Chapter 10
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For the past 2 weeks, I tried convincing Leonardo about my plan. When I was about to give up, surprisingly he agreed.

Should I be happy that he agreed to let me go? I suddenly felt like he's abandoning me.

I laughed at my unreasonable thought.

Anyway, he agreed but he set a condition. He wants us to undergo a Blood Bond Contract.

Though I haven't read anything about contracts, I can only tell by the contract's name that this contract will tie us to each other.

He explained to me that this contract will give us benefits like we can talk to each other using our minds even though we are far away from each other and also we can detect if one of us is in danger.

I think it was a pretty useful contract but I think there is more to it than what he is saying because he is blushing while he is explaining and doesn't look me in the eyes. 

I'll just pretend I didn't notice. It's just a Blood Bond Contract, I don't think that Leonardo will give me something that will kill me. 

I'm starting to think that I'm trusting Leonardo a bit too much. Well, I guess it doesn't matter.

"Sure, I agree so this 'Blood Bond Contract'."

"Really?! I mean, it won't bother you?"

"Why would it bother me? The way you explain the function of the bond seems to be useful for spies. Do the other spies undergo this kind of contract?"


"Why not?"

"I-It's because…"


"O-Our life will be tied t-together."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, if you get hurt, I will share the pain with you. So you will feel only half of it."

"Is that the disadvantage of the contract? Seems reasonable. If I die, you will die too?"


"But aren't you the Demon King? Will doing this contract be a good thing?"

"Why won't it be?"

"A Demon King being tied with a human. I don't think it's appropriate. I'm sure you know that this contract sounds like a marriage."


"You don't need to play dumb. I know you're smart. You want to marry me that much?"


I took a sigh. 

"Sure, I'll pretend that I don't think about the Blood Bond Contract as a marriage contract. Let's die together if you want to. Dying with someone doesn't sound so bad."

"Why are you think about death? You're not going to die. I won't let anything bad happen to you."

"Yeah, sure. If you say so."

I pat his head.

"I will take care of myself so you won't get hurt too. You're the most precious person to me." I hugged him.

Do I sound affectionate? I hope so. The most important person in my life is myself. I won't let myself get hurt so this contract is a very good thing for me. 

Am I taking advantage of his kindness towards me? Maybe I am. It's not like I'm forcing him or anything, I'm just accepting what he is giving me

Sharing the pain? Dying together? Does this mean that we will share our lifespan? He is not just any demon! He is the Demon King! He is someone who rules all the demons. Hehe, sharing a lifespan with someone like him is…no one can even think about it.

I've read that a Demon King can live for hundreds of thousands of years. Does this mean that I have the chance of living for hundreds of thousands of years too? What a sweet thing he's giving to me. No one can decline such a wonderful thing.

So what if it sounds like marriage? Tied myself to him? It doesn't matter, it only sounds like marriage but it is not one.

I'm so excited. I don't think I can peacefully sleep tonight.

Humans want immortality. Everyone fears death! I am human so I do too.

I secretly laughed.

I rub Leonardo's head. I tried my best not to show my big smile.

"Do you want to tie yourself with me? You might regret this decision someday."

"No! I will not regret it! I will never regret it. You don't have to worry about it."

I gently smiled at him.

I thought that this kid became smart, I guess I was a bit wrong about that. He doesn't know that I'm taking advantage of him.

Is he trusting me too much? He obviously does. I trust him a lot too but that doesn't mean that I won't trick him.

Does he want to tie himself to me? He obviously does. It's a win-win situation. I'm giving him something that we want from me and I'm gaining something from.

Yeah...I'm not doing anything wrong. Why am I trying to justify myself?

I pat his head.

If there is a day that you will come to regret it, it's already too late.

Leonardo needs to eliminate these bad habits of his. He's still making decisions without thinking about the consequences. He easily gets swayed by his feelings that's why he ends up making this stupid decision. If this were those normal times, I would have tried to correct him but this time, he is offering me a one life opportunity of extending my life span a thousandfold. Who am I to decline it? Only a fool will decline it.

Now that I think about it. It's kind of unfair that I'm always taking advantage of him. When I became such a despicable person?

I need to stop this mindset of always taking advantage of him and justify myself about it. He spoiled me so much that he made me like this. I need to give him something of equal value too.

Am I slowly starting to forget my principles? I even have those?

What can I give him? What is the greatest thing a person can give to a King?

I smirked and went on my knees.

He looked at me with shocked eyes.

I took his hand and kissed the ring on his ring finger.

"You have given me so much. I don't know if this is of an equal value. This is the only thing I can offer you my loyalty. You are so good to me. I will never betray you, Leonardo."

It feels weird and I feel like I'm doing a children's play. I wanted to laugh because I tried to imitate the knights who pledge their loyalty to the king that I see in movies. I don't know how to use fancy words though.

I wonder if I look lame.

I looked up to see Leonardo's face.

I almost let out a laugh. His face is so red as a tomato.