1.8 Rise of moral integrity, rehabilitate the slag Male Lead and strike for the cute little brother image!
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A file was thrown onto an exquisitely carved mahogany table. The pages easily slipped out and fell to the ground. But the person, who just read the content couldn’t care less. His fists clenched tightly, veins visible on the surface.  


Ruo Chen tried his best to suppress the rage, which boiled in him, it was on the verge to explode. Killing intent rose in him. 


Irritated, Ruo Chen gave his assistant a glance, “Is the content written in the report true?” 


“Yes, young master. The testimonies are either from retired or previously employed servants of the Li residence. The hospital also confirmed, that such a case happened, even though I couldn’t determine the patient’s name, the event’s settings match with the reported statements. That is all I could collect in the past week,” listed the assistant calmly. 


Ruo Chen waved his hand and dismissed his assistant. Connecting the hints and facts together, he could now clearly differentiate between friends and foe. 


Right after the door closed, a loud “bang” could be heard. Ruo Chen smashed his fist against the wall, once, twice... 


He didn’t stop until his skin was scrapped and his knuckles began to bleed. 


Like a deflated balloon, Ruo Chen slowly slipped to the ground, his head propped against the wall. 


“Just what had I done to an innocent boy... Jun-er, I’m sorry, I’m sorry...” 


Meanwhile, the “pure Jun-er” was stalking his beloved sister.  


That’s right, he was stalking her. 


“Ding— Host, please refrain from your perverted behavior and promote moral integrity,” reminded Jing Yi mildly. 


Rong XingLi wanted to roll his eyes. He didn’t want to do this either! But what can he do? To find a husband for someone who lives like a nun, was not an easy task, ah! 


“Jing Yi, I don’t know anything about Li Mengyao, other than gentle, pure and clean like an angel from the summary! And you won’t help me searching for husband material. How should I get information? I’m not a rich brat like Ruo Chen, I can’t afford to hire someone to investigate her. She just won’t tell me her type and reject every invitation from a guy. Why can’t you use your capacity to pick a guy?” complained Rong XingLi. 


“Ding— Systems are no dating apps, please persist in your effort to locate a suitable partner for the female lead,” retorted Jing Yi flatly. 


Rong XingLi became quiet. His Jing Yi was grumpy, he was definitely angry! After several months together, Rong XingLi had a better understanding of his system’s temper. Slow or delayed answers indicated, that Jing Yi was troubled or stressed. A calm or mild tone was the normal working mood, but flat and short answers usually meant vexation! 


“En, en, everything that my family’s Jing Yi says is reasonable. Love is not measurable. No more complaining!” coaxed Rong XingLi. He didn’t want to be on Jing Yi’s bad side. 


Jing Yi: “...” His host became stranger by the day. 


The “strange” host continued to follow the female protagonist, but besides meeting her friends from the same sex and studying, she pretty much showed no interest in the opposite gender! 


Rong XingLi wanted to cry. Angel was the right definition. She was so simple and naïve, the guys around her didn’t dare approach her and simply worshipped her like a goddess. For them, it felt like a sin to taint her with their dirty love! 


Only Ruo Chen, that slag, would pursue her without reservation. 


Just as he wanted to give up, he caught sight of a calm and neatly clothed senior at the student café. Li Mengyao waved to him and he returned the greeting with a friendly smile. Moreover, after she sat down, they talked for a long time very naturally without a shed of awkwardness, the atmosphere was so pink he could see the word love flying in the air. 


“Jackpot! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Jing Yi who is that?” asked Rong XingLi enthusiastically. 


“Ding— That’s Zhang Ze, he’s Li Mengyao’s circle senior. The owner of the reference books and test papers host received over the past weeks,” reported Jing Yi mildly. 


“Oh, so he’s my senior and benefactor. How do you evaluate him?”  


“Ding— Suitable age, mild temper, good manners and mature. Estimated to have a proper and steady future as a lawyer, after graduating from law department. 


“Not bad. Even Jing Yi approves of this possible brother-in-law,” said Rong XingLi with a broad grin. After that, he left the two alone and went back to the dormitory. 


Back in his room, Rong XingLi once again went through the list of Ruo Chen’s former lovers. A sheer arduous task, they had nothing in common! 


“Say, did Ruo Chen ever love any of them? Some relationships didn’t even last more than a night. Finding a wife for him is like the infamous needle in a haystack. Who is actually the task giver, whom do I owe this honor?” asked Rong XingLi curiously. 


“Ding— The employer is Li Junyao,” Rong XingLi eyes widened for a brief moment, he asked incredulously, “How come?” 


Before Jing Yi continued, “Because Ruo Chen never had the chance to fall in love with anyone, before he got schemed against by Ruo Heng and died, that the original soul wanted him to escape this tragedy by extricating Ruo Chen from the Li family.” 


“Wait, what did the Li family has to do with Ruo Chen’s death?” 


“Ding— After it was known, that he’s addicted, the Li parents sided with Ruo Heng and lend a hand with his destruction to curry favor. They used Li Junyao as a pawn to end Ruo Chen, but he refused out of love and killed himself instead. Please, investigate yourself again. The information given by the system is the world official statement only. The truth may differ,” said Jing Yi flatly. 


