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The land was tainted purple with the power of darkness, the sky was dark. The air was filled with the stench of death; corpses were littered all over the desolate plain, corpses of humans, beastmans, elves, monsters, and demons.

On the battlefield, two sides are clashing, arrows and magic spells fly through the air, explosions rang out, the sounds of metal clanging were blocked by the sound of the explosions.

The side of the Demon lord's army consists of millions of demons and monsters. On the other side are the army of the alliance of the Humans, Beastmen, Elves, and the rest of the humanoid races that joined hands to eliminate the Demon lord.

To achieve this goal, the Humans banded together to summon a hero but accidentally dragged along three others. The Hero, two of those three, a young woman dressed in a white robe and a knight in full white metal armor are now in a fierce battle with the Demon Lord in his throne room, corpses of high-ranked demons were sprawled about in the corner of that room, only the Demon Lord, the Hero and his party are still standing in the room.

The Hero's sides have sustained injuries all over their bodies. The woman dressed in white, The Saint, had just run out of mana, no longer able to heal the Hero and his party. But, the battle is about to reach its climax.

The Hero and the Demon lord suddenly burst forth with intense mana, making the very space around them distort. The Hero covered in liquefied light attribute mana rushes the Demon Lord, who was also covered in liquefied dark attribute mana and swung his Holy sword to meet the Demon lord's Demonic sword.

The two swords collided sending shockwaves throughout the room knocking the rest of the Hero's party through the wall of the throne room to the outside. In the midst of falling, the Hero's companions suddenly halt in midair before slowly descending to the ground of the castle.

"Looks like it's finally coming to an end" The voice of a man rang out inside the mind of all the Hero's companions, that voice was calm and relax like he was unconcerned about the intense battle that is happening in the throne room.

"R-Ren, h-help… him… p-please…" The woman in white pleaded to the man named "Ren" to help in a weak tone. The "him" she was referring to is the Hero.

"Don't worry, with that sword it is impossible for him to lost" The rang voice rang out once more, this time along with the figure of a young man in a white mage robe that stretch to around knee height and he was also holding a golden staff in his right hand.

[Sacred Heal - Area] With a wave of his staff, he cast a powerful healing spell on the entire Hero's party, instantly closing all the wounds and mending all their previously broken bones.

"Don't try to move yet. Once Reiji kills the Demon lord, we can all go home together" Ren says, a faint smile creeping onto his face as he started floating up before disappearing into thin air.

Everyone that heard that felt reassured after those words came out of the young man's mouth. Why is that so?

Well, because he is called by all as "The Sage". Ren the Sage is the most powerful mortal alive recognized by the Great God of Magic himself. He holds power that can contend with divine beings. Whenever he states that something is true, then it will be true without a doubt.

Such a being just guaranteed that the Hero will kill the Damon lord, so why would they doubt him? Not to mention, that the Hero's Holy sword was personally enchanted by the Sage himself, there is no doubt that the Holy sword is one of the most powerful weapons that can be wielded by a mortal as of now.

Back in the throne room, the Hero, Reiji, and the Demon lord are still clashing. Reiji has started gaining the upper hand in this sword fight, pushing the Demon lord back step by step.

After a minute of pushing the Demon lord, Reiji finally found an opening in the Demon lord's defense. Not letting this opportunity slip away, he activated his most powerful skill along with the Holy sword's core skill before thrusting his sword at the Demon lord's blind spot.

[Sword Skill - Time Shattering Thrust]

[Weapon Skill - Bane of All Evil]

The Holy sword's speed defies time itself as it slid through the magic barriers put up by the Demon lord. The 5-layer magic barrier that protected the Demon lord from powerful attacks throughout the fight was instantly shattered.

The Holy sword twisted and changed directions, heading towards the Demon lord's core. This happened within a fraction of a second, the Demon Lord didn't even have time to react to it. The sword penetrated through the Demon lord's flesh, heading straight to his core before suddenly coming to a halt mere inches before the core.

"Hahaha… You think can defeat me that easily, Hero?" The Demon lord sneered at the Hero's attempt to finish the fight early. He glanced at the Hero's face and suddenly felt that something was amiss.

