Magic is so Convenient
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I took a bite out of the wings in my hand; it tasted smoky as it was roasted. I enjoyed my wings before glancing at Monoa, who was still fuming while chowing down on the chicken burger that Akirou ordered for him. Noticing my glance, Monoa furiously stared at me while putting down his burger.

I flashed a smile at him, which seemed to have pissed him off even more as a vein popped on his forehead. Monoa grabbed his glass of lemonade and took a big gulp, cooling down.

"Are you still mad about what I did?" I dropped the chicken bones on my half-empty pasta plate.

"Sigh, no…" Monoa averted eye contact while taking light sips of his lemonade.

"Well, it sure looks like you still do" I picked up my fork and twirled some pasta before putting it in my mouth; I could feel some heat but only a bit, curse my resistances.

"I'm already over it, but…" Monoa stared off out the window.

"But?" I raised an eyebrow.

"I'm just frustrated!" Monoa's head snapped back to me.

"About what?" An amused smile surfaced on my face.

"I don't know! I'm just frustrated, okay!?" Monoa forcefully put down his glass before picking up his burger and began devouring it.

'I guess the conversation is over' I thought while turning my attention to my pasta.

I peeked at Akirou and found he was just enjoying his cheesecake with sparkling eyes as he already finished his hamburger steak with rice; his boba tea was now more than half-finished.

We just continued eating in silence while relaxing music came out from the speakers on the walls. Wicked Stick has always been one of my favorite fast food places, it's clean, serves a great variety of food and serves them fast, has a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and it pretty much has a franchise in every city and town in Japan. I heard from Mom that every franchise is backed by a culinary school, I don't really understand why but I'm not gonna question it.


A blond-haired boy was currently lying down on a wooden bench with his arm covering his face, phone in hand. The people walking past only spared him a glance before going about their business; Tis the greatness of Japan, people don't give a fuck about what you're doing if it's not illegal or will bother them.

「UGGGHHHHH!」 The sound of an undead groaning was coming from the boy; well, that's what it sounded like. It's been four hours now since he had started searching for his uncle's home, and wouldn't you know it the neighborhood was huge.

「That damn Morgan, he said the house was somewhere close. I've been knocking on doors for hours now, so why haven't I found it yet!?」 Alex complained while sitting up straight as he had had enough rest already, and it was getting uncomfortable.

「Sigh, I'm really tempted right now to just call up Alice and ask…」 Alex held his phone with his thumb hovering over the contact number of his twin sister, but he just locked his phone and put it away.

「Nah, she'll never let me live it down after what I said this morning」 Alex grimaced just imagining it, it sent a shiver down his spine.

「Also…」 Alex stood up from the bench with his bangs casting a shadow over his eyes, his hand clenched into a fist were trembling. He inhaled before his head shot up…

「When the fuck is that old man gonna get back here!?」 Alex's sudden outburst startled people who were nearby. Children ran away, teenagers gave him weird looks, and the adults stared at him disapprovingly.

「…Whatever, I'll just go back to searching. I've narrowed it down to the area past that bridge, it's not gonna be long until I find it」 Alex ignored the looks he was receiving and walked on the sidewalk for a few minutes until he made it to the bridge he was talking about.

Alex continued to knock on every house he came across; unaware that someone was tailing him. See, his actions of knocking on every door in the neighborhood have caught the attention of a certain someone. The shadow crept around corners and behind lampposts, always staying several meters behind him as to not get his attention.

That someone was a high school student with long black hair flowing freely and light blue eyes, wearing the female uniform of Kurimo Academy. Blue blazer with white buttoned-up long sleeve shirt underneath and a red ribbon, gray skirt down to around the knees, and a Kurimo Academy badge on the left side of her modest chest.

That's right; this person is Miyako Atsuka, Class Rep of Class 1-A. Her house is in the same neighborhood as Ren hence why she was in the area. She has been tailing Alex for an hour now. After she finished the Class Rep meeting at school, she shopped for some groceries before coming across Alex and seeing his antics.

