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Even though Elanah and Lixue were hurt and won’t be fully healed since some of us aren’t vampires who can grow back body parts after eating somebody, they’re still with me for what should hopefully be the finale of this whole situation. Moriko is here, too, but she’s under my control and… expendable. While I would never let Elanah or Lixue die, I don’t exactly care if the person who was trying to kill us dies while being used by us. Yet, I hesitated when it came to killing her myself.

I don’t want her to die, I just don’t care if she does. But, if everything goes well, Moriko will survive this as well.

It’s complicated. Fortunately, I’ll have plenty of time to think about all of this later to figure out my thoughts and feeling and all those other things. Well, if I survive.

And I plan on surviving.

Now then, our goal is to infiltrate the Golden Reavers’ headquarters, find whoever is maintaining the magic barrier around it, and kill them. Ghoul has been brought over after sending word back to Zurie, so he’s ready to flood this place with that mist of his as soon as the barrier is down.

The problem is actually getting inside.

I’ve been scouting this place out for the past hour to figure out if my stylish idea will work… and it’s huge. This guild headquarters takes up about four times as much area as Zurie’s mansion does, but it’s not as tall and way more fortified. More importantly, it’s got eyes in every single direction and some embrasures for defenders to safely attack from. This place is more like a short fortress than some sort of office for a guild.

The worst part might just be how damn arrogant the front entrance looks. They’ve got the same flag over and over again hanging down over the walls with their insignia on it. Seriously, these guys need to get some variety in their design instead of jacking off to their flag over and over again.

But, thanks to me sneaking around without being spotted, I was able to find what I think is a good spot to attack. My plan puts the vampires at risk, especially since I told them not to look at the special something that I left with them, but it should work.

Too bad I won’t get to see their faces when they realize why I told them to do what I want them to do.

Now, it’s time to wait. The bastards who are on the roof of the headquarters are split into four patrolling groups. It seems like they might be replacing the guards every hour to give them a break and to keep fresh eyes up there. They’re careless, though. Instead of waiting for their replacements to come to them, they head back inside to bring the replacements out. So, for a couple of minutes each hour, it seems like the roof is exposed without anybody watching it.

Since they were just replaced, it’s going to be about an hour before we have our chance.

This means—

[Bestial Domination increased to rank 2!]


—that I have to keep on reapplying the domination to Moriko to keep her under our control. Every ten minutes, just to be safe, I reapply it. This means that every ten minutes, she gets down on her hands and knees for me so that I can reach her neck and “dominate” her again.

The good news is that I figured out that I don’t have to mount her in order to do it. All I need to do is stand next to her and bite her neck to the point where I’m pinning her down by it. The bad news…

“Mas-ter! It’s more fun when you do it properly,” Moriko whines, still on her hands and knees as she wags her rear at me. Now that perverted smile of hers, which I’m quickly learning to always expect, is spreading across her lips. “Maybe you’re upset because I have pants in the way. Want me to take them off?” She reaches back to slip a couple of fingers underneath her pants, slowly pushing them down. “I can take the rest off too if you want me to, mas—”

I don’t even get a chance to say anything before I feel a flat warmth pressed against the side of my head. “Woofen… maybe you should try that skill on me,” Elanah whispers, making sure that I can’t see any of Moriko. “What if it makes me stronger?”

That’s not how it works! But before I get a chance to say anything again, there’s a much squishier, warmer feeling being pressed up against the other side of my head.

“Elan-ah, that hurt my feelings, and what if our alpha wanted to watch the show I was about to give him? Don’t you want him to be happy?” Moriko asks.

Against the left side of my head is Moriko’s chest. Against the right side of my head is Elanah’s chest. I’m stuck between a couple of pillows and a hard place. But, as stuck as I might be, I’ve been stuck in worse situations before. This one is actually pretty nice… aside from the fact that we have more serious matters to be worrying about.

“You’re – you’re too close!” Elanah whisper-shouts as loudly as she can without giving our position away.

“Master could be inside of me and we still wouldn’t be close enough,” Moriko explains as one of her hands rubs underneath my chin… as the other slowly strokes along my back while getting closer and closer to my underside. Between her hands and the way that she’s rubbing her chest up and down against the side of my head, there’s finally somebody more degenerate than Elanah around.

Of course, that doesn’t stop Elanah from trying to meet her new rival’s pace. Elanah pushes away the hand underneath my chin to replace it with her own as her other hand begins to rub my belly, getting closer and closer to a certain thing hanging down from my underside. “Just because you have some good ideas doesn’t mean that I’ll let you have your way with him!”

“But my way with him involves sharing him. Isn’t that enough? I know that I could never handle him on my own, so I would be happy to let you serve him to your heart’s and body’s content. I don’t even care if you mate with him first as long as he breeds me after your body can’t handle it anymore.”

