Chapter 11
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This is just a fan translation.
Please bear inadequacies and mistranslated words being here and there.

[Infinite Dendrogram]
Chapter XI . [Super Class] of the Kingdom of Alter
Kingdom of Alter . [Beef Eaters Restaurant] . [Holy Knight] Ray Starling

We have witnessed such a terrific fight.
We are truly lured into the scene that crystal on the desk displays.
I can only surprise when a chain was hitting so fast and many PKs were turned into gooey minced meat.
There is no audio there, only a video that looks like an old movie but I am too absorbed in it.
If I can’t stop a blow of Figaro in my [Tombstone Labyrinth] encounter with him, I fear that I’d be in the same boat as these PKs too.
Then the [Full Armor Giant] guy caught him off guard.
Full-armor guy, as you expect from a leader of PK clan, reacted to Figaro and started scheming without wasting time.

Mary explains me that full-armor guy is a player who earned his fair share of name,
and the power of the killing technique generated with his defensive powers and unusual approach is outstanding.
Hearing the explanation, my expectation for armor guy rises just a little but he was brutally murdered by Figaro immediately.

First Mr. Figaro evaded a deadly trap and he turned the tides again.
To the place where even a camera won’t reach, full-armor guy had been lifted by a chain and fell.
Just like a scene from some shark movies, he was cut exactly in two halves by a chain-saw, spraying blood and flesh around him.
I wonder whether such a thing is possible by a chain-saw or not.
But the inevitable result is in our visions.
This grotesque picture is warning me if Mr. Figaro and I fight in the future, my death won’t be pretty.

“[Mad Castle] which occupied the south is wiped out. Even if you guys go leveling there, you wouldn’t meet problems anymore.”

It seems so.
If they blockade the southern ground, Mr. Figaro would exterminate them again.

“This time, Battle City owes Mr. Figaro a big one.”
“Yeah. I agree.”

I try to talk to Nemesis, but she seems to be sulking for some reason.
Nemesis is having a meal with Babi.
Seems like they are not interested in battle since the crystal started playing!
I wonder how much do they eat.
Woa. Impressive as usual.
Looks like we have a gathering of binge eaters.

“Then it’s the next.”

The scene Mary plays next is the location I recognize.
The hunting ground where I started level grinding, [Easter Plain].
A PK group was also there as expected.
They’re waiting for preys while hiding sneakily.
Then a different group appeared from a road to the Imperial capital.
I don’t know the exact number of the group, but at least hundreds of people are marching together.
They wear clothes with the same design [Crescent moon and closed eyes].
I think I saw that design somewhere before, but I can’t remember it clearly.
The PK group was disturbed by the new group which appeared suddenly.

Then a single woman had walked out from those [Crescent moon and closed eyes] group.
Her black hair reminds me of the darkest night and it flows to her knee.
She wears a kimono that looks like a ceremonial dress.
She is a rare beauty who can be compared to Princess Kaguya of old fairy tales.
She raised her right hand directly.
Then the world gone dark.

Although the sun was rising until now,[Night] was coming.
When [Night] suddenly appeared, there was a blue full moon floating in the sky, so unreal.
PK group who were showered by the blue moonlight immediately held their throats and suffered, and they were not moving any more.
Then [Crescent moon and closed eyes] group began to move, finding the PKs who were suffering, killing one after another.
The extermination was completed already.
Hundreds of people were killing the PKs, PKs couldn’t do nothing.
But there was an exception.

There was a PK who can move even if she was exposed to the moonlight.
The female beastkin who has wolf ears and a tail.
This wolf woman is one of the leaders of PK clan [K&R] according to Mary’s explanation.
A wolf woman tried to go to Princess Kaguya while defeating the [Moonlight Society]group using her claws and fangs fiercely.
But she doesn’t reach to her.
She was crushed by the difference in numbers and she died by a spear.
When the beauty reminiscent of Princess Kaguya saw the sight, she was laughing heartily.

“That woman in the kimono is Moonlight Madness of [Super Class] and known as High Priestess. Owner of the clan [Moonlight Society].”

She is?
High Priestess?
It is the strange way of addressing someone, but may be her job-class is [High Priestess]?
If that is a nick name then it is an awful name to be known as.
Sounds like some suspicious person spouting mumbo jumbo.

