Chapter 2 Village
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The morning finally came.

I slept for a couple of hours before I departed.

During the night I tried to memories as much as I could from the book. Who knows, I might need to summon something one day.

If I want to kill the soldiers in that village, then the first thing I need to do is find where they are hiding. I also need to find food and better weapons. I could also use a good coffee…

I marched forward, trying not to make any noise, trying to lay low, from anything that wanted to eat me. Sometimes I heard sounds nearby or groining, forcing me to make great detours, trying to follow my instincts to evade danger.

When I received the notification about this contract, there was no specified location. So, there are two possibilities. One of them was that they just left me like this without any direction or I will find it by instinct. So, all I can do is go in a random direction and hope for the best.

Sigh, this is a hassle! But it is necessary.

I have no guarantee that I'm strong. From the ranking system in the book, my current rank is located at the second worst.

The book didn't mention anything about humans, so for now I will place them above me for safety measures. I need to be very careful, how I proceed.

I traveled for around 5 hours before I could see smoke in the distance.

"Smoke equals fire. Fire equals people. Or a monster that can make fire. Or even dragon… Please don't be a dragon."

I continued to go in that general direction while preparing myself. Two daggers in each sleeve, Book in the pocket closest to the chest, and bottles in the waist area. I didn't trust these vials, they can easily be poisonous, so till I verify it… Wait a sec, I'm dumb! All I need to do is capture an animal, make it drink and I'm set! But how can I be sure that it works on animals?

"If only I had a volunteer…"


Like it was waiting for the word, something small and angry jumped out from a nearby bush. It looked like a small old man with wrinkly green skin and horns. It was wearing animal hide as clothing and it was holding a tree log in its right hand.

" … A goblin?"

Is this a goblin? The noob monster of all fantasy games?

I took out a knife from one of my sleeves and pointed at him. The cape was covering up my face, making my visibility very limited. If a fight would erupt, I could be in serious danger.

The creature looked at me and started to talk in a horsed voice.

"You are not human! What are you doing in my territory? Go away!"

It can talk. Well, that is convenient.

"I didn't want to trespass. I'm currently lost. May I know where can I find the nearest village?

The goblin scanned me to head to toe then he pointed somewhere.

"The nearest village is in that direction. I will follow you so that you can leave quickly." He pointed to his chest and continued." This one's name is Goblard.

"Nice to meet you, I'm… I can't remember…"

What is this? Why can't I remember my name? Now that I think about it, a lot of things are missing from my memories. I can't remember my family, nor my favorite food, or even some of my classmates.

The goblin, Goblard, nodded.

"You must be a youngling. When I was your age, I also couldn't remember my name. After your first evolution, it will come back to you.

"…Evolution?" I looked at him in disbelief.

"Aye! I must be right; you really are hatchling if you don't know this. Follow me, I will show you to someone. Don't worry I won't kill you. You don't look comestible."

I was still in thought so I did as he said.

After a while, we reached something that looked like a camp. There were tents everywhere filled with goblins and other strange creatures that looked like they just came out from a fantasy book. Some f them were small old men with red hats. Others seemed human but had animal tails or ears.

"What is this place?" I asked in wonder

"The one is running this place made it so that those who are hunted may find refuge. You don't even know this?"

"…I'm not from around here."

He groaned and led me to a tent.

He signed me to stay where I was, entered, and after a little while he came out with a hand sign to go in.

The inside of the tent was surprisingly spacious. It was neatly packed with different urns and dried plants. In the middle was a big table, that was about to fall apart from the weight from the mountain of books. Behind the said mountain was an old man, with a white beard that hid all its facial features except its surprisingly bright eyes. Also, he had deer antennas on the top of its head.

"Welcome to my modest home. My name is Elder Loid. Please sit down. Do you wish to eat something? We have dried meat or some salad, even though you don't seem to be vegetarian to me."

I politely refused his offer and sat down before him. Because of the mountain of paper in front of me, I could only see the antennas on top of his head.

He isn't human. Something that we have in common…

"Goblard told me that, you were heading to the nearest village and you didn't know about evolution. I can safely guess that you are not human since we can understand each other. -"

Humans can't understand them? Then is there a possibility that they can't understand me either? I should look into this later.

"- Also, you have no tale or ears, so you are not a beastman. This only leaves us with two options: you are from the fairy race or a demon. I will bet on the second one, but I wish to hear that from you."

…What now? He seems like the smart type and I can't be sure that this gramps doesn't have a lie detector power or anything. I just met him I need to be careful. Let's tell him the bare minimum for now and let's see what will happen.

"I'm from the demon race and I do have ears."

A moment of silence then he noded or so I guess from the movements of the antennas.

"I see, my hunch was right. May I can ask you why you came here?"