“En, I will bring justice to Li Junyao!” 


Rong XingLi lamented this tragic child. His parents mistreated him and used him as they wished. In that aspect, Li Mengyao wasn’t better off. She was just an asset to gain the most out of a marriage contract 


Ironically, both fell for the same person. Someone, whose family situation was completely screwed up. With a slag father, who went after a minor, when his first-born was still an infant, Ruo Chen was bound to grow up crooked. He didn’t receive love, when he was young, just like Li Junyao. Maybe, that was why he sympathized and fell for Ruo Chen. 


This male lead, he could now understand Ruo Chen more, after Jing Yi’s investigations. Deep down he wasn’t a bad person. He chose the partners of him under the pretense, that they were aware of his habit to change lovers like underwear and comply with it. Most of them simply moved on after the breakup or remained in a beneficial relationship.  


They were mutually fooling around. Still, he never mistreated his girlfriends and were very good to them. 


It was the Li parents that threw their daughter into the pot for their own ambitions, their son was merely dragged along. The twins were simple and had no experience in love, they fell easily. In contrast, Ruo Chen had plenty of lovers, yet didn’t fell for anyone. The disparity in experience and lifestyle made them incompatible to begin. In the end, the families broke the three young people. 


“By the way, Jing Yi, where is Li Junyao now? What will happen to this body, once I complete all tasks?” inquired Rong XingLi carefully. 


“Ding— Once host accomplished all tasks, the original soul will take over the body again, but only if the original soul still has soul power left, after exchanging a part as commission fee. Most employers give up all their soul power, to reincarnate immediately. In that case, host can stay in the body until its biological death and live freely, if host doesn’t, the employer’s persona will die. 


Jing Yi paused for a short moment, “Li Junyao hasn’t given all his soul power, so he’ll most likely return, if no mishaps occur.” 


Rong XingLi contemplated quietly for a long time. He kind of wanted to give his all for the Li twins and Ruo Chen. They reminded him of Huang Yaoyang. 


Xiao Yang, wait for daddy, I’ll help them first and then rescue you! 


He slept timely and rose early. Today, hed get acquainted with Zhang Ze 


Thus, he put on a casual black sweatpant, a printed t-shirt and wore a white cardigan. With a simple cap, he completed his outfit and dashed out to “accidentally” bump into a certain senior. 


“Jing Yi, where’s Zhang Ze?” 


“Ding— He’s currently in the main lecture hall, holding a revision class for third semesters. 


En, give me a live report please.” 


Rong XingLi stood at the corner near the hall. The moment Zhang Ze stepped out the door, Rong XingLi strode toward him and tripled directly before his eyes. 


Zhang Ze hurried to the youth, but sadly couldn’t catch him in time. The junior’s papers flew all over the floor, unfortunately, his water bottle opened and ruined the papers. 


“Are you okay?” asked Zhang Ze worried as he helped the youth up. 


Totally devastated, Rong XingLi’s eyes trembled as he uttered weakly, “Oh no, what shouldI-I need this material for the next assignment! Why don’t I have friends in my class…  


The junior nearly broke into tears. The miserable state reminded Zhang Ze of the little boy next door, where he lived before. The boy would often cry, when he fell to the ground. 


Unknowingly, he spoke very softly, like an adult coaxing a child, “Junior, what mayor and semester are you, ba? Perhaps, I can help you out.” 


Rong XingLi eagerly lifted his head, he stared with dazzling eyes at Zhang Ze, like he was his hero. 


Zhang Ze was slightly stunned, the junior looked a lot like this little sister in his circle he was interested in. 


“Thank you senior! My name is Li Junyao, first-semester law student. And how should I address you?” asked Rong XingLi sheepishly. 


Li? What a coincidence. No wonder they look similar, it’s her twin brother. 


With a fresh smile, Zhang Ze answered, “I’m Zhang Ze, fifth-semester law student. Just call me brother Ze, can I call you Ah Jun?” 


Rong XingLi pursed his lips slightly, his head tilted a small degree, before he shyly responded, “…Okay, brother Ze!” 


Like promised, he helped Rong XingLi and gave him his old papers as reference. Rong XingLi acted surprised, when he saw them, “That- I know this handwriting! Could it be that you know my sister, Li Mengyao?” 


Being exposed, he easily told the truth, “Yeah, I actually had a hunch, that you were siblings. I’m sorry for keeping quiet. I didn’t want to scare you off ba.” 


No, I should be sorry for deceiving you, little youngster! 


Rong XingLi had a sour expression on his face, but then broke into a devilish smile, “I forgive brother Ze, but under the condition, that dinner is on you!” 


Zhang Ze smiled helplessly, Ah Jun was like a little brother, you want to dote on. No wonder, that Li Mengyao cared so much for him. 


Rong XingLi, who immersed himself with Zhang Ze, received a sudden system message. 


“Ding— Warning! The male lead, Ruo Chen approaches the vicinity earlier than expected. The estimated time before arrival – 27 minutes.” 


No footnotes, hahaha! And the chapters will get longer starting with the next chapter. I remind everyone to look at the glossary, I will post character sheets of the main charas there.