Now we're here, Atsuka was currently peeking from behind a wall. She likes to act like a private detective or something and trail random people, this time it just so happened that Alex's movements were very suspicious. Going around the neighborhood, knocking on every door, and having blond hair made him very conspicuous; it made Atsuka think of those yakuza from TV shows collecting debts.

Also, Atsuka overheard him talking about finding someone's house and getting enraged by his partner not being with him; this further cemented the ideas in her head which compelled her to keep trailing him. Not for justice or anything, no; she just wanted to see something interesting, she's not naïve to think that she can help the person that Alex was looking for.

Atsuka believed that you need to deal with your problems on your own and not rely on someone else to come and help you; of course, she also thinks that if you need help then you should ask for it.

Anyway, Atsuka liked to follow people for the fun of it. People often do interesting things when they think they're alone and that's what Atsuka likes to witness; the side of people that they don't normally show in front of people they know.

Normally when she does her "hobby", she would wear some kind of disguise to not get recognized. If her friends and family were to know of her "hobby", they would think of her differently, and that's the last thing she wanted to happen. But this time, she didn't have a disguise on; she wouldn't have let her interest get the better of her rationality if Alex wasn't such an interesting subject. Fortunately, she hasn't run into anyone she knows....yet.

Alex moved on to the next house after not getting a response despite someone being inside, he's already used to being ignored like this already. The next house is basically a carbon copy of any of the other houses on this street; in fact, all of them were remodeled together in the same construction project. These houses used to be quite rustic until a construction company got a contract to remodel all the houses on the street; the client owned almost all the houses so they remodeled in order to rent or sell them off.

Of course, they also talked to the other landowners and got them to agree, on the condition that they had to pay for the works that would be done to their house. Now, most of these new modern houses are being rented out under the Izuno Real-Estate Company.

Alex stood in front of the next house, stared, and examined the house carefully. He's doing this to ascertain if anyone is inside; he's doing this to saving time. When you repeatedly do something over and over for hours, you start trying to find shortcuts. Well, he will have to check those houses again if he can't find his uncle's house after going to all of them.

Atsuka also stealthily moved closer and hid behind a utility pole, peeking out to observe her target. She didn't notice a figure suddenly appearing and silently stood three steps behind her.


'Should I ask?' This question popped out after I got close to Miyako. I just witnessed her stalki- I mean following a handsome blond boy for like ten minutes now.

I'm quite curious what she's doing; she didn't strike me as someone who would stalk but then again there are all kinds of people out there in the world. Also, just from my 10 years on Mirkaz, I can say that you can never truly judge someone's nature too quickly.

One example was when the guys and I took on an Arch Lich elimination quest. We stayed at an inn in a small town; the inn girl was sweet and kind to us the whole month it took us to track down and kill the Arch Lich along with a Draco Lich. On the day of our departure, the inn girl muttered under her breath how disappointed she was because, and I quote "They didn't tie me down and forced themselves onto me…" All of us heard it, and it was one hell of an uncomfortable morning.

Anyway, the question now is whether I should confront her about it or just act like I didn't see anything...

After two seconds of deliberation, I decided to turn a blind eye. I was sure I could get her to tell me of her own volition if I don't cut off relations with her later down the road. I took a distance of 20m from her before putting on my best surprised-face and called out of her.

"Miyako-san, what are you doing here?" I waved at her when she turned around at Mach speed with a shocked expression. Her mouth opened and closed, her body trembled, her face paled, and her eyes showed despair when she saw me. Miyako squirmed to make up an excuse but no words came out of her small mouth.

"Do you live around? What a coincidence, we live in the same neighborhood" I smiled innocently while walking closer to her. Miyako seemed to have realized I didn't suspect her of anything so she calmed down within seconds and latched onto the last bit of hope.