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Moriko presses her chest even harder against the side of my head. “Isn’t that the point? I want master’s pups. I don’t need pleasure or anything like that. The point of mating is to breed.”

“I – I—that…”

Is… is Elanah getting flustered? She’s actually pressing her chest even less against the side of my head now. So, she can handle being a pervert even back when I looked like a puppy, but she can’t handle the main reason for why sex exists in the first place?

“Oh? Don’t you want our master’s pups?” Moriko asks.

“I – I do!” Elanah answers. “But… that’s so…”

This is wrong on more damn levels than there are levels in the tower.

As for Lixue… she’s just sitting down in front of us watching the whole situation with her hands under her chin, staring straight at me.

I have no idea what’s going on in her head right now. Jealous? Angry? Upset? Annoyed? Disturbed?

I don’t know, but I do know that there’s going to be around another fifty minutes of this. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to last that long if these girls are acting like this the entire time.

Fortunately, after a few more minutes of dealing with Elanah and Moriko getting closer and closer to grabbing something that might make me make a noise that gives away our position, Lixue speaks up. “We share a homeland, don’t we?”

Going by Elanah’s confused expression, Lixue must be speaking in her native tongue.

And for the first time, Moriko actually behaves in a way that isn’t crazy in either bloodlust or normal lust. “We did,” she answers, probably in the same language as Lixue since Elanah still looks confused. “But it’s gone… because he failed to protect us.”

“He… do you mean—”

“I mean your father.”

“Then… you know who I am.”

“Do you think that any of us wouldn’t be able to recognize you, daughter of the Chaos Demon?” Moriko lets go of me and clenches her fists. “He was the strongest… he was supposed to protect all of us. He promised that he would. Now, because of his failure, my pack is—!””

“I am sorry,” Lixue interrupts, leaning over with her hands on her knees.

“I don’t know what’s going on here,” I bark, “but there are two things that I do know. One, Lixue, don’t apologize for things that aren’t your fault. Two, Moriko, leave her and her old man alone.”

Moriko’s ears partially flatten against her head as she says in a lower voice than before, “I’m sorry, Master. I love your dominance, but… it brings back more than just fun feelings. But I’ll try to ignore them like always for you, even while serving you!”

“Woofen,” Lixue speaks up, “please do not make her hide her feelings if that is how she truly feels. If I am to ever accomplish what I wish to do, I will need to accept the feelings of her and many more. I am too weak if I cannot accept such words.”

Moriko’s ears perk up a bit before she looks away from Lixue.

“Do ya think that’s what your old man would have wanted for you?” I ask Lixue.

Lixue smiles and shakes her head. “No, but the time for being his obedient child is over. I must be my own woman now, and I am a woman who has inherited my father’s fury. It is up to me to make good use of it.”

“Look at you, trying to sound all cool. Well, with all that being said, I can’t imagine him not being proud of ya for that.”

“Thank you,” Lixue says before focusing her attention on Moriko. “I will do what I can to make it up to you and the rest of our home.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Moriko asks her.

“I… I do not want to say any specifics before talking to Zurie about it, and I would still like some more time to think about it, but I promise I will make it up to everybody.”

“Why should I believe your promise when your father didn’t keep his?”

“Because he died trying to, and I will only stop once I am dead as well.”

Moriko parts her lips as if she has something else to say, but then they close and she returns to cuddling her chest against the side of my head. “It’s not like I have a pack to return to anymore… so do whatever you want. All I need now is my master – my alpha. We can start a new pack on our own… and that’s why,” the perverted smile returns, “we need to breed.”

I was actually kind of tempted to ask more questions about what life was like over there, but I guess we’re back to this now.

“What were you talking about? It’s no fair to talk in language I can’t understand,” Elanah pouts, now pressing her chest back against me since Moriko is.

Lixue explains what they talked about while I get to enjoy, and feel tortured, by these two very different sensations against my head.


Now, after having managed to survive without making too much noise, nearly an hour has passed and it should be time for the guards to rotate. The building that we’ve been hiding out in the top floor of gives us a perfect look over their roof, and I’m honestly surprised that they didn’t bother stationing anybody up here. I guess that they figured they would keep everybody inside of their territory where they had a magic barrier up instead of risking it and sending anybody outside of it. Of course, it’d still be more than easy to snipe the guards on the roof from a distance whether there’s a magic barrier or not. They just couldn’t be sniped with anything created by magic. A regular arrow, though, isn’t going to be stopped by a barrier only meant to defend against magic.

I break free from Moriko and Elanah to go and check outside the window. The guards are grouped up and talking about something… and now they’re heading inside through the hatch in the roof.

