Chapter 1: Summoning.
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In a land far away:

It was night, there was no sound. Every creature that lived in the surroundings was hiding, not daring to make even a sound, creating an ominous atmosphere. On a clearage, a group of black-hooded people surrounded a circle drawn with a red substance, filled with magical symbols.

One of them, probably the leader, stepped forward and raised a silver dagger.

"Gods of the underworld, your puny servants demand your attention! Give us the power to complete our mission, give us the wisdom that may elevate us to your dark kingdom! Masters of darkness, rulers of destructions..."

After each sentence, the circle started to glove in a crimson luster and strange figures started to howl in the night.


Hey, my name is Steven. Steven Torres. I know that it isn't the most interesting name, but it's easy to remember. Right now, I'm in school, in the classroom to be precise, trying to not barf from being bullied.

It became a regular thing, the bullying not the barfing. I admit that I'm a little overweight(this is America give me a break), but apart from that, due to my blond hair and blue eyes, I could be considered quite handsome. Plus, I always tried not to be in the middle of attention. I just wanted a calm, slow life, but nope fate is a bitch.

Currently, I was on the ground, covered in bruises and gasping for air. Like always, during lunch break, I was eating in our classroom when my harassers came.

I called them the "Four Heavenly Idiots". It has a nice ring to it if you ask me.

My parents didn't care about me, they were occupied by their work, I was lucky to even see them once a week. Even if I told them they wouldn't care and say that I should be nice to my friends. Good joke!

Anyway, back to school. I just got beaten and all my money was taken from me.

I was prepared, so I had hidden half of it in my shoes so that I wouldn't be completely broke. Hiding money on me became a bad habit and a talent at this point.

Of course, I tried to fight at first, but after a while, I got used to it. There was a time when I fought back, but they always came back. I swear, these guys need a hobby or something.

The muscle brain that was kicking my ribs right now was Thom Adkins. He was the type of guy who would use his fist for anything. There is a rumor that he punched a kid so hard that, the poor guy lost 3 teeth. Behind him was the school's best student, Luck Hammond. He excelled in every subject and scored among the best in the national exam. If not for his nasty personality, he was the perfect student.

Then there was the mastermind, Dave Riggs, the son of the principal, who let him get away with everything. Be it fighting, cheating, or stealing, this guy gets away with everything. Doubled by his good looks, he was popular with everyone, and by bullying me I had not a single ally.

Finally, his girlfriend/parasite, Luna Kilmers, a real-life definition of a gold digger. She was only interested in those who had money and Dave had plenty of it. She spent his money without him realizing it.

These four have been beating me for a while, making it impossible for me to make friends, or even to have a simple conversation with the others. They were afraid that if they stuck with me too long that they would get the same treatment that I do. I understood it but come on guys! A little help?! If this continues, I will throw in the towel at the end of the month!

When they were satisfied, they left me in the corner while laughing.

Luna threw my emptied wallet to my face while walking away "The next time, bring more, you filthy trash."

I hated her; I hated the whole gang. I also had some resentments for those who were laughing, but those four were in my spotlight! Yet, I stayed calm. If I break the face of the school's best then who knows what will happen to me.

I get up from and I sit at my desk joust at the time for the bell.

Suddenly, when the teacher arrived, the whole classroom was replaced with a bright white light.

[Targets confirmed]

[Targets number: 29]

[Souls extraction completed]

[Transfer to the Gods Palace initiated]

While I heard the woman's voice in my head, my body became weightless, then I landed on solid ground.

When everything cleared up I found myself in a huge palace made out of white granite-like material. In front of me were my classmates, who were as confused as me.

"Where are we?! What happened to us?!"

I also tried to speak, but I couldn't open my mouth or even move.

Is this a joke? Why I'm the only one who can't do anything?

Suddenly a gentle female voice rang in the entire place as if it came from the walls.

"My children, it's nice to see you all. Sadly, you all died because of my mistake while I was fighting a world-threatening creature. As compensation for your life, I will send you all to another world that's under my rule. Please, look at your status in front of you."

Immediately transparent tablets appeared in Infront of us, with blue lines. Everyone except me.

What is this discrimination?! I'm here! Hello!

One after another, my classmates started to look at each other and talk between themselves.

"Very good I can see that there are a lot of you who possess incredible talent and power. Now that everything is clear, there is another thing. I am well aware that this is too much to ask for you who had lost their loved ones, yet I have no other choice. Please, oh souls from an otherworld please save my lands from the evil that is plaguing it.

...Really? How clishée can this get?' If I could move I would facepalm myself so hard. Do you believe that we are stupid enough to accept something like that? We may be students, but don't underestimate us so much that we will just jump when-

"Alright! This sounds fun!" (Idiot classmate)

Following that more and more started to get excited.

... Idiots.

"Great! Then let me send you all to your new lives, brave heroes."

