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The annoying bastards who interrupted me and Elanah right as things were going to get good didn’t spend too much time around us. As soon as they realized that neither Elanah nor Snow wanted to talk to them, and that Elanah was cold and blunt when she did have anything to say, they lost interest in talking and went off to set up a tent on the other side of the gathering zone.

That told us it was probably later in the day than we realized. That made Elanah and Snow start to yawn even though they were seemingly fine just moments before.

At least having a “collar” on made the other adventurers think I was a tamed pet, so they didn’t bother asking too much about me other than wanting to know where I was found out of curiosity.

Since Elanah didn’t want to end our day in a room where other adventurers were… even though that would normally be a good and safe thing to do, she convinced Snow that we’d be better off going down to the next floor—the thirteenth floor—and looking for the gathering zone there.

It didn’t take long to find, fortunately.

The new gathering zone was perfect for Elanah’s paranoia, too. Rather than be one large room, it had a few walls and hidden spots inside of it that we were able to tuck ourselves away into.

And that’s where we are now.

Nobody who comes into this gathering zone will find us unless they come and look in this corner of the room.

This means that nobody will interrupt us if we have some fun.

Unfortunately… Elanah looks like she can barely keep her eyes open. I don’t think that she’s going to be getting excited on her own this way, and I’m not going to try and seduce her in this body. What could I even do? Roll over onto my back? Lick her?

Yeah, both of those would work on her.

But I’m not going to do that. She’s tired and needs sleep. Besides, I’m starting to feel pretty tired myself.

As soon as I curl up to try and sleep, though, I get ambushed.

Elanah has laid down, curled up next to me, with her head on top of my body.

She might not have a big and heavy head or anything… but I’m still small, damn it. I’m not big enough to be used as a pillow!

“You’re so soft, Woofen,” Elanah sighs with an annoyingly-happy voice.

As much as I want to fight against this… part of me doesn’t.

It’s annoying and uncomfortable but feeling her weight – her warmth is actually sort of comforting in a way.

It’s nice.

Annoying and uncomfortable, but nice.

Still, I’ll at least groan a bit so that it doesn’t seem like I’m just accepting this.

Only… my “groaning” comes out as whining.

“Ehehe, Woofen, you make such cute noises,” Elanah says, cuddling up against me even more. “Are you sure you don’t want to sleep first?” she asks Snow.

Snow nods, looking down at us with just a hint of jealousy in her eyes.

Or maybe it’s admiration? What could she be admiring?

Elanah rubs the side of her face against me before placing a kiss on my neck.

“Thanks. Maybe – maybe I’ll let you use Woofen as a pillow since you’re letting me go first.”

Snow nods again.

Hang on.

Why am I being used like some sort of bargaining chip? And since when does Elanah have the right to just offer me as a pillow to people?! I’m not a pillow, damn it!

What a pain in the ass.

“Good job today, Woofen,” Elanah whispers next to my ear.

Feeling her warm, soft breath so close to my ear makes it twitch and makes the rest of my body shiver.

I always have loved the feeling of a girl whispering into my ear. There’s not really anything that can compare to it.

Thinking of things that can’t be compared… I haven’t gambled in what feels like forever now.

A yawn escapes my maw.

I really… miss… gambling…

Wait, what?

Where is this?

What is this – this perfection?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as beautiful as this room before.

In fact, it is safe to say that it is beyond perfection.

It has everything that a man could ever ask for!

Men at one side of the room throwing darts and betting on who can get the most points! Tables throughout the center of the room covered in cards, drinks, and with cleavage-showing women standing next to them! Food! Bones!


Yes, bones.

Beautiful, glorious, wonderful bones.

“Do you wish to play, my hound?” a familiar voice asks from behind me.

When I turn around to see who it is, Zurie is standing right behind me with even more of her breasts on display than usual, leaning over, and smiling at me.

Damn, does she look good. She’s got a tight, red uniform on that looks sort of like a corset, some fishnet stockings, and… are those dog ears on top of her head? It looks like she’s got a couple of fake dog ears attached to a headband. Then, behind her, she’s even got a tail hanging down from above her ass.