“This [Moonlight Society], by any chance, is related to Japanese religious cult, that [Moonlight Society]?”

Eh, that’s it. I am reminded by Luke’s words.
[Moonlight Society]!
That is a name of the religious cult which exists in real life.
That’s why the design feels familiar.

“Yes. You can say they are related to that religious cult[Moonlight Society].
A clan [Moonlight Society] is its head-office in [Infinite Dendrogram] now.”

“What the hell is a religious cult doing in a game?”

“A doctrine of [Moonlight Society] is [Get away from the body chained by shackles and go to the world of true soul].
So, may be they think this [Infinite Dendrogram] is the world of true soul?”

Wtf, well I know how damn realistic this world is too.
The five senses are the same as reality and the tian people feels so real as well.
However how do you reach to this conclusion?
Well, even if you ask a religious cult about common sense…
I guess they will answer like “Common sense? Can I eat them?”

“Well. Let’s say their goal is to go to the TRUE SOUL WORLD and it is completed by entering [Infinite Dendrogram], what are they suppose to do here now?”
“Oh, there is the second doctrine, isn’t it? Something like,
[Fully enjoy freedom when your soul reach the world of true soul].”

Hey hey, that doctrine sounds like a devil’s whisper.

“[Moonlight Society] is also feared among the players.
In addition to the extraordinary clan scale exceeding one thousand people,
they are a head-office of religious cult from reality.
[Something might happen to me in reality if we offend them].
There are many people who feel scared thinking like that.”

Certainly, I’m afraid of that too.
I may be kidnaped suddenly and I don’t want to worry about what might happen to me.

“Her reason for this suppressing is ‘A faithful believer met with the beginner hunt in [Easter Plain]’.”
With that reason, they march in full force to kill.
Too scary right?”

Yep. Scary.
May be the reason many [Master] from the Kingdom of Alter defect to other country is not only because of war, but also because of them?

Next Mary shows a western scene.
Oh, there is a woman with the Chinese dress.
I remember her.
She is the one who participated in a banquet in my first day called Ray Ray.
Oh, so she is that famous Rayleigh.
By the way, she is a woman with the Chinese dress, but her face looks like the North European.
She looks the same in real life according to the stories from my stupid brother.

For those [Super Class] from the Kingdom of Alter, I don’t think their costumes fit the knight’s country image.
Mr. Figaro, Moonlight Madness and Ray Ray too.
Just my idle talk.

The battle of Ray Ray was simple.
It isn’t the one like in Mr. Figaro fight; choking with chain and lifted to the sky, got dropped and skewered into two exact halves with a chain-saw.
Only closing in and hitting the enemies.
One PK after another, she close the gap with a hiding PKer and hit him, that’s all.
However, the end result is bizarre.

Enemies were minced meat by Mr. Figaro’s chain.
But when they met with Ray Ray’s fists, they turn into liquid.
The human body burst so easily I even suspect that’s a water balloon shaped like a person, not a person himself.
All the meat were crushed at the moment Ray Ray touched it.
The remaining was the grotesque liquid which was produced from the blood and organs.
Only the human skins were flying out.
Skins blew off, and were dangling in the tree.
Ray Ray mass-produced the skin dangling trees in no time.
The skins will disappear as soon as you log out by a death penalty, but if you have seen such a sight, you won’t forget that for a while.

I believe I knew the true meaning of [Feast of the Emperor].[Meat Forest and Wine Pond].
But now I am seeing Ray Ray’s direct interpretation of [Meat Forest] very clearly.
[Meat Forest and Wine Pond], uwah.
You can say [Wine Pond] is those grotesque liquid flowing around, I agree wholeheartedly about [Wine Pond].
I’m too afraid tho.
I must say she seem cheerful and fun when she is at that banquet.
Yet she got such a scary battle style, seriously.

By the way, it’s said that they don’t know why Rayleigh exterminated western PKers.
In addition, it is unclear :
How Figaro who attack alone identified friend or foe
How Moonlight Madness killed the PKs,
How Ray Ray who is attacking with clear bare hand disintegrated PKs.

Now we have watched south, east and west leaving only [Noz Forest] in the north.
It is the place I care most about.
Because it is the place where I was killed.

“The last scene is the north.”

Mary seems to be worrying about something.
Is there something in the scene which will be shown now?

“See see. It’s playing now.”

