she roared... although, at this point, to Lucifer, these roars simply felt needful begging.

"I am Rani Blaze! I loved my daughter! I loved her! 

I did not fail anyone! Please... I did not fail anyone."

"Then clean it."

Lucifer broke her pretty little roar as she finally looked towards her drool covered cum. Her eyes glowing with a maniacal need as she gazed at Lucifer's thick rod that hadn't settled even after so long.

Tears slowly streamed down her cheeks as she slowly lost her hope. Her head finally bowed while her filthy tongue started licking the floor clean. Her body quivered in shame while her licks grew substantially longer. Her gaze slowly grew lifeless... with each lick, she would recall all the embarrassment she had to suffer in her life.

The worst part was that her own flesh and blood let her down. Used her emotions and body for their own selfish desires.

As Rani finally finished, she looked over her shoulders as she waited for her punishment only to gaze at Lucifer's gentle gaze and a warm smile. Her eyes widened in surprise as this was the first time she gazed at such an expression. Even Viarth, who showed her genuine love, couldn't look at her like that.

Gaze filled with lust and appreciation. Her surprise only increased as Lucifer slowly crouched near her and pulled her body into a deep and loving embrace.

"There, it wasn't hard, right?"

His soft whispers caressed her ears as she shook her head in reply. She felt a need to hide her teary expression, making her bury her head into Lucifer's broad chest as the only evidence of her current expression was her low sniffles.

"Good Rani. You didn't disappoint me. I hope, from now on, you won't ever disappoint me."

Lucifer slowly reached for her hips and slowly adjusted his bare penis in front of her soaking pussy. Her cries were cut short as he pierced deep inside her with one slow pump while Rani's head flew back. Her inner walls contracted violently, clenching onto Lucifer's shaft while she orgasmed violently on his tip.

"Let it all out."

Lucifer's gentle smile did not crumble even after he was gripped so tightly. He slowly and gently laid Rani's body on the ground, her crimson hair spreading wide, making her look nothing short of a demonic beauty. Her cheeks flushed due to fluctuations of emotions while her hands covering her eyes, rubbing them slowly.

Placing his hands on her thighs, Lucifer spread her legs apart and then started pumping his member deep inside her womb, stuffing the entirety of her exotic member.

Her moans slowly grew in volume while her body tried to arch up in pleasure, only to be pushed back down by Lucifer, whose pumps made Rani groan in pleasure once again.

From the slits of her eyes, Rami failed to notice a disgusting expression on Lucifer's face. This was something that she had noticed after getting used by her sister for a long time.

She was particularly by the expression of her mate when the said partner was on top of her. That abhorrent look of possession, greed and Lust combined into a malevolent expression that immediately made her lose all her interest. Even Jarul wasn't an exception.

But Lucifer... seeing his gentle gaze and a small smirk while he violently pounded and stuffed her insides finally broke all of Rani's apprehensions as her eyes rolled up one last time while her womb felt Lucifer's warm seed overflowing without any stops.

Her calves immediately wrapped around Lucifer's body as she wished her insides to take the shape of the devil's rod while she did think that getting impregnated by such a master wouldn't be the worst. 

Well, at least, these were her fleeting thoughts before Rani fell unconscious. Never would have Rani thought that she would get fucked unconscious... and that too by an infernal creature.