She leans over even more, looking like her chest is about to pop out of the outfit she’s got on, and picks me up. Next thing I know, she’s got me resting upside-down on top of her chest.

“Are you comfortable, my hound?” she asks, stroking a couple of her fingers alongside my chest while her other hand rests under my back legs to make sure I stay up on her chest.

This is great. Seriously great. I feel like I’m practically sinking here! Sinking into the warm, soft valley of Zurie’s chest.

These are the best pillows – the best bed that a man could ask for.

Fuck gambling. I just want to stay here in peace and quie—

“Woofen!” another voice shouts, this one sounding – well, not exactly pleased.

I already know who it is.

When I lift my head up to look, I see Elanah standing in front of us with her arms crossed over her non-chest.

She does look nice, though. She’s got on a black uniform similar to Zurie’s, her usual tights, and dog ears and a tail just like Zurie. Though, while Zurie’s are matching her blonde hair, Elanah’s are matching her purple hair.

Too bad she doesn’t have the tits to fill out the chest part of the corset. It looks like there were a couple of flaps there to be filled out… but they’re just sort of sticking up all sad and empty.

“Is there a problem, Elanah?” Zurie asks, pressing me even farther into her valley with the hand on my chest.

“You can’t hog him all to yourself! And – and it’s unfair to use those things on him!” Elanah whines, pointing a finger at Zurie’s chest.

“What is unfair about it? Do you not want our Woofen to feel pleasure? It is obvious that he loves these.”

Zurie bounces herself just a tiny bit to make her chest shake, causing me to sink even deeper into it.

Unfortunately, before I can get fully absorbed into Zurie’s valley, Elanah grabs me and tears me away from the beautiful, wonderful, soft, perfect bed that was Zurie’s chest.

“Here. If you like them so much then – then I still have some! They’re just… small,” Elanah whimpers, holding me against her chest.

Yeah, there’s nothing here.

Though… since she’s failing at filling out the corset, there is something that I can see. Something small, round, and what every man likes to place his mouth on. After all, we learn from the moments after we’re born to love such a thing.

“I do not believe that I have ever seen a hound blush before. How adorable,” Zurie teases, causing Elanah to look down and notice where I’m staring.

Elanah lets out a panicked yelp before letting go of me, dropping me down, to cover herself up.

Seriously?! Why now?! Shouldn’t you love me looking at your exposed chest, you damn board?!

Now I’m going to fall and get hurt.

Though, falling is seriously taking a while. Am I even falling anymore?

Wait, no. I’m not falling. I’m on something… soft?

Whatever I’m on is bare, soft, warm, and thick.

Zurie’s chest again?

No, Zurie is standing next to me.

I turn to look up at who’s lap I’m sitting on.


With white dog ears on top of her head, she’s blushing, looking down at me, and has got a white uniform on to match the others but nothing to cover her legs.

Damn, these legs – these thighs are amazing.

“Are… they good enough?” Snow asks me with quivering eyes.

I nod and allow myself to sink between her thighs just like how I was sinking into Zurie’s tits.

“I – I know what you want, Woofen!” Elanah declares. “Here!”

She pulls out a large bone with chunks of beef attached to it.

That does look really damn good.

But is it better than these thighs?

“My hound, I have something far better for you,” Zurie says, holding up… another bone, but one made out of chocolate?

What’s Snow got for me?

Nothing, it seems like. All she has when I look up at her again are sad eyes. She must be disappointed that she doesn’t have anything to offer me.

But, this is the first time I’m getting a look at the rest of her body. She’s toned but soft in all the right places, has got some killer collarbones, and a pretty nicely-sized bust. Her tits might not be as big as Zurie’s, but they’re definitely nice.

Plus she actually has some unlike somebody.

“Woofen!” Elanah whines.

“What? Fuck, can ya read my thoughts or something?” I bark.

“Yes! Stop looking at their chests! I – I have one you can look at…”

“No ya don’t, and since when can ya understand me and read my mind?”

“Since forever!”

“Wait, ya serious?”

“I am!”

“Does that surprise you, my hound? We have always been able to understand you,” Zurie says,

“You too? Seriously?”

“I am very serious. Now, would you like to partake in some of this establishment’s games?”