The Hero's expression did not change one bit, his eyes still filled with determination. Before the Demon Lord could do anything, the Holy sword shines with pale-blue light.

[Weapon Enchantment - Destroy Magic]

The enchantment placed by the Sage activated, breaking the final barrier around the Demon lord's core. The sword pierced through the magic core of the Demon lord spitting it in half.

The Demon lord's Demonic sword fell to the ground, the mana surrounding the Demon lord's body dissipated into the room filling it with dense mana. The Demon lord's body started disintegrated into dust, leaving behind a pile of dust and two cut-in-half magic core.

The mana around Reiji starts to lose power as well; his intense aura is now calming down a little. His body starts to lose strength, making him fall backward as a result; his grip on the Holy sword loosens, he's completely exhausted. Completely defenseless.

"Hahahahaha…!" Deep demonic laughter rang out in the throne room. Darkness seeps out of the pile of dust on the floor. It gathers and morphed into the shape of a demon's head.

No, wait. It's the face of the Demon Lord; he looks more human than a demon. This is the trait of the demon race; the more powerful they are the more human-like they look. This is where the hatred between humans and demons stems from, but that's a story for another time.

"You really think you can defeat me that easily, Hero? This is just the beginning! Once I find a new body, I will come back to destroy you humans and those demi-humans!" The Demon Lord in soul form ridiculed the Hero and declares his plan like a true BBEG.

"Shut up, already! If you're going to make your escape just do it! I don't have the energy left to deal with you!" Reiji shouted, very annoyed at the Demon lord's evil monologue. He's tired and this was getting on his nerves.

"You're not surprised by my revival? I even timed it and everything!" The Demon Lord is dumbfounded at the attitude he was getting from the Hero. He set up and planned everything out; he even had a suitable vessel ready long before the Alliance army even arrived.

"Heh, you think we're all a bunch of dumbasses or something? This is the same thing that happened with the last Demon lord, you think we'd overlook something like this?" Reiji smirked, his eyes filled with ridicule for the Demon lord.

"Ha, so what if you knew? You won't be able to stop me from escaping in my soul form!" The Demon Lord laughed as he floated up before rushing towards the ceiling.

But, when he was about to go through the ceiling he found himself trapped in a small barrier. He tried to break out but to no avail. He was trapped; to be precise his soul is trapped by this barrier. Normally, he would be able to break out of barriers even in his soul form. But for some reason, he wasn't able to this time.

Panic started creeping in on his mind. Before the reality of the situation sinks in, a young man in a white robe appeared in the throne room and controlled the barrier to move to his hand along with the Demon Lord's soul.

Fear completely overwhelms him at the sight of the young man; his eyes were filled with fear. He wants to speak, but his fear does not allow him.

"Nice to see you again, Demon lord Arul or should I call you 'Ishvat'?" The young man, the Sage Ren calls the Demon Lord by his True Name.

Ishvat starts to sink into despair. A True Name is something all living beings possess, but only powerful existent would be affected by having their True Name known. Many high-tier magic spells would have their power boosted by just using their opponent's True Name. A True Name is the name of the soul itself, if it is used with a mantel spell the target would have to defend with their soul, not their mind.

Having his True Name known is disastrous, as a Demon Lord, he will persist as long as his soul is not affected. But now that his True Name is known to this young man, he is at the mercy of the Sage's will. His very existence will depend entirely on the young man's mood, and unfortunately for him, this young man has a use for his soul that involves him having no will of his own.

[Divine Purify - Empowered]

Without even paying Ishvat any more attention, he cast a powerful purification spell using his True Name making the Demon Lord scream in agony. Intending to purify the Demon Lord's soul, he continued to cast more powerful cleansing spells using Ishvat's True Name.

[Mind Break - Empowered]

[Soul Cleansing - Empowered]

[Mind Wipe - Empowered]

[Pure Nature - Empowered]


After the 25th spell, Ren stopped. The originally dark-colored soul is now pure white, representing complete purity. This is what he needed, a powerful soul that contains no impurity. He stored it away in a custom-made soul box before walking over to Reiji and casting 2 spells on him.

