Chapter 87
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Capitulo 87

"Do you have a plan?"

[I do. We have to kill the Kakaiba first, an ambush before they sense our presence. That's the best plan that we can do right now. After that, we can kill the others. Be careful, you know that their bullets are still dangerous.]

"Good, I can do that."

Fantasia hid her presence till the last moment. Her blue ocean eyes glimmered in the night, it was wasteful that no one could appreciate her beauty. She was tightly holding the katana and took a deep breath. 

The enemies were getting closer. She shut her eyes, the worries disappeared in her heart and she became firm. Her decision to kill them was already concluded. She brushed her hair up and tied it in a ponytail, she slightly grinned. 


In just a second, Fantasia sprinted and targeted the Kakaiba. She was so fast despite being a Class-B. Her movement was smooth because she knew that hesitation would put her in danger. She erased the fear and rushed like the wind. 

She draw her katana and activated her second Skill, the Concentrate Draw. Her katana became shaper, she swung it so fast that even the air was cut into two. 

The Kakaiba sensed her but it was already too late, she has already gotten closer. 

The Kakaiba screamed and quickly activated its power. The tattoo on its shoulder glowed, the monster aimed its fingers at her and growled. Rain of ice bullets shot through the air directly to her. They were large, more like icicle spears than bullets. On top of that, they were made of unknown frozen ice

Fantasia saw the attack, she stopped her actions and jumped into the air. She spun around in the midair and dodged the bullets, some grazed her but it wasn't fatal. Her movements were so polished that even the other monsters were mesmerized. 

Her cold eyes set upon the Kakaiba, the monster tried to cast another spell but the monster was within the area of her sword. Fantasia swung her sword and aimed at the neck, with one slash, the head flew off and black blood rained like a fountain. It was fast that even the other monsters couldn't react. Fantasia indeed has the talent in holding a sword. 

[That brushing of hair… I guess she learns something from me.] 

Keenan chuckled. He was captivated when he witnessed how Fantasia immediately dodged the rain of ice bullets despite being in the middle of swinging the sword, it was an impossible feat. Even Keenan couldn't imitate that. Only a few who has great control of holding sword could copy what she did. 

Without pausing, she turned around to the other Tiratore and dashed. She wanted to finish them before they could return to their senses. Fantasia killed the closest monsters by activating the Double Cut. Then, she jumped to the next opponent and stabbed it. 

Keenan was helping her by keeping the location of each monster, he would notify Fantasia if a monster raised its hands and shoot her. Apparently, his senses were so powerful that he could see one second ahead of time. He was the best partner that Fantasia could have. 

The Concentrate Draw was still in effect so she could cut through bones without a problem. Her katana was always in the best condition, Keenan could maximize the proficiency of his Skill. It was actually frightening if he gained another Skill. He could definitely use it to the utmost potential. 

'Hehe, I wonder what will happen if she learned that I have another power inside me.'

It was a tough battle, but Fantasia was so focused. She had wounds around her body, some bullets pierced her legs but Fantasia's movement was still smooth as if she didn't have injuries. Maybe it was because of the adrenaline rush that made her numb to pain. She kept swinging her blade until all of the monsters were on the ground and dead. 

When she realized that everything was over, she exhaled and released her sword. She could say that the reason she overcome the challenge was because of Keenan. The young man kept notifying her whenever a monster would attack her. Because of this, Fantasia had time to react and evade their bullets. This was the reason why she did not have any fatal injury, Keenan was there to guard her surrounding. 

She was panting so hard and took an Elixir out of her space ring, this was the toughest battle that she experienced so far. The Tiratore may be weak when they lost their ammunition but they were still Nightmares, a species that eats human flesh. 

Keenan returned to his human form and studied her. Fantasia almost drank the Elixir but Keenan stopped her. 

"Don't move, I have to take these needles before you heal your body."

"Okay." Fantasia swallowed hard.

Keenan gave her a cloth to bite if she couldn't handle the pain, Fantasia brushed her bangs up and nodded, signaling that she was ready. She bit the cloth, to make sure that she won't make noises. They do not want to call the other monsters for now. 

Keenan started taking out the needles in her abdomen first, they were the most vital. Then, he went next to her shoulders and legs. Keenan used a small knife and surgical clip to take the needles out, it was painful but Fantasia persevered. 

It was fortunate that Keenan had strong eyesight and he did not make a mistake. He successfully took out all of the needles without problem, as if he was used to treating injuries like this. 

"You okay?"

Fantasia was panting hard and her face was covered in sweat, she nodded and drank the Elixir. She overcame the pain and she could still think straight. 

"Now… I guess we have to interrogate this asshole who's trying to steal our N-cores."

Keenan glared at the woman who hastily tried to take the N-core out of the Kakaiba. 

Fantasia turned and found that the unknown person was actually a woman. Based on what she was doing, Fantasia and Keenan immediately understood what she did to get pursued by a group of Tiratore. 

'She got greedy.'