“What about those bones?”

“You can enjoy them while you play, can you not?”

“Ya aren’t wrong about that.”

And so, a moment later, I find myself back on Zurie’s chest sitting at a table with some of the ugliest bastards I’ve ever seen. Not only that, but each and every one of them looks damn jealous about my bed.

Poor bastards will never get to experience this.

To make this even better, Elanah is standing next to us with the steak bone and chocolate bone, ready to hold them out for me whenever I feel like taking a bite or lick of one, while Snow stands to our other side with a mug of – actually, I don’t know what’s in it, but I’m sure it’ll make me forget anything that happens after drinking it. She’s even got a cigar for me.

Bones, alcohol, a cigar, tits, and cards.

What more could a pup ask for?

“What is your choice, Woofen?” Zurie asks, holding my hand of cards up for me.

I take a puff of the cigar and say, “Call.”

The men around the table place down their cards for all to see. Zurie does the same with mine.

While the men swear and shout at my superior hand, I get to enjoy a bone, Zurie’s fingers stroking my underside, and—

“Woofen?” Elanah asks.

“What? I’m not done with this bone yet,” I bark.

“Woofen? It’s time to—”

“I already won. I know how to play.”


“Can’t ya just let me play in peace?!” I growl, opening my eyes… to the sight of Elanah in her usual gear and the tower’s walls around us.

Damn it.

I should have known better that was all too good to be true.

“Sorry, Woofen. You were kicking your legs and whining, so I was scared you were having a bad dream. Are you okay?” Elanah asks.

That dream was the opposite of bad, damn it.

Though, now I’m wondering just how accurate my dream’s representation of Elanah’s bare chest is.

“W-Woofen? Why are you staring so hard at my chest?”

I wonder if I could get Elanah to go topless for me.

Then again, knowing just how crazy she is and how pent-up we both are, it’s only a matter of time before we get to have some fun together and I get to see them that way.

As for Snow… I’m disappointed I can’t see her legs anymore.

She should really show those weapons off more often if they’re anything like they were in my dream.

Elanah yawns and says, “Well… I feel awake now, so you can sleep now, Snow.”

Damn, just how much time passed already? I’m feeling pretty awake, too.

What I want to know more than that is why Snow is staring at me so intently.

“Do you want to use him as a pillow?” Elanah asks.

Snow nods and asks, “Can… I?”

“Yeah, but only this once since you kept watch. It – it wouldn’t be fair to keep him from you after you were watching out for us. Just don’t get used to it.”

Snow nods and comes over to replace Elanah’s spot on the ground next to me.

Seeing as how everything of Snow’s is bigger than Elanah, it’s even more uncomfortable having her head resting on me.

She looks happy, though.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl look as – I don’t know, at peace? Peaceful? Content? Whatever the right word or phrase is, I’ve never seen a girl look so relaxed like this before. It’s like, the moment she rested her head on me, all of her stress and worries instantly disappeared.

Does my fur have a secret power that I don’t know about or something? Something that makes everybody want to touch me and puts them at ease when they sleep on me?

Meanwhile, Elanah might have given Snow permission to sleep on me, but that doesn’t mean the board isn’t staring at us and pouting.

It’s going to be difficult falling back asleep while being stared at like – wait, isn’t it unfair that I get twice the sleep that they do?

Do they think that I need more sleep than them because I’m smaller or something? It’s going to be damn annoying if they think that, but I’m not going to complain. I’ll never complain about getting more sleep.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any interesting dreams while Snow slept on me. If I did, I can’t remember them.

And now we’re already getting ready to continue our descent of the tower’s floors. We pass the water around, eat some of the leftover fruits that we got from the floor above, and leave the gathering zone.

Time flies by way faster now that Elanah and Snow are on talking terms at least. It’s mostly Elanah who does the talking as we explore, but Snow occasionally says a sentence or two whenever she’s asked a question or has something to say.

I think that Elanah is happy to have somebody she can relate to who can actually talk back to her. As much as she might be obsessed with me, I’m not exactly a good conversation partner when I have no easy way of talking back to her.

Our descent continues.