[Sacred Heal - Empowered]

[Miracle Light - Instant]

The [Sacred Heal] healed all the damages on his body inside and out while the [Miracle Light] restored his mana and stamina using the dense mana in the room.

"Nice work distracting him, it would've been troublesome trying to catch him if he tried to run before I put up the barrier" Ren praised Reiji for his work that saved him a few weeks of work.

"That was nothing, compared to the thought of fighting him for another 10 years that was a piece of cake" Reiji said and got up by himself then picked up his sword before sheathing it.

"How are the others?" He asked, a little concerned about his friends especially the Saint.

"I already healed them; they should be heading back to the camp right now" Ren said while picking up the spit magic core storing it in a bag before using wind magic to gather all the dust and put it in a bottle.

"Alright, I'm done here. You can find a back yourself, I have somewhere to be" Ren said, opening a spatial crack before turning to Reiji with a sly smile and said "While you're at, take care of the high-rank demons that are rushing here"

"Wait! Wha-" Before Reiji could finish, Ren disappeared with the spatial crack. And at the exact moment he disappeared, the door to the throne room flies open. 16 high-rank demons rushed in and more than a hundred demon knights followed close behind.

"The Hero is alone! Let's finish him off while he's still weakened!" One of the high-rank demons shouted after seeing that their Lord is not here and the Hero is alone. Thinking that their Lord escaped, the high-rank demon wanted to kill the Hero to get a reward from their Lord after he revives.

Little did they know, their Lord is nothing more than a pure white soul with no evil in it now.

'So that's why he restored my stamina and mana! He wants me to clean up the place!' Reiji thought, finally coming to a realization that he was tricked by Ren.

He was mad, but still unsheathed his sword and took his fighting stance. This demon legion is quite strong, so he has to take them seriously especially now that he's alone.

"Damn it, Ren! I'm going to get back at you for this when I get back! Just you wait!" Reiji shouted out loud and rushed at the demon legion before they could make the first move.


In the sky of the battlefield, a crack in space appeared high up in the air. The figure of a young man in a white robe stepped out of the spatial crack.

The moment the young man appeared, the ambient mana in the whole battlefield became still and an intense pressure weighed down everything on the battlefield. Every creature on the battlefield froze from the pressure. This was because he was no longer concealing his mana, the ambient mana is bending to his presence and the battlefield was now under his control.

He lifts his hand up and erected a 6-layered white magic circle 500 meters in radius filling the sky above with white light. Before anyone on the battlefield could snap out, the mana in the air was sucked in by the magic circle.

After 10 seconds the magic circle activated, a barrier spread out from the center of the magic circle and encompasses the entire battlefield locking everything inside. The demons and monsters have their movement weighed down, their strength weakened, and the power of skills and spells they used cut-in-haft.

This puts the Alliance army at a huge advantage. But that wasn't the end of it, because a new 6-layered magic circle about the same size as the last one appeared in the sky but this one is bright yellow. It did the same thing as the last one and activated after 10 seconds of sucking in enough mana, but this time it upped the strength, speed, and defense of the alliance army by twofold, and the power of their skills and spells boosted by 50%.

Now finally snapping out of their frozen state, the Alliance army started to dominate the battlefield.

After doing this, the young man in a white rode opened another spatial crack, stepped in and the spatial crack disappeared again


In a large room, a spatial crack appeared and Ren stepped out. This is his personal room; it's at the top of a tall tower that he built himself out of strong magic materials with countless magic arrays carved onto the wall. The walls of his room are white and emit a calming aura; this is the effect of the arrays he carved on the wall. He uses this room to rest, so the calming effect is a convenient thing to have. But he's probably the only one who thinks of it as just "convenient".

After entering his room, he stores his staff and his robe in his [Personal Box]; a space-type magic. He then flopped down on his double bed and grunted "Ugh...….."

"That was so exhausting...." He complained about all the work he did today. He flipped over and stared at the ceiling.

"The Demon Lord has been defeated" He muttered to himself.

"I can finally go back home…" He said with a smile on his face

He closed his eyes to rest and drifted off into the realm of dreams. The cold night breeze blows in from the open window, soothing his tense body. The last thought on his mind was his family back on earth.



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