"A-Ah, Ishia-san. Yes, I do live around here. Which street do you live on if I may ask?" Miyako adapted to the situation very quickly that even I was impressed; I need to note that down.

"This street right here, my house is that one" I pointed at the house that the blond boy was staring at, I haven't forgotten about him. This whole time, I've been observing him from the corner of my eyes. For some reason he looked kind of familiar, I just can't put my finger on it... Oh, am I kidding? I knew exactly who he was the moment I laid eyes on him; it doesn't take a genius to figure out he's from Dad's side of the family.

"How about you come inside for some tea?" I opened a path for her to escape.

"Thank you for inviting, but I need to get home and make dinner for my little sister" Miyako saw this and took it without hesitation, even coming up with an excuse on the spot too.

"Alright, maybe next time then. Well, see you tomorrow in class, Miyako-san" I waved and walked past her, getting to the gate of my house. I only briefly glanced at the blond boy and pushed the gate open before closing it behind me.

The guy also observed me as I made my way to the door, I rummaged through my bag which has a spot that's connected to my [Personal Box], and grabbed the house key. Before I could unlock the door…

「Hey, you. Turn around」 The boy called out to me in a demanding tone which made me pause for a split second, but I continued what I was doing while ignoring him. 'He's a pretty rude guy, demanding something of someone he just met. Kinda reminds me of some of those arrogant young nobles'

I unlocked the door, opened it, and walked in. I shut the door behind me without caring about the blond boy. As I was taking off my shoes, the doorbell rang and pounding came from the closed door.

「Hey, open up! I know you can understand me, don't pretend like you didn't hear anything!」 His voice filled with fury, demanded me once again. This guy doesn't give up easily, does he?

「Hey! Hey! Open up!」 The pounding became heavier and the ringing of the doorbell increased in frequency. This got me kinda annoyed so I decided to just give up and opened the door to get him to stop; he was disturbing our neighbors.

「What is it?」 I frowned at him, fully displaying my annoyance at his actions.

「Hah, finally. I only asked to see your face, can't you something that simple?」 He snorted and stared at my face. This ticked me off even more.

「Are you done? If so, then goodbye, let's never meet again」 My voice turned cold and I slammed the door in his face before turning around and took off my shoes. The pounding started again along with his annoying voice, but I blocked it all out with a [Sound Block] spell cast in front of the door. I knew Dad came from a wealthy family but I didn't think they could be that arrogant as to act all high and mighty.

I made my way to the kitchen and took out the grocery that I bought and stored from my [Personal Box], putting them into the fridge. While putting away the grocery, I channeled mana to my feet and created a magic circle on the floor that expanded until it encompassed the whole house. I borrowed the mana stored in the small table in my room to fuel this magic circle and when it filled up, the huge magic circle disappeared without a trace.

What I just cast was a wide area [Clean] spell that affected the entire house, it made everything in the house squeaky clean as if it was new. But, what about that guy at the door? Wouldn't he have seen the magic circle? Well, no; that magic circle was created out of pure mana, meaning if you can't perceive mana you can't see it. Unlike the ones I drew in my room, which I had imprinted on to a physical surface that will slowly leave a mark over time; the one just now was created for one-time use only.

Imprinting a magic circle on a physical surface will make it stay there indefinitely if constantly fed with mana; this is called Inscription. It takes great concentration to inscribe things, that's why it's not feasible to use it in combat. The one that I just created was done by controlling mana to form the outline of the magic circle before pouring outside mana into it, which makes it unstable and will crumble apart or explode if you lose control over it; this is called Spell Casting. The names should be pretty self-explanatory; Spell Casting is for immediate magical effect while Inscription is for giving spell properties to things.

I'm thinking about putting the same magic circle in my room in every room in the house, but I would need to expand the mana storage to be able to supply them with a constant flow of mana. Also, it'll be pretty hard to cover it all up to make sure others won't notice it. I'll have to think it over a bit before trying something of that scale.