"… I was sent there to kill the soldiers in a village."

Ok, this could come out a little less threatening. I clenched my hand on the knife in case this degenerates.

"To kill… Are you an assassin? No, you are too weak… Then you must be…. Did you appear at a clearage by any chance? Where there any magical circles or bodies around you?

"… There was both."

At this point what I could do is hide my pre-life from them. Being with someone who is too intelligent can be such a…

"I see, so they did it…. Can I ask you something? I know that they had a book and some high-grade potion on them. I wish that you give them to me. In exchange, we will give you equipment and food for your journey. How those that sound?"

It sounds very tempting! But the book contains knowledge that I need to level up my class skill. I must ask him if he has anything that can help me.

"I also wish to get an alchemy book."

"Very well then, there is a shaman here that has an expensive knowledge about herbology, that is a part of the subject you ask for. I will ask him if he has anything that can give you. But first, the items."

I started to empty my pockets when I suddenly stopped.

"Can I keep the money?"


I put the book and the potions on the top of the mountain. It was a shame that I couldn't memories everything. There were still so many cool-sounding spells in it.

The elder stayed silent for a while before nodding again.


A person wearing leather armor entered the tent and bowed.

"Take our gest to a place to rest then prepare him provisions for his departure to tomorrow. "

The soldier bowed and took me to an empty tent that was only furnished with only an old bed.

I sat down there and before I knew it I fell asleep.


The next day I immediately left when I received my provisions.

From the armorer, I took a chest piece made out of leather, for mobility, and a bunch of knives. Even with an enchanted strength, wielding a sword was too uncomfortable.

I should do some weightlifting when I'm done with this.

In the backpack that was with me was enough food and water for a week.

Also, there was a book that the shaman gave me.

When I said it was a book, I was very generous with my words. It was a pile of paper hold together with a brown cord. It contained detailed descriptions of potions and plants with crude drawings.

From the descriptions in it, I was able to identify the surrounding plants until I heard a female voice in my head.

[ New skill acquired: [Herbology]]

[ Skill [Alchemy] leveled up because of [Herbology]]

Nice! Now It's time to get on with this contract and make some potion… On second thought I should make potions first before going to a fight.

I gathered all the materials needed and used the equipment that the shaman gave me (as a bonus) to concoct a green potion. It was the simplest of all potions, it didn't even need heat or magic to make.

Just find the correct herbs, crush them in water, and done, you have a potion for light wounds!

After all of this, I should go to a nearby town and open a pharmacy! I could sell my potions at high prices since they are homemade! But first, I need to hide these horns! Should I wear a hat all the time? Can I cut them off without any problem? Do they grow back? There are so many things I don't know about my current body, it's frustrating!

While in my thoughts I arrived at the edge of the forest.

There a wood fence stretching for a long while. Above it, parts of wooden houses could be seen. This scene could be considered peaceful if not for the corpses.

There was a lot of dead bodies of different type of monsters that polluted the area. They seemed fresh, some of the insect-looking ones even seemed twitching.

So that's happened to the ones that were summoned before me. Even if I didn't know you guys rest in peace.

I looked at the village and I knew instinctively that I had to kill everyone inside.

Let's do this!

When it comes to magic there was only one important factor: mana. The quantity and quality of mana are very important factors for every spell.

The more mana you have, the more you can cast.

The better you have, the firepower increases without any additional support.

I concentrated and took a wooden stick from the ground.

It's time to see if my studies helped me in anything!


The soldiers inside the nameless village were exhausted. They have been fighting for days against the waves of monsters that attacked them.

It happened after the wipeout of the habitants who believed in their half-beast god. They had plenty of time to change their heretic fate, yet these stupid animals were too stubborn to the point of angering the church, or at least this was what they told them.

They burned the corpses and took everything valuable into the chief's house where their leader took place. He died in the wave too, crushed by a goliath monster. Without anyone to commend them they sent a message to their higherups for commands and they are still waiting for it. They were tired, desperate, and irritated since rations were starting to run out.

And yet, the nightmare didn't end there.

After a week of peace, roars could be heard again from the distance and a great number of monsters rushed out of the forest.

The soldiers couldn't even react in time, they were overrun by these monsters. It wasn't even a fight but a massacre.

The last of them was a young man who was from a poor noble household. He was the first sone, yet he had to join the military to earn his keep. Whenever he receives his pay, he always sent half of it to his family to support them. With his half-pay, he always kept on smiling. When his younger sister was born a year ago, he tightened his belt and he kept on sending even more money. On this day while he was watching the bodies burn, he even decided to take out his vacation and visit her.

The last thought of this man was his family when the darkness swallowed him.


[Contract Complete]

[You received: + 1000 EXP; + 15 MP capacity]

[You reached Level: 4]

[New Title received: [Novice Summoner]]

3 minutes.