One after another they vanished before my eyes like mirages, leaving me behind.

Ok, now what? Will I stay here for the rest of my life? Or un-life?

An hour passed.

Then another.

Time flew and before I knew it, it was dark. Stares could be seen outside shining like countless little diamonds, some even created images of animals or objects.

I'm bored! At least give me something to read!

Then I heard footsteps. A figure dressed in a white robe rushed beside me. He suddenly stopped and looked at me then ran away as nothing happened.

Thanks, bro I didn't have anything to say!

Soon a group of white-robed people came. The figure in the middle of them was much taller than the others and had golden decorations on his clothing.

Oh, hey guys, did you come to help me?

They surrounded me in a circle while the golden-decorated one took out a silver picture frame. The frame illuminated and texts appeared on it.


Name: Steven Torres

Race: Human

Age: 16

Job: Alchemist

Lv: 1/1000

HP: 5/5

MP: 6/6

STR: 3

VIT: 1

SPD: 3


Skill PT: 0

Skills: [Alchemy, LV:0]

Unique Skills: none

Titles: none


Are those my states? Why are they looking at it? And why am I an alchemist? Is it random? I wonder what my classmates got...

The one holding the tablet shook its head and said something in a strange language. The others nodded and went away leaving only the two of us. The figure looked at my face again and pressed something on the frame.

Soon I heard the voice of the woman who brought me here.

[Weak soul found]

[Commencing deletion]

...Wait what?

My surroundings turned dark and cold.

[Transfer on progress...]

[Soul named Steven Torres didn't reach the status quo]

Are you fucking kidding me?! How can that be?! What have I done to deserve this?!

I tried to move but nothing worked, I was stuck. Slowly I could feel my body dispersing like an effervescent tablet in a glass of water.

So, this is how I die? No, I won't accept this! I will get out of here even if I have to crawl my way out of here with my chin!

[ Weak soul, named Steven Torres will be deleted.]

[Soul data remaining: 80%]

I floated our fell for a while till I heard a buzzing sound.

What is this?

[Soul data remaining: 60%]

It's loud! It's getting louder!

[[Soul data remaining: Error]

[ System error... cccconnection to the C#r% corrupted]

[ Deeeeeeleted soul naa#aamed s£vEn T○##e$ been saved.]

[ Soul been intercepted by ■■■■■●of●■■■■■]

[ Transfer restart]

[Partially deleted parts detected]

[ Due to partially deleted parts new body will be created]

[ New body finished]

[Due to partially deleted parts, soul named St£v£n To##e$ receives unique skill [Body Physic Manipulation]]

[ Due to ■■■■■●of●■■■■■, soul named St£v£n To##e$ receives unique skill [Harvest] ]

[ New settings been saved]

[Due to interference from ■■■■■●of●■■■■■, soul named St£v£n To##e$ will be transferred directly to Astera]

[Transfer complete]


The next thing I knew I was lying on the ground staring at the night sky.


I scratched my head, only to realize something.

I can move!

"Yea, I'm alive! Let's see hands, legs, fingers, horns... Horns!"

I touched the top of my head where I could feel small horns with a smooth texture peeping out from my hair. Now that I looked at myself I realized that I became also taller and thinner. Is it a benefit from being reincarnated? I need a mirror! Wait, what didn't that voice said that we had stats? Can I use it now?


The transparent tablet appeared before me.

This time it was grey with white text.


Name: None

Race: Lesser Crossroads Demon

Age: 16

Job: Alchemist

LV: 1/20

HP: 50/50

MP: 60/60

STR: 30

VIT: 10

SPD: 30

MRES: 20

Skill PT: 5

Physical attributes: [Dark Vision] [Claw Slash]

Skills: [Alchemy; LV: 0] [Deal Making, LV:1] [Wish Granting(Small), LV:1]

Unique Skills: [Body Physic Manipulation] [Harvest]

Titles: [ Broken Soul]


"... What the ********* of ******."(content not recommended for any age.)

Demon! I became a demon! Did I sell my humanity to live?!

...I known beggars can't be choosers, but at least give me some clothes!

I looked around myself.

I was in the middle of a clearing. There was a strange circle under my feet with strange symbols in it that were glowing faintly red. Around the edge of the circle, there were people in dark robes, lying on their backs. I approach the nearest one.

When I left the circle, a new window popped in front of me.


[ New soul been detected]


[Anomaly detected!]

[Language difference detected!]

[Initiating Automatic Translation]

[Update complete!]

[New notification been sent!]


I was sweating buckets when it appeared before me. For a second, I thought that they found me and wanted to send me back to the dumpster. I will check the notification later when I put on some clothes. It's freezing cold here!

The body's face was in a horrible condition, full of scars, I could barely tell its features. It's so grotesque yet I didn't felt anything.

