Chapter 88
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Capitulo 88

The woman was wearing a cap so her gender was hard to identify but now that she was closer, they both recognized that she's a woman. 

Keenan and Fantasia looked at each other and nodded. They stood up and walked slowly to the culprit. 

The woman was still busy excavating the N-core of the Kakaiba. She did not sense that Keenan and Fantasia were getting closer. Perhaps she was just absorbed into digging, or maybe Keenan and Fantasia were just good at hiding their presence. 

When they were two meters away from her, her Unique Arma, a plute, notify her that they were getting closer. Without thinking, the woman grabbed her plute and tried to activate a Skill but Keenan was faster. Before she could even blow the instrument, Keenan already grabbed her neck and lifted her up. 

The woman was choked up, she struggled and tried to break free but Keenan gave her a fist. Keenan smashed her nose and she fell directly on the Kakaiba. 

Keenan's golden eyes stared at her with no emotions, a thief is a thief even she's a woman. In fact, he was ready to punch her face again. This woman brought them danger, Fantasia was injured because of her. And yet, she had the audacity to steal their possession, aw hell no!

"Hey, do you know that stealing is bad? Did your parents ever tell you that stealing is bad, huh?"

He raised his arm again to punch her but another person showed and caught his arm. 

"S- stop! Please!"

A woman who had light green hair stopped him. She was grabbing his arm and never letting it go. 

"Huh? And who the fuck are you? Do you want to get beaten up too?"

He yelled and tried to punch her but the woman who was wearing a cap jumped and stopped him. 

"Kuck! These people…!"


Fantasia talked to him while touching her abdomen, she was still hurting.


"Don't raise your voice… Stop acting that you're a thug, you're not."


Fantasia said and Keenan clicked his tongue. He lowered his arms and hurled the two women. Fantasia used another name and Keenan immediately got the message.

Fantasia nodded, she stared at Keenan and thanked him for his performance. Now, both of the women were scared of him. 

"I'm sorry if my partner did that."

She looked apologetic, even Keenan almost thought that Fantasia has what it takes to win an Oscar. They were playing the good cop and the bad cop. 

"W- we are the first to find that Kakaiba so it's ours!"

The woman who was wearing a cap justified while looking at them with vigilance. 

"I'm sorry but I can't do that. I almost died while killing these monsters, and I'm the one who killed the Kakaiba. If you want to get that N-core then you have to pay me."

Fantasia explained, she did not show any bad behavior and she spoke to them without raising her voice.

"What? No! That's ours!"

The woman who was wearing a cap became red like a tomato. She was mad. 

However, Fantasia did not react. Instead, she spoke another important fact. 

"I just want to say that if you try to raise your voice and get the attention of some Nightmares. We will not be responsible for your death and your Arma."

"Hah! If they want to die, so be it. I can kill them if they want to-"

"Neekan, shut your mouth."

Keenan closed his mouth but he was glaring at them. His eyes were telling them that if they try to do something funny, he would kill them. Even his Hands were ready to break their necks at any moment. 

The woman who has light green hair stood up and assisted her Handler to stand. Apparently, the woman who was wearing a cap was staggering, the punch that she received was quite strong and she was having a hard time standing. 

"How about we start with names. I'm Tasiafan, and I guess you already know that my partner's name is Neekan."

"… I'm Charla, and this is my Handler, her name is Yua."

The green hair woman spoke. She knew that these people saved their lives, she didn't have a grudge against them. However, they desperately needed money. No matter what Class, a Kakaiba could be sold to millions because of its rarity. It was a one in million chance. 

"Hello, Charla. You see, my partner is on the thick head side. He always thinks using his fists, so care to explain to me why you tried to steal our N-core?"

"Because it's ours!"

Yua said with determination as blood spat out of her mouth. It seemed like Keenan gave her a strong punch on the face. 

"Yua, please… Let me talk to them."

Charla looked at her, telling her that everything was going to be fine. Yua bit her lip but she still nodded in the end. She was not stupid. She had to put a strong front so that people won't take them easily. 

Charla did her best to smile at her and face Fantasia. 

"We need money, I beg you to give the Kakaiba to us. Please."

She said and kneeled, Yua tried to stop her but Charla was determined to do so. She bowed her head on the ground, Yua was dumbfounded. Her expression turned to sadness and defeat. She took a deep breath and followed what her Unique Arma did. She kneeled and bowed her head on the ground. 

Fantasia raised her brow and glanced at Keenan. Keenan shook his head because he did not know what to do. They were both clueless about this situation. 

"I can see that you two are desperate… but first let's get out of here. This is not the place to talk."


"No, I'm still not making any decision. So don't expect that I will give the Kakaiba to you."

Yua almost jumped in joy but Fantasia stopped her from celebrating. 

"When we reach the Metropolis, I want a proper conversation. If you can convince me, maybe I can give you the N-core."

Fantasia helped the two to stand up, the women were too tired and their knees were weak. 

Keenan clicked his tongue. 

"I'm warning you, if you try to do something funny, you will get much worse than a punch."

Netherworld is the best place to commit murder. The communication is bleak and Nightmares could eat the evidence(the body).