It only took them three minutes.

I wasn't even sure that It would work in the first place let alone this quick!

This was Mass Summoning.

A ritual that required a great number of sacrifices or a lot of mana and a firm mind to use.

I used the dead monsters as sacrificial pawns since I wasn't too sure about my mana capacity, and for the firm mind… Blind luck? Insane luck? I wasn't sure to be able to kill those guys with my current strengths, so there was this or making fire and somehow burn them to death. So yeah, I'm awesome.

I admit, I kinda messed up on my limiter seal. I planned to call only 5 or 6, yet I ended up summoning more than 50 of them, but all turned out well.

I entered the hole that was caused by my summoned beasts and stud there, admiring their handy work.

The soldiers were all dead, cut apart, crushed half-eaten. The monsters around me started to feat upon them or destroyed their tents in search of more prey.

One of them, something that looked like a panther with batwings and a snake tail came close to me.

"Is it done?" I asked in a firm voice, shoving them my (non-existent) superiority.

The panther made a head gesture resembling a nod.

"Good. When you guys finished eating, meet me at the square, to finish the summoning."

The panther nodded again and left eagerly to a nearby corps.

Seeing this I let out a sigh and went to the center of the village and started to draw the summoning circle into the mud.

The contract I made with them was simple: kill all the soldiers in the village and as payment, they could eat them.

They eagerly accepted it, since human meat is considered as a treat for them and as summoning's being rare this day, it was like hitting the jackpot for them.

When I was done with the circle, most of them also finished their meal and came to me. There was a variety of them, some huge other very small. The only feature they shared might be the fact that they followed my orders and loved eating humans. I was insanely lucky that no high-tier monster appeared that could fight my summoning or wasn't interested in my offer.

"Is everyone here?"

They made a variety of sounds at the same time.

"I'm taking that as a yes. Then thank you for your work, I wish you all a nice digestion."

Before I could start the rituals some of them groaned again.

A new text opened before me.


Some of your summoned beings wish to make a pact with you!

Those who wish to make a pact:

Skinless Imp (X4)

Lesser Night Howl

Lesser Spectre

Lesser Night Hound

Do you accept it?



What are pacts?

When this thought crossed my mind, a new tablet appeared.


Description: pacts are special contracts between a summoner and a being. This allows the summoner to instantly summon the contracted being. When called, the being will absorb a set quantity of mana from the summoner. The mana quantity absorbed depends on the rank of the being.


So, it's like a hotline of sorts. Hmmm, getting some of them as familiars can be beneficial in several ways. During a fight, they can be helpful to me and they can also gather information in case I couldn't.

"I accept. "

The surroundings illuminated and 7 small balls of light rushed into my chest. The area was glowing for a moment then it returned to normal.

The others watching this groined as if they felicitated to their companions.

"Eh… well, thanks for your work, I hope we will meet soon."

I wrapped up the ritual and sent them back where they came from.

Ok, then the next thing is looting. I need more money and more knowledge of my current surroundings. If I can find a treasure box or an antique divine weapon like every protagonist that would be great.

Wait, this is a perfect chance to try this pact thing out.

But how do I use it?

"… Skinless imp."

A blue light came out from my hand and in front of me, four small figures emerged. They had thin bodies with big heads. They had transparent skins, the muscles and blood vessels could be seen clearly. They had yellow eyes and sharp teeth.

Do they come in pacts of four? Well, it is convenient. Hmm, I used 10 MP. It's kind of costly for my current me.

"Search all the houses. Bring all money, books, and anything that looks valuable."

The imps made a shriek and rushed in different directions.

At first, I felt a little guilty for what I have done but seeing them so spirited made me smile. Are they desperate to prove themselves? Or are they like this in nature?

Since there weren't too many houses and they weren't too complex, they piled up a bunch of items before my foot.

"24 gold coins; 30 silver coins, 42 copper coins, some cooking and historical book, and some jewelry."

I raised my hand to the imps before me and channeled my mana.

They immediately disappeared in blue light, leaving no trace.

Nice, I should try out the other ones at a later date, but now I need clothing.

At the current time, I was wearing the leather armor over my black robe and I felt air on my bits. I didn't like it, not at all!

I went to the biggest house and robbed the place. When I came out, I was wearing a used shoe and pants, a white shirt, and a brown coat. I also find a hat that looked like a cowboy would wear, perfect for hiding my horns.

I never really understood why protagonists from mangas and animes would go in flashy clothing or something dark. Sometimes the most common looking ones are the best.

I put the pile of treasure and the contact of my bag into a new one that looked more spacious.

When I touched a bracelet that was made out of a string and a piece of metal resembling a gear. Shivers went down my body and I felt something on the top of my head being sucked in.

