Chapter 137 – Shopping with the Grandparents
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After the whole ordeal, Takei and Akari laid down low for a couple days to ensure that there would be no repercussions to his actions.

Nothing had happened in those few days, so they assumed that the coast was clear.

When his grandparents got home after that day, both Takei and Akari acted like nothing happened so that his grandparents wouldn't suspect anything.

With the coast completely clear and the weekend finally here, the four of them went to the mall together in order to do some shopping.

Since Akihiko and Ayame lived in the countryside, there wasn't actually anything that could be considered a "mall."

Rather, it would be considered more of a congregation of stores, but "mall" was shorter and easy to say.

Today, Takei decided to go with something light and fresh.

As a result, he went with some light shorts that were made from a refreshing cloth that was thin. He also decided to go with just a plain t-shirt since they were most likely going to be changing clothes often because he knew that Akari would probably make him try on a bunch of different outfits.

Even though I have enough clothes already. Women are scary...

On the other hand, Akari went with a light yellow dress that was plain in appearance, but emphasized her innocence and cuteness which was a resounding "YES!" from Takei.

The group ended up taking Akihiko's car to the mall which only took a few minutes to get to since the whole town wasn't that large.

"Wow, it's almost just like how I remember it," Takei pointed out. "Besides the minor renovations to make it more modern, it still looks the same as the last time I saw it."

Indeed, Takei was right.

Since it was a small town with not that large of a population, there were not many things that were changed or even needed to be changed.

In a town where there were mostly adults and elderly people, there was no need to go all-out on renovating a mall that has historically been aimed towards the younger generation.

Takei thought it was a bit nostalgic when he first saw the mall again, but it was also a bit boring at the same time since he had been to this mall many times when he was a child.

However, Akari was thinking something completely different than him.

"It's like I'm visiting your childhood," Akari murmured. "I'm happy..."

There was a faint blush on Akari's face, accompanied with a happy expression.

Too cute. Wayyyyy too cute.

There was no way Takei could say something disparaging when Akari was this excited.


The first thing that they did when they got to the mall was a shopping haul for the women.

"I need to go dress Akari in some cute clothes ASAP!" Ayame excitedly exclaimed.

Takei wanted to say something to slow her down a bit, but Akihiko looked at him with a sympathetic expression.

"Good luck stopping her when she's like that," Akihiko sighed. "I've tried and it's impossible."

Once Takei found out that even her husband couldn't stop her, he sighed and gave up as well.

Good luck, Akari. I'll miss you dearly.

Although he was giving his goodbyes to Akari, she didn't seem the least bothered by Ayame's enthusiasm.

With a wide smile on her face, Akari happily followed Ayame to the dressing rooms with a handful of outfits that had been handpicked for her.

Takei and Akihiko sat on a bench that was near the dressing rooms, both looking at the floor due to how embarrassed they were since they were both males in a female dressing store.

It was at times like these where Takei felt that his grandfather was more of a best friend than a grandparent.

Minutes later after they had disappeared into the dressing rooms, Ayame came out and began the drumroll for Akari's reintroduction.

"Coming out with a bold new outfit is... Miss Akari!"

At Ayame's behest, Akari stepped out of the dressing room and posed for Takei.

As soon as she stepped out, Takei's eyes tried their hardest to not fall out of his head.

Akari was wearing a mature midnight-black dress that emphasized her curves and enhanced her sexiness by tenfold.

This mature look was unprecedented for a high schooler, which was why Ayame decided to dress up Akari like that.

"What do you think?" Akari shyly asked.

What do I think? Isn't that obvious?

"If you came and seduced me at night wearing something like that, I would be in big trouble." Takei explained. "There's no way I can hold myself back when you're looking that sexy."

In response to his bold statement, Akari was speechless.


She quickly ran back into the dressing room and covered her face with the curtain.

"T-thank you, Takei. It made me happy to hear you say that..." Akari bashfully said.

After that interaction between those two, there also happened to be multiple other similar interactions since Akari kept being dressed up by Ayame.

Besides the sexy and mature look, Akari also ended up dressing in the outgoing city girl look, nerdy librarian girl look, an outrageous cowgirl look, and many more that ended up crippling Takei's reasoning.

He so wanted to embrace and spoil Akari, but they were currently in public.

Seeing the conflicted expression on Takei's face, Akihiko patted his back with a knowing look on his face.

"It may be painful, but you need to endure," Akihiko said. "You can spoil and pamper her as much as you want when we get home!"

When his grandfather said such a thing, Takei's heart was filled up with an inexplicable warmth.

I understand what you're saying, my comrade-in-arms!

Thus reinforced the bond between grandfather and grandchild through their mutual love for their spouses.

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