This is our chance. Once the final guard is inside, we’ll give the vampire’s group the signal.

“Remember,” I bark, “we go in, find whoever is sustaining the barrier, kill them, and get out.

“What if… what if we see Isaac or his daughter?” Elanah asks.

“Then capture them if you can and get out. If they’re not right there to grab onto and leave with, it puts us at risk.”

“What if he fights us?”

“Then we kill him. There isn’t enough time to question why he’s doing what he’s doing. If he’s in there and tries to kill us, all we can do is kill him first.”

Lixue and Moriko never met Isaac, so they don’t understand why we’re hesitant about him, but killing him is something that me and Elanah would really rather not do.

But if he’s in there, and he’s not their prisoner, then it’s by his own choice and he’s just as guilty as the rest of these bastards for what they’ve done to this city.

“That’s the last of them,” I bark. “Lixue, give the signal!”

Lixue nods, standing by one of the other windows that overlooks a small side street that leads into the headquarters’ right wall. She waves an arm for the other group to see, and I get ready to jump.

“Ready?” I ask everybody.

The three women nod and get ready by my sides.

The vampires should have had enough time now.

I jump out the window onto this building’s roof, and then I jump over to the headquarters’ roof with the others following behind me. It looks like my timing is perfect, too, because the vampires are now running back into hiding after throwing what I instructed them to throw.

A small, black bag loosens up midair to reveal its contents as they slip out past the fabric.

One of the cuffs used to bind Lixue’s power, after being broken by Ghoul and pumped as full of Zurie’s mana as they could be without exploding, crashed into the wall of the headquarters.

The explosion is almost powerful enough to knock us out of the air. More importantly, it’s loud enough to cover up the noise we make by landing on the roof and running over to the hatch.

“We’re under attack!” one of the guild members shouts from below.

“We need reinforcements at the right wall!”

“Healers! We need heal—”

Another explosion rocks the building, but this time it was at the main entrance. That does it for explosions since we’re out of those cuffs now.

Now, just as planned, Moriko jumps down the hatch first. She whistles a few seconds later to let the rest of us know that it’s safe to go down.

And once we go down the hatch, we see that she’s already beheaded three of the bastards with her scythe.

This skill to dominate her is great. Seriously great.

“They’re probably below us somewhere. The safest spot that would give them the most coverage of this place should be right in the center,” I bark.

“If you want to check for that man, where I was being held is near here,” Lixue speaks up.

“Unless it’s in our direct path, we can’t worry about it.”

“Woofen, I – I could go and look,” Elanah says.

“We’re not splitting up. Too dangerous. Let’s go.”

Even though I said that, there’s an increasingly powerful part of me that desperately wants to go and check to see if he’s there.

But the longer we spend in here, the more at risk we are, and I care about Elanah’s and Lixue’s lives more than his.

I just have to keep on looking at it that way.

“We need to get downstairs. Lixue, you know where the stairs are?” I ask.

“I know of a quicker method,” Lixue answers before looking down at the floor… and slamming her shield into it. She punched a hole straight through the floor, revealing the room underneath it that is, fortunately, empty.

It’s a good thing that there’s so much damn yelling and screaming going on to mask the noise. The vampires drawing the bastards’ attention also helps.

Down through the hole we go.

“Again?” Lixue asks, looking down at the next floor.

“No. That’ll put us on the ground floor and that’s where most of them will be. We need to be even more careful from here on out,” I answer.

“If the ground level is under attack and whoever is using the barrier is staying near the center… what if he comes up here?” Elanah asks.

“Maybe, but whether they stay down there or come up here, we’re probably going to have to deal with guards willing to die for them. We can’t waste time setting up a potential ambush, either. They won’t stay panicked forever and it’s only a matter of time before they realize that somebody managed to get in here through the roof.

“Then what do we do no—”

“Hey! I thought I heard something from over here,” a woman shouts from outside the room.

Damn it, so they heard us after all.

“Think they took advantage of the explosions to come in from above?” another man asks.

“Don’t know. Check it out with me.”

I look at the woman and nod. We then all press our backs against the around the door to try and hide our presence. It’s not the best hiding spot ever, but its good enough for what I plan on doing.

I’m on the left side of the door and Moriko is on the right side.

The door opens up and the woman walks in.

I immediately go for her ankles.

[Veteran Warrior Eliza Stroffen took 24 damage!]


“Shit!” the woman shouts. “Get hel—”

Moriko’s scythe severs another head from its body before the woman can finish her sentence, and the scythe is quickly reversed in its direction to handle the man who was behind the woman as well.

“Impressive. Seriously impressive,” I bark at Moriko.

“I got Mas-ter’s praise!” Moriko cheers with her tail wagging behind her.

“I’ve had Woofen’s praise before,” Elanah says.