What the…

I took off my hat and touched the top of my head. Nothing. No horns. When I let go of the bracelet, they popped up again.

Is this some sort of concealing charm or something? Well, I don't know, and I don't care I'll definitely take this!

When I was done, I left the village that was in a sorry state. Feeling kinda bad I rook some stick looked for a fire and set the whole place into ablaze.

"Rest in peace."

While the flames were consuming this tragic sight went back into the forest.

I didn't know where I was going, I was relying on my instincts since it seemed to be working.

Suddenly I heard a sound.


I look around, searching for the source of the sound. I heard it again, much closer. I looked up and my jaw dropped.

"You have to be kidding me."

In the sky, there was a whale. An actual whale, swimming in the clouds like water, singing happily. Its blue skin was dazzling in the sunlight, while its flippers slashed the clouds, surrounded by birds flying next to it. On its back was something green, maybe some algae, but I wouldn't even be surprised if it was an entire forest!

"This... This is just crazy!"

I started to laugh uncontrollably.

A flying whale! I can't even believe what I'm seeing!

The beautiful mammal has completely washed away every doubt that I had about being in a different world!

The whale soon disappeared in the distance, leaving me frozen in awe before I continued my journey.

Soon a paved road appeared before me leading to a distance.

"Left, or right?"

I took out a gold coin from my bag and flipped it in the air.

Before I could see the result, I heard a scream from the distance.

"Can I get five minutes without someone screaming?"

I put away the coin and went in the direction of the scream.

In the distance, a silhouette of a carriage could be seen. It was surrounded by small green monsters that were trying to get to the old man who was swinging madly at them with his sword.

The old man wore an expensive-looking set of cloth and had a huge mustache. The carriage was packed full of different boxes and was in horrible shape because of the monsters. The two horses that were in front of the carriage were in a total panic, trying to run away, weren't making the situation any better.

Leisurely I walked close to them and when none of them noticed me, I shouted.

"Hey, gramps, need a little help?"

The monsters and the old man turned in my direction.

They were goblins like the one before but these looked like savages, they didn't wear cloth and were using clubs as weapons.

Are they young ones?

"Are you mad kid?! Runaway! These are real goblins!"

"Goblins huh..." I sighed. "Gramps, if I get rid of them, can you take me to the nearest town?"

"To the town? Yeah, but you still don't even have a weapon, how do you..."

The nearest one lost its patience and swung his rusty sword at my head. It was surprisingly slow; I only needed to move side and punch it in the guts. It wasn't very strong, but enough to push it on the ground. Then before it could move, I took out a dagger and stabbed it's into its head.

The goblins companion jolted awake from the sight of their comrade's death and also rushed in my direction.

Without hesitation, I raised my hand and concentrated my mana on my palm.

"Lesser Night Hound."

From the blue light that appeared in front of me a back dog appeared. It was big as a retriever and had sharp fangs. Its eyes were glowing yellow and saliva was dripping from its mouth.

"Kill them. "I ordered while taking out a new knife.

The dog barked in a deep voice and rushed at them. It has done quick work of its first prey. It grabbed the small goblin by the throat and separated it from its body. Then he jumped to the next one.

Those who came at me weren't that strong, even I could manage to deal with them.

The last of them was holding a tree log and rushed into me. Sadly, he was caught off-guard and was finished by the night hound.

It didn't even have time to scream, it was that fast of a beast.

[ 30 EXP received]

[Due to [Harvest] you receive an additional 10 EXP]

Wait where those extra come from? Why didn't I get anything when I killed the soldiers in the village?

The black fog came next to me and disappeared in a blue light like the imps.

"A-Are you a mage?"

The poor guy was shaking, looking at me with a mixture of amazement and fear.

"Something like that."

"I'm sorry I didn't know. I... I'm sorry to…."

Those magicians are some scary creatures?

"Don't worry I won't turn you into a frog or anything, just take me to the nearest town."

The old man collected himself and let out a sigh.

"That was a dangerous situation, thank you." He raised his hand. "The name is Berek, a merchant."

Yes, I will need a name until I can remember my real one.

For now, let's use something simple.

"Desmond... My name is Desmond, nice to meet you."



Name: None

Race: Lesser Crossroads Demon

Age: 16

Job: Alchemist,

LV: 5/20

HP: 50/50

MP: 75/75

STR: 30

VIT: 10

SPD: 30

MRES: 20

Skill PT: 5

Physical attributes: [Dark Vision] [Claw Slash]

Skills: [Alchemy, LV:1] [Deal Making, LV:1] [Wish Granting (Small), LV:1] [Herbology; LV:1]

Unique Skills: [Body Physic Manipulation] [Harvest]

Titles: [ Broken Soul] [Novice Summoner]