Chapter 141 – Divine Ruler
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"...And that's how I'll punish you and Takei." Erika laughed. "Your boyfriend will be beaten black and blue while you can't do a single thing about it."

For some reason, Erika had decided to monologue like a villain and explain the entirety of her and Araki's plan to ensnare Takei and Akari.

Akari thought that these cliches were too unrealistic to actually happen in real life, but that thought was single-handedly erased when Erika actually started doing it.

Hmm, this conversation is getting boring real quick. She's just been going on and on about how smart and beautiful she is... Takei, was your denseness the reason why you couldn't see her real personality?

Akari was exasperated with the depth of her boyfriend's denseness.

It was like an impenetrable wall that had an absurd defense stat that would be able to take any attack without fail.

I'll need to work on breaking down that wall slowly but surely...

Since Akari was one-sidedly daydreaming for a long stretch of time, Erika finally noticed that her conversation partner was not paying attention.

"Hey, you..." She muttered, angrily. "Are you even paying attention?! Your boyfriend is in trouble while you're over here in la-la land!"

Hearing Erika's frustration slowly start to build only made Akari's divine smile grow even wider. "Don't worry, I have full faith that Takei will get out of whatever situation you put that in. It's Takei after all~"

When Akari talked about Takei, Erika noticed that there was the passionate face of a maiden-in-love that was apparent on Akari's face.

"Grrr, these idiots in love don't know when to stop!"

Erika didn't know why Akari was so calm in the face of a dire situation, but she would soon know the reason why.

Outside of the coffee shop, there was a commotion going on that involved a couple, the police, and guards that Erika left outside.

For some reason, the cops were seriously interrogating Erika's guards that were outside.

After a few moments, the cops handcuffed the two hired delinquents and proceeded to enter the establishment.

Following them was none other than the reinforcements that Akari had called for earlier, Ayame and Akihiko Tanaka.

"Sorry for being late, Akariii~"

"Looks like it's going just as you planned, huh?"

Ayame and Akihiko happily reunited with their daughter-in-law while also following the cops to the table.

"W-what's going on?!" Erika yelled.

The cops surrounded her with grim faces as they played the audio that was sent to them on their phones.

"My brother and I crafted a plan that ensured that both you and Takei were separated from each other."

"Currently, he's probably being beaten up in a dark corner of the mall right now. I can imagine him crying on the floor and begging for you as he gets beaten black and blue."

"Don't even bother trying to contact him or get help, I have some boys waiting outside who wouldn't mind getting rough with you."

Erika's voice filled the silent coffee place as a result of the cops storming the establishment.

"This is you, I presume?" One of the cops said.

Everyone sitting down in the restaurant was looking at Erika with disdain as a result of the audio clips being revealed.

"I...I..." Erika stuttered. "How...?"

Seeing that this was her time to shine, Akari explained the situation.

"Before I had even stepped foot into this establishment, I started recording audio on this audio recorder app on my phone," Akari said, as she showed Erika the still on-going recording that was recording everything that was happening. "In the midst of your long-winded speeches, I managed to send some of those audio clips to Takei's grandparents and they sent it to the cops."

As a result of Erika monologuing for ages, Akari was able to send those audio clips to Akihiko and Ayame.

In the end, Erika's arrogance was basically what had caused her downfall.

Matter of fact, the person knew that herself as seen by the expression of realization that she had on her face.

Seeing the stunned reaction on Erika's face was all the cops needed for confirmation of the suspect.

"You're coming with us," the older cop said. "This is a very serious matter and will be treated accordingly."

Hearing the cop's serious tone only made Erika's face pale even more.


Handcuffs were placed around Erika's wrists as the cops dragged her and her two underlings off to be interrogated and punished.

With that being over, Akari left the coffee shop with Takei's grandparents.

"Thank you for your help," Akari bowed. "You two helped me out a lot."

In response to Akari's show of good will, the two grandparents were overjoyed at the beautiful and kind daughter-in-law that they had been gifted with.

"It's fine, Akari is super cute so it's fine~"

"All's well that ends well."

Ayame and Akihiko were nonchalant in their attitudes, which reminded Akari of a certain someone.

So this is where he gained his aloofness trait from...

The two grandparents reminded her too much of her boyfriend, which in turn reminded her of the current situation.

"Wait, where's Takei?" Akari asked, worriedly.

Even though she was acting all strong and resolute about Takei's safety during her conversation with Erika on the outside, Akari was extremely worried for him on the inside.

"Ah, don't worry," Akihiko said. "That kid is pretty resourceful. He'll probably be here soon with a wry smile and act like nothing happened."

Ayame nodded in response to Akihiko's evaluation of Takei. "Yup yup! Takei is a smart kid with a good head on his shoulders."

As if fate had been listening to the conversation, a black-haired boy appeared in the distance.

He seemed to be running towards them with a concerned expression, but soon relaxed once he saw that everyone was okay.

Once he arrived, Takei looked at his loved ones in front of him with a peaceful expression.

"Everyone, I'm back."

With that being said, Akari and his grandparents knew exactly what to respond with.

""Welcome back!""

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