“You really don’t have to make this a competition. I said before that I’m happy to share. You can even be the main mate if you want.”

Elanah keeps on feeling jealous and trying to make this a competition between her and Moriko only for Moriko to continue undermining her. Well, maybe not undermining so much as simply… not even caring. Elanah cares about her status with me, but Moriko doesn’t care as long as she’s with at all. Well, the Moriko that is dominated by my skill doesn’t care, anyways. The real her probably cares even less since she just wants to kill me.

More importantly, we have to keep moving.

“Elanah, use Soundproof the next time somebody sees us. You should be able to use magic as long as you’re inside of the barrier,” I bark.

“I can only use it a couple more times, but I’ll do my best,” Elanah replies after hearing the translation from Lixue.

“Good girl. Lixue, you don’t have to translate that par—”

“Woofen says you are a good girl,” Lixue translates to Elanah.

A pleased smile spreads across Elanah’s face. “Ehehe… Woofen praised me.”

“Isn’t out alpha’s praise the best?” Moriko asks with her arms crossed over her chest.

“You – you don’t have to ask me that. I’ve known that Woofen’s praise is the best ever since he was a puppy.”

“You knew him when he was that little?” Moriko jumps in front of Elanah and holds her hands within her own. “You have to tell me about what he was like back then once we’re done here!”

“Y-you’re too close…”

If anything, I’d like to see them get a bit closer.

Wait, wait. No. Bad, Woofen. I’m supposed to be supporting Elanah and Lixue getting together. Not Elanah and a crazy hunter who probably still wants to kill us.

Then again… Elanah, Lixue, and Moriko all together would be a nice sight. Might as well throw Zurie in there while we’re at it, too.

Elanah, Lixue, Moriko, and Zurie all hardly dressed on a bed together and—



Now I seriously am being bad. Moriko is just… she’s been getting my mind going into some perverse places. Elanah and Moriko might be alright to imagine like that, but I shouldn’t think those sorts of things about Lixue and Zurie. That’s the last thing that they need.

Elanah and Lixue are for holding each other’s hands and being cute together. Elanah and Moriko can be for imagining them doing horrible and wonderful things together in bed. Yeah, that’s—

Wait, I shouldn’t be imagining any of that right now!

“Come on, let’s go,” I bark and take the lead.

No more imagining perverted things about the women I’m fighting side-by-side with. We have far more important things to be doing right now.

“There’s nothing like battle to really get you in the mood, is there?” Moriko asks as she follows behind me. “There’s just something about it that always gets me so excited. I wish I could get on all fours right now for our master.”

Damn it, woman!

I’m definitely releasing her from my domination and getting away from her after all of this is over.


At the top of the stairs leading to the ground floor, I can’t help but to be reminded of our time in the tower. Standing at the top of the stairs, looking down them knowing that there are going to be far more and even stronger enemies down below.

“The killing shot has to be with silver! Use normal bolts and arrows until they’re weakened!” one of the men down there shouts as we’re close enough to the right wall to hear the battle outside.

We have to hurry. The vampires aren’t going to last forever, especially against enemies who have silver weaponry. The vampires can’t even use their magic right now, which is their strongest weapon, since they’re fighting from outside of the barrier. All they can do is use some of the ranged weapons we took from the others we’ve killed before coming here.

“Keep the pressure up! They have to be getting low on health!” another man shouts.

And by the sound of it, the vampires are taking pretty significant damage.

“Let’s hurry up,” I bark and descend the stairs.

I have to come to a sudden stop when I just barely catch a glimpse of the backs of two people walking past the bottom of the stairs. If I hadn’t paused to think for a few moments before coming down these stairs… I probably would have walked right in front of them.

I guess that I’m lucky after all.

Now, going left down this hall should take us toward the center.

“Enemies inside!” a booming voice shouts from the way we just came. “Unknown number, five of ours dead! They came from the roof!”

Damn it.

“Let’s hurry up,” I bark.

Too bad there weren’t any vampires with us to take care of those bodies we left behind. I’m not exactly for eating corpses or anything, but it would have made things more convenient for us.

Then again, we would have had to wait for the corpses to actually be eaten.

With Moriko by my side and Elanah and Lixue behind us, we rush toward the center of the building. It looks like there’s a pretty large set of doors ahead of us, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the center – if our target is hiding in there.

But there’s a problem.

Two heavily armed, clearly experienced members of the guild just came out from behind those doors to guard them. “We found them! Somebody get over here!” one of them shouts.

Damn it. Again.

“If you have any special skills to hurry up and deal with them, now’s the time,” I bark at Moriko.

“Want me to blast a way into the room while I’m at it?” Moriko asks me.

“If… that’s an option, then do it.”

“Leave it to me, Mas-ter!”

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