[Vol. 1 pt. 46]
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[Frilled Magnurr Rattler slain!]
[Blade Proficiency increased to rank 10!]

Well, that’s two skills at rank ten now.

Too bad I don’t have enough proofs to be freely unlocking all sorts of specialized skills. Really, I probably should have saved one of the ones I used on Bite Proficiency. I haven’t even been using my fangs lately and Sword Proficiency would be pretty useful right now. Though, I’m only using a dagger, so I’d probably have to go with Dagger Proficiency instead.

Either way, I should start using my fangs more if I want to make those skills I unlocked worth the proofs spent on them.

Now then, since I’m using a new weapon here, I should get it a venom coating. Elanah can always wash it off later if she wants to, and that’s if she even takes this dagger back.

Elanah shouts when she sees me climbing onto the dead lizard’s head, “Woofen! Be careful, if you get any—"

“Would ya be quiet? My hearing is more sensitive now and I know what I’m doing,” I bark at her.


Now then.

Just like before, I apply pressure to the venom gland from inside of the mouth so that some nice, fresh venom sprays out from its fangs.

“Eh? What are you doing?” she asks, finally sounding like she has some confidence in me instead of being annoyingly worried.

Does she seriously not know how to do this sort of thing?

I might as well finish the show by dipping the dagger’s tip into the venom pooled into a puddle on the floor.

“Seriously?” she asks.

“I thought I already barked at you about stealing my phrases?” I bark.

“You’re… you’re so smart, Woofen. How did you learn all of this? Your old master must have been really smart, like, seriously smart…”

“Come on, ya mean to tell me ya can blow the heads off of some men by stealing their bombs and all of that, but ya don’t even know how to extract some venom? What kind of wannabe thief are ya?”

Elanah is quick to take another, empty jar off of her belt to mimic what I just did. Only, she makes sure to squeeze all of the venom into the jar rather than onto the ground.

The end result is a jar half-full of watery, yellow liquid that looks much more innocent than it actually is.

Honestly, it just looks like piss.

Really dangerous piss, but it still looks like piss.

“See, Woofen? I knew it was fate!”

I hate that word.

“I’m already learning so much from you…”

You’re not learning that much. Literally all you’ve learned is to press on those bulging glands inside of oversized lizards’ mouths in order to get some venom out from them.

“You’re so strong and smart…”

Here we go again.

“I’ll be able to make even more money selling venom now! And I can use it myself,” she says, switching topics from being creepily obsessed with me to dipping her sword into the jar.

“Yes, more being smart, less being creepy,” I bark at her.

“What else can you teach me, Woofen? I bet there’s even more that you know. It’s like you know everything…”

“That’s a really fuckin’ far leap, don’t ya think?”

“I wish I could understand you. I bet you’d be able to teach me even more.”

“No, if you could understand me, then ya’d get to hear me call you crazy.”

She sighs and secures the jar on her hip before sheathing her sword. “I’m so happy that I met you, Woofen.”

I don’t think my eyes have ever rolled more than they just did.

She’s getting attached to me faster than a woman to a man’s coin purse.

Literally all I have is this tiny, fluffy body.

I don’t understand women. I seriously don’t.

Abyssal women are the most confusing of them all. So, I guess I should at least be happy she’s only half instead of completely abyssal.

Damn abyssal elves and their emotions.

Oh, wait.

I still need a bone from one of these.

I will collect a bone from every type of monster I kill.

I’m disappointed now that I don’t have a bone from that queen rat. If there was ever a monster to take a bone from, it would have been her. The tower being shuffled means that all remains would have been absorbed back into the tower, too.

Damn it.

“Hey, get me a bone out of this bastard,” I bark at Elanah.

“Eh?” she asks.

I guess I have to play this game again.

I look up at the bag, bark, look over at the dead lizard, and bark again.

“Do you want another bone?”

I nod.

“Oh, alright. From now on, how about… you just place a paw on a monster and bark whenever you want a bone from it?”

Setting up shortcuts like this would be smart. Every time I think this girl is dumb, she proves that she at least has somewhat of a brain inside of her head.

I nod my head again.

“And whenever you want me to pick you up and give you some special attention, you can put your paw on my foot and bark. Okay?”

I have to physically restrain my eyes from rolling too far back in fear of them getting stuck back there.

“Ehehe… I see your tail wagging, so it’s settled then.”

“Stop betraying me, you bastard!” I bark at my tail.

I’m cutting that tail off if I can ever catch it.

I don’t care if it hurts. The bastard has betrayed me too many times, and I don’t like it acting like my subconscious. Only my conscious is allowed to reveal my subconscious.

I don’t care if that’s not how it fucking works.

“Here, I’ll get you a bone and then carve these up for materials. Do you want to try heading down to the next floor afterward?”

“Might as well,” I bark.

It will be more dangerous on the next floor, but there should be even fewer adventurers around and we’re more than capable enough to deal with any monsters there. The monsters on this floor are barely even threats to us. As long as I’ve got this dagger and she’s backing me up, the only real dangerous floor should be the ninth one.

“I bet we could even take the tenth floor’s boss on,” Elanah says.

“Absolutely not,” I bark at her.

I’m only just now agreeing to go to the eighth floor. There’s no fucking way that we’re going down to the tenth floor. Besides, the tower was just shuffled. Tons of adventurers are going to be fighting over who gets to challenge the boss.

“Just kidding. I know you could defeat it, but I don’t want to risk it.”

She’s seriously overestimating me now. The tenth floor’s boss is way more powerful than…


I mean, I did kill that queen rat, and she had health regeneration that doesn’t usually show up until way deeper into the tower.

Could I actually take down the boss?

No, there’s no way. I’m only level ten, Elanah is only level nineteen, and the boss is level twenty. It’s supposed to take groups of at least three to five level twenty adventurers to take the boss down.

It’s been so long that I can barely even remember what monsters can spawn as the tenth floor’s boss anyways.

I think it was some sort of really big lizard the one time I killed it.

Ah, whatever.

It’s not like we’re going to go after the boss anyways.