Right now, I'm looking at a dead body, and yet... Damn, I don't want to think about it right now.

I took the black robe that had the least blood on it. Surprisingly, it had a lot of pockets inside with some loot in it. Under it, the body didn't wear anything. ANYTHING! Not even a boxer! My eyes were burning!

I quickly searched its pockets, then went to the other one. When I looted each one, I checked what I got.

"3 daggers, 7 red bottles, 10 gold coins, 20 silver coins, and a creepy book."

The book was covered in brown leather and looked really old. It had a strange air surrounding it, giving it a sinister look.

I slowly opened it and checked its context. It was filled with strange symbols not leaving any spare space. The more I read it the more I got absorbed by it.

This is a demon dictionary!

It contained descriptions and summoning methods for all kinds of evil entities. It even contained spells specially made for demon tamers!

Is my race in it?

Let's see... found it!


"Lesser Crossroads Demons"

Threat level: E

These demons are one of the easiest to summon since no magical power is needed to bring them to our realm. They have an extreme resemblance to humans, so they can live amongst us undetected for a long time. They have the unique ability to "bringing wishes to life". There is a legend among humans, that a sick farmer made a deal with one of them, and the next day he became a king. Due to this, a lot of people admire and fear them.

In reality, they only exchange something for something.

Magic most compatible: fire, illusion.

When this demon is summoned there are three rules to remember when making a contract with one.

1) Never give it your name. If they get it, they may use it for some kind of ritual. This is the first rule of summoning.

2) Be precise about what you wish for. These demons are famous for making wishes into nightmares.

3) Once the contract is made don't try to go against it, it may result in a fate worse than death.

If the following rules are used, then the chance of disaster is minimal.

Summoning ritual:...


It went on and on describing the process. There were basically two ways. The first one was to go to a crossroads and bury a box containing a drawing or the hair of the summoner, as well as a skull of a black cat and some graveyard dirt in the dead center of the intersection.

The second one was more complicated. It was called Mass Summoning. As the name implies the idea is that by performing a grand scale summoning, a great number of monsters will pop up. When the summoning starts, there needs to be another magic circle over it, acting as a seal, letting only the wished demon through. When the contract is done the summoning circle needs to be erased before the seal, preventing the other monsters to appear. The smallest error can cause a catastrophe, because of this no one in their sane mind would use it.

Guessing from the surroundings where I woke up someone missed the mark. This is why instructions exist. But where are the monsters? The bodies are still warm so they can't be far. I should leave this place as fast as possible before any of them comes back. I know from experience that you can't trust anyone.

Sorry guys, I would bury all of you, but I don't wish to meet the one who did this to you, so I'll just go. Rest in peace or go to hell, whatever you believed in!

I went to the row of lush trees, to hid in one shadowy corner while I checked my notification that I received.

"Ok so eh, Messages?"





A transparent screen appeared before me.

"Third time the charm..."


[Currently two new messages.]

[Dear user,

We received notification that you have been sent to our world without any supervision. Please go to the nearest holy church for registration and receive adequate instructions for your safety during your stay. If you have questions, please contact us by prayer or holy ritual.

We thank you for choosing our world, Astera!

The Administrator]

[Dear user,

When summoned, a summoner made a contract with you. These are the conditions:

Whish: Kill the soldiers occupying the village.

Price: + 1000 EXP

+ 15 MP capacity

If the contract is failed, then you have to pay 30 MP capacity to the summoner.

Good luck!

The Administrator]


I see. This world is like a computer program or a video game. There are EXPs and also an Administrator. If the thing about failing the contract is true, then I should start with that. There is no guaranty that I shouldn't pay even when my contractor is dead. In the first place, I couldn't afford to lose half of my MP on the first day. If I'm correct MP must be referring to Mana Point. It also means that magic exists in this world. There is no guaranty that my stats are high. Dividing one of them would be foolish.

With all this, the decision was easy.

I will have to do this!

I decided to wait for daybreak. There is a chance that I might fail it if I wait that long but getting killed by a nocturnal monster is worse than having my MP taken. I think... hope...

In the meantime, I read the book that I took. Having night vision is really convenient, even on this starless night I could see clear as day. The book itself was divided into three parts.

The first one was about the different kinds of demons and the way to use them. It started at the weakest˙ ([Skinless Imp; Threat level: F]) to the strongest ({Forsaken Angel]; Threat level: S]). The further I read, the more the descriptions and summoning rituals became vague.

The second was the ways of using and controlling the summoned demons.

And the end contained different demonic magic and ceremonies. Stuff like human sacrifices and creating plague. This had the least information in it.

Turns out alchemy was also considered as a demonic profession here and there was some information's about it and thankfully it was all basic stuff.

Maybe that's why I was sent into the dumpster.

Without noticing it I reached the last page of the book that contained only one sentence.


May the gods forgive me and those who read this book.