When Mary operates, the view of that forest is reflected in a crystal.
It is night time, when the night started to grow.
It’s when I still dived in [Tombstone Labyrinth].
But the appearance of the PK isn’t found.

It is understandable there will be a lot of obstacles to see clearly in the forest at night, but we can’t see PK anywhere.
When we were finding for a PK over a crystal, feeds from the camera was cut off.
The view switch over to a different scene immediately, but feeds there was also cut off soon.
The next viewing angle is not in the forest but from a bird’s eye view like.
It is probably from the camera installed in castle wall.
That informed what was happening in the forest.
[Noz Forest] was exploding like crazy with the flying shells one after another and was burning with burning fire which pours down.
It was like a scene cut from a war movie.
The image ended with just the scenery where the forest burned down without seeing anyone’s figure.

“Erm, Mary. What is this?”

When Luke asks, Mary replies with a troubling smile.

“It is a battle scene when Unknown Identity PKer commonly known as [Giant Killer] battling with another Unknown Identity [King of Destruction], hehe.”

Mary doesn’t seem confident about her own words.
That would be so.
The appearance of the PK isn’t anywhere to be seen and there is also no appearance of [King of Destruction] that annihilate him.
What the scene shows us is just ordinary environmental destruction.

“If the appearance isn’t seen anywhere, may be it was not done by [King of Destruction]?
Also PK doesn’t appear in the view too. It may not be the[Giant Killer].”
“My info is true, I swear.
[Giant Killer] is my conclusion mostly from the information I got.
But I judge it is the work of [King of Destruction]as there are conclusive evidences.
Just look at the scale of the destruction, it can only be work of [King of Destruction].
After all, this [King of Destruction] himself is the person who only have little information exposure.”

Oh, the reason for refusing to participate in the war seems to be not because [I do not want to stand out].
I think it is something like [I do not want to stand out with me burning down the forest].

“But after that, you can see [King of Destruction] used his rumored battleship [Embryo].
Please see here.
See see. It’s here.”

Mary said so and pointed to the crystal and pause the screen.
Beyond the burning forest, there seems to be a huge black shadow lying in the darkness of night.
That thing is shadowing the mountain and it looks like a huge battleship.

“That is a battleship [Embryo].”

Luke is speechless here.
As my silly brother use a tank, I already guess there may be someone with such weird [Embryo].
I am rather astonished at [Embryo] of Moonlight Madness tho.
[Night] is probably her [Embryo].

“But doing that much on a large scale, maybe it also cause damage to other except for [Giant Killer], a PK in the north?”

There is a possibility that unrelated players will get death penalty, and tians will die huh…

“Oh, that will be OK.
A PK happened there before.
So, it’s said that there was also almost no traffic.
I think [King of Destruction] confirmed beforehand there is no one there, and he freely fought in this showy way.”
“I see.”

May be it is not that no one get caught in the fire, but they might have burned with the forest?
He seems so good at hiding and no one is witnessing anyone like [Giant Killer].
[DIN] might have the information which can conclude a northern PK is [Giant Killer].

“By the way, for what reason [King of Destruction] attacked [Giant Killer]?”
“That’s surprising, right?”

Mary strikes the [Give Up] pose.

“[King of Destruction] is the player who often becomes the center of the incidents happening at each country.
The reason why he was in incidents are not known.”
“That Unknown Identity, what is it?”
“Yes. Even in this matter, it’s just unclear why such havoc was done.”

Was it also anything a dislike [King of Destruction]?

“I am not clear about too many things in the north but that it’s this? How is it as information compared with other places?”

I agree with Luke’s word, too.
We paid her 600 Rirs for each region, but isn’t information here too little?

“Hmm? If you say so…
Heh! I have to give you a slightly different information, how about this?”
“So, that info is?”
“It’s a marvellous extra information.
Be surprise!
[Giant Killer] had survived from this fire!”

Upon hearing her word.


Nemesis, who is eating non-stop with Babi didn’t have an interest in a crystal until now, responds.
I think I know why Nemesis reacts only here.
In fact, the reason that Nemesis has such attitude until just now can also be understood.
I guess it is frustrating to hear that the PK who you swear to defeat is wiped out.
Perhaps she does not want that PK to die in another’s hand.
I also had that feeling.
However …

“That’s good news”

He is alive.



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