Chapter 133 – Welcome Surprise
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"Wake up~"


As his eyelids slowly opened, Takei's vision was greeted with divine beauty that was none other than his girlfriend's beautifully crafted face.


There was still some lingering haze that clouded his consciousness, but Takei's focus slowly returned as he was getting a grasp of his surroundings.

This room looks like my childhood room that I grew up in... Eh? Akari's here as well? Oh, right. I'm at my grandparents house on vacation. I must've fallen asleep after I got to my room.

With his memory finally put together, Takei tried to get out of bed, but was restricted by a heavy force that was anchoring him down.

"What're you doing?"

The reason for Takei's restricted movement was most likely due to the person that was hugging his arm with all of her might.

Akari was cutely trying her best to ensure that Takei wouldn't leave the bed for some reason.

"Can we have some cuddle time?"

With a pleading expression on her face, Takei could tell that Akari was starved for attention from him.

"Um, sure. Why not?"

As instructed, Takei laid back down and wrapped Akari up in his arms.

"This good?"


With the warmth of Akari's body flowing over to him and vice versa, Takei felt a wave of euphoria cloud his mind.

There can't be another greater feeling than this!

Unsurprisingly, they both ended up staying in bed for nearly half an hour before Takei spoke up.

"Is this enough now? They might get worried out there," he worriedly said.

In response to his worries, Akari just lightly shook her head.

"I already told them in advance, so don't worry about it. Rather, can we just stay a bit longer?"

Seeing her pleading face and begging eyes once again made him susceptible to the ungodly strength that the goddess possessed.

"Fine..." Takei wryly grinned.

"Yay~" Akari cutely clapped.

For just a little bit longer, the two of them stayed entwined in each other's embrace during the eventful changing of seasons.


Once they both had their fill, Takei and Akari returned to the living room.

"Hoh? You two took quite some time," Akihiko laughed as he knowingly teased them.

A faint blush appeared on Akari's cheek due to Akihiko's acknowledgement of their lovey-dovey time, which resulted in Ayame wildly grinning at them.

"Hey, stop teasing her like that. She doesn't know how to react," Takei scolded.

Ayame simply pouted in response to Takei keeping them in check.

"Why can't I tease my granddaughter?"

"Because I won't allow it."


After their short banter session between grandmother and grandson, Ayame had a bright idea that came to mind.

"Why doesn't the young couple show us how good they are at cooking? I heard that cooking together is a good measure of couple compatibility. Isn't that right, Akihiko?"

"Yep, that's right. That's how we compared our love power to other couples," Akihiko affirmed.

Once the idea was implanted into Akari's head, Takei knew it was already too late to do anything.

"Oh sh-"

"We got this, Takei! We'll show them our love is unrivalled!"

In response to Akari's enthusiasm, Takei sighed and decided to just go with the flow.

Oh well, time to go put on a show.

Entering the kitchen, Takei and Akari donned the aprons that were given to them and decided to brainstorm some dishes to make.

"Curry rice?"

"Too simple."

"Fried calamari with steamed vegetables?"

"Too elaborate, do we even have the ingredients for it?!"

"How about omurice?"

"Too predictable."

After several minutes of brainstorming, they were stuck at a dead end due to their back-and-forth disagreements on what dish should be made.

"This is a predicament..." Akari muttered.

"Yeah..." Takei agreed.

There were too many dishes to choose from, but only one special dish could show the true power of their love.

Neither of them could decide on a dish, but they were luckily saved by an unexpected helper.


Pulling his phone out, Takei saw that he had received a text from none other than his beloved sister.

Beef stir-fry. An explosion of flavor that reflects the amount of love put into the food by the makers. It's perfect for what you're looking for.

Takei had no idea how Airi knew that they needed help, but it didn't matter.

"I think I know what we're going to make today."


With Akihiko and Ayame sitting next to each other at the long dining table, Takei and Akari brought out the dish that they had finished making.

Placing it on the table, they presented the fruits of their labor.

"Beef stir-fry?"

A gasp left Akihiko's mouth as he realized what dish they brought out.


Similarly, Ayame was also speechless at the sight of something she hadn't expected.

Seeing them at a loss for words, Takei smirked and motioned for them to go ahead and dig in.

"Let us hear your honest opinions."

As instructed, the two began to dig into the dish with their curiosity burning.

Scooping up a spoonful of beef and stir-fried vegetables, the grandparents excitedly put the food into their mouths.

Moments later and their expressions were nothing but bliss.

"You two are better at cooking than Ayame..." Akihiko gasped.

"Hm? What did you say?"

"Nothing... Sorry, ma'am."

In response to Akihiko's jab, a menacing aura surrounded Ayame as her face started to twitch.

"Although, you aren't wrong. It certainly does taste quite amazing."

Nodding to herself, Ayame gave them her stamp of approval.

"It tastes just like love. Just like how we made it... right, dear?"

"Mhm, our beef stir-fry was quite good too if I do say so myself."


When the grandparents revealed that they had also made beef stir-fry as their love food, Takei and Akari looked at each other with surprise evident in their eyes.

I guess we were more similar to them than we had thought.

With the food finally being tasted, Akihiko and Ayame reached a conclusion about Takei and Akari's couple compatibility.

Breathing in loudly for dramatic effect, Akihiko and Ayame revealed their consensus to the idiot couple.

""Your compatibility level... IT'S OVER 9000!!!""

New Idiot Couple Meter: 30 -> 35%

What can't those two idiots do?!

Serious-san: Contain their lovey-dovey aura

Sugar-chan: Seconded