Chapter 86
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Capitulo 86

Their mission was smooth for most of the week, they continued fighting monsters and taking their N-cores. Just the usual stuff. Fantasia was not surprised anymore that Keenan was good at excavating the N-cores out of the dead bodies. He did not frown while the black blood spurted and splashed on his face, as if he was already used to it. 

Anyway, it was smooth sailing. However, everything changed when the 9th night arrived. 

Keenan and Fantasia decided to go deeper away from the Metropolis so that they could find stronger monsters and they had less competition. Hundreds of Nightbreakers come out every night to kill monsters and Keenan and Fantasia were starting to see that the numbers of monsters were shrinking. 

They went to the southern part of the Metropolis, they bought a map that was updated two weeks ago. The terrain and position of monsters easily changed in the Netherworld so it was better to have an updated map. 

"Looks like we're getting lucky."

Keenan took an N-core out of a Class-A Nightmare, he whistled because the quality of the crystal was good. Maybe they could sell this instead. 

'Although the possibility of eating it is much higher, especially now that I don't have a problem financially.'

His sugar mama, Jeanne Demi Moore, was giving him the numbers that he hardly ever earned. In the past, Keenan and Carson would take half of the N-cores they obtained and sell the other half. It was the usual routine, but because sugar mama Jeanne was generous, Keenan would receive 100 thousand dollars per month. For a student like him, who had Class-B limitations, that salary was already big. 

On top of that, Keenan admitted that his current partner was good. Carson was great and has strength and courage, but Fantasia was different. She knew how to maneuver her body and the way she handle a sword was smooth yet deadly. They had different styles of fighting. Thankfully, Keenan was good at adapting. 

This week that they had was fruitful because their teamwork became polished. Now, they both knew what to do. 


Fantasia and Keenan were taking the N-cores out of the monsters when they detected that group of monsters was rushing. They nodded at one another and Keenan immediately altered his form into katana. 

Fantasia ducked while readying her arms to draw the blade in case something happened. 

[What do you think?]

"I feel like they are pursuing someone, their movements are quite hectic."

Fantasia narrowed her eyes and stared at the group of monsters. Then, she found out the reason why they rushing, they were pursuing a person. 

Fantasia immediately understood that the person is a Handler and the weapon in his hands is his Arma. They were running for their lives.

[What did they do for the Nightmares to follow them?]

"I don't know… Do you want me to help them?"

[It depends, let's watch for now. We don't want to get in trouble especially against a group of Tiratore.]

Keenan said his opinion. The Handler was getting followed by seven Tiratore. The Tiratore were using their needle-like bullets and kept firing. These needle-like bullets are part of their bodies, it was detachable and they could fire them up to 20 times per hour. They had to recharge after firing 20 bullets. They have four hands, equivalent to twenty bullets.

[The bullets are like fingernails, they are growing and they used them as means to attack. The bullets grow fast and dangerous. But overall, Tiratore are just normal Nightmares when they lost their ammunition.]

In fact, Keenan and Fantasia killed dozens of Tiratore within this whole week. They just wait till the monsters lose their ammunition and kill them after. It was an easy feat for them.

But it seemed like it was different from this Handler who was getting showered by bullets. Fantasia and Keenan were confused about how this person caught the attention of seven Tiratore. 

[He's getting close to us…]


Fantasia clenched the katana in her hands. If they ran, the Tiratore would see them, and perhaps they would attack them. They were away from the Metropolis and this place did not have a safe haven. The best they could do was to rush towards the Tiratore and cooperate with the unknown Handler. 

It was fortunate that the Tiratore were mostly Class-C. They couldn't embed Aura into the bullets. 


Fantasia almost leaped to help the unknown man but Keenan stopped her. She paused and got down instead, she had great mobility so she could control her movement well. She glanced at her katana. She knew that Keenan won't stop her without a reason, this man wasn't the type of trifle at this moment. Keenan was always serious when it comes to fighting Nightmares. 

"Why did you stop me?"

Fantasia frowned. 

[Look closely. One of them is a Kakaiba.] 

Fantasia was shaken to her core, her eyes immediately set on the monsters. It was still night and their vision was kind of blurry. To be honest, she was surprised that Keenan could see despite being in the dark. His sense of sight was far greater than her. 

She narrowed her eyes and she confirmed what he said. One of the monsters has a tattoo on its shoulder. It was a symbol of an arrow with a color of blue. She did not know what it means but it was definitely dangerous. 

A Nightmare that has Kakaiba is dangerous even if it's a Class-E. Because sometimes, their Kakaiba is so powerful that they can kill a God-Class despite being weaker. Kakaiba is an ability that could break the concept of strength. 

Fantasia swallowed hard, this was getting dangerous. The worst part was that the Handler was running towards them. Perhaps the unknown person recognized that they were hiding and he wanted to use this moment to take advantage of the situation. 

"He deliberately running to us…"

[Yeah, he wants us to be caught up in this… Tch.]

Keenan clicked his tongue. This was going to be a hassle.

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