"Sigh… I guess I need to take care of him before Hana, Mom, and Mitsuo comes back" I closed the fridge before canceling the [Sound Block] spell, I didn't hear any more pounding which meant he finally stopped; I could sense him standing at the front door waiting. It's like he was expecting me to come out again, which rubbed me the wrong way; the amount of arrogance in him was quite high but not on the level where I would slowly kill him using a high-level curse. Also, he is still family, the most I would do is give him a [Curse of Misfortune - Advance] for like a month; nothing too life-threatening.

I walked back to the front door and opened it with an annoyed face. I saw him on his phone texting, someone, before looking back up to me after noticing the door opened.

「Hah! You finally came out, just like I pre-」


I shut the door in his face again, it was an unintentional action. I slowly opened the door again to see him red in the face, from anger not from the door hitting his face; though a little part of me wished it was that.

「Can you stop shutting the door in my face!? It's kinda rude, you know!?」 The guy had the audacity to lecture me about being rude, has he ever seen a mirror?

「You should look in the mirror, you're the one who's rude here, bossing people around. What are you? A generic young master from a cultivation novel?」 I spat out in a harsh tone while looking at him in contempt.

「YO-…」 His face turned redder and was about to speak, but his eyes suddenly widen in the realization of something. At least he has a brain that can think, unlike those young nobles. My evaluation of him went up a bit, being able to see your error can get you far in life.

「Oh, I get it. You don't know who I am, do you?」 He smirked and slowly shook his head left to right. I stared at him with a blank face; his evaluation just dropped back down.

「I'm Alex Brusion, son of the current CEO of Brusion International Corporation, you must have heard of us before」 He spoke with pride like it's something to be impressed about. I mean he was just born into a rich family, it's not something you should flaunt; I believe you need to build your identity with your effort, not from someone else's.

So what if you're the son of a CEO of a big corporation? You don't instantly gain my respect from something you yourself obtained by just being lucky to be born into the right family. Maybe if it was before the summoning, I would have treaded carefully around someone with such high financial power at the tip of their fingers.

'But, it's not like that, not anymore. I can stand up against anyone no matter their status; I am a person of high standing too. I've led armies to defend against the demons, I've built a city, I've destroyed an entire country with my own hands, and so many more things. If you want my respect, you have to earn it with your own two hands'

「Is that all? If you're done, beat it. Go bother someone else」 I glared at him with eyes overflowing with contempt; my words were as cold as ice. His evaluations down to rock-bottom after he tried to used his status on me.

「Did you not hear me!? I said-」 He tried to speak but stiffened up as he felt a chill run down his spine, fear gripped his heart for a second before disappearing. He took a few steps back and held his chest; his heart was beating like crazy.

「Don't make me repeat myself. Get lost」 I shut the door and walked back to the living room before sitting down on the sofa to cool off a bit. I pressured him with my mana by accident, if I didn't suppress it last second and only letting a small amount leak he might have pissed himself.

「Sigh, I'm still kinda pissed. Hmm… What to do about it…?」 I pondered for a bit and came to a brilliant idea. It'll be the first time I used a high-tier spell with this body so I need to make sure I didn't mess up.


Out on the street, Alex was standing in front of the Ishia house. After he had calmed down, he was angry. He was grumbling and cursing for a minute before he felt something cold land on his arm. He looked at his arm and saw it was wet before he noticed it started to rain. It was only light at first but in seconds it turned into a torrential downpour.

However, it was only raining in this neighborhood specifically, with this one street at the center of it with the heaviest rain. This was an effect brought on by the King-tier spell [Controlled Weather Change], which allows for precise changes to the weather like this small scale downpour created for Alex alone to enjoy as the other parts are only experiencing some light droplets.

And yes, it's going to follow Alex around for the next hour or so.

Magic is so convenient.