We make it down to the fourteenth floor before our progress seriously slows down. The fourteenth floor is full of twisting tunnels with dozens of branches—many of which that lead to dead ends—and thick vegetation that we have to cut our way through with our weapons.

It also turns out that Snow is so worried about accidentally hurting anything that she won’t even swing her sword around to help us chop through the vines and bushes.

And the worst part about all the vegetation we have to cut through is that, by the time we realize we’re going down a dead end and have to turn around, the chopped vegetation is already regrown to get in our way.

At least we find the gathering zone to take a break in before we go back out to continue looking for the descending stairs.

Even so, we don’t make it down to the fifteenth floor by the end of the day. It’s annoying because we don’t make any more progress as far as the floors are concerned, but we do end up killing enough monsters that I level up.

With only six more levels to go until I hit level twenty-five and can then evolve again, I’m curious about what I’m going to get to evolve into.

If a cursed pup could evolve into a cursedhound, and I’m a hellfire pup, does that mean I’ll get to evolve into a hellfirehound? Is it all one word like with cursedhound or two words? Hellfirehound or hellfire hound?

I guess I’ll find out when I get to level twenty-five.

Will there be rare and elite variants of evolutions for me? Or will whatever evolution I get count as elite by default since I’m already an elite variant of a rare evolution?

I wonder if I’m going to be stuck with some annoying requirements again. I hope not. Dealing with those requirements was a pain in the ass and required me getting seriously fucking hurt just to evolve into this elite variant. Getting the rare evolution wasn’t too much of a pain, though.

I just really want to get onto the sixteenth floor so that I can start using my magic more. Playing around with magic is fun, especially when I get to bite monsters with it, and all of this vegetation will be gone when we hit the sixteenth floor.

Hang on, did I just think that biting monsters is fun?

Why am I getting excited about that? Since when is the thought of biting monsters fun?

I mean, I’ve never cared about killing monsters before, but I’ve never thought that biting them was fun.

Damn it. This body keeps on surprising me.

On the third day, we continue our search for the descending stairs to the fifteenth floor. I manage to increase the ranks of Sword Proficiency, Insectoid Slaying after cutting down some oversized bugs, Attack Interception thanks to taking a couple of hits for Elanah when she was already under attack, Claw Proficiency from when my sword got stuck in some roots and I had to scratch and bite the bastard I was fighting, and Parrying from fighting another bastard with tentacles.

Overall, it’s a productive day, and we even manage to find the descending stairs to the fifteenth floor. But, instead of going down them, we decide to wait until after the next time we sleep to do that. The fifteenth floor is going to be a significant leap in difficulty for us and we have no idea where the gathering zone will be if we get into trouble or need to rest, so we rest for a final night on the fourteenth floor.

The next day, we begin our exploration of the fifteenth floor.

“It’s so thick down here,” Elanah groans.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a girl say that.

Good times.

She’s right, though. The vegetation on this floor is so damn thick, but it’s the final floor like this before we can be done dealing with all of this annoying shit.

Then we get the joy of dealing with traps from the sixteenth floor and lower.

I sure am looking forward to that.

At least I already have a rank in Observation. I’m pretty sure that only one rank of that is required to get Trap Detection. Well, a rank in Observation and actually detecting traps. It should be easy to do the latter.

I think.

I mean, I might be in a new body now, but I still have all of my past experience when it comes to detecting traps, right? The only thing I’ve lost is the wisdom bonus from having Trap Detection so high.

Today is going to be annoying. I hope that we’re at least able to get past this floor before the day is over seeing as how my neck is still feeling sore from having to cut through all the vegetation yesterday.

My neck can only handle so much swinging from side to side and biting plants isn’t exactly effective.

I’m not going to let Elanah do all the work, either.

“Uh, I… don’t know what to do,” Elanah says.

I don’t know what she’s talking about since I can’t see over the grass at all anymore, so she picks me up and gives me a look.

Yeah. I can see why she doesn’t know what to do.

To our left?

A dark zone.

Our right?

A dark zone.

Directly ahead of us?


Dark zone.

I forgot how massive this floor’s dark zone can be.

So, not only do we have to deal with all the bullshit from the previous floor even more now, but the tower has apparently decided to shuffle this floor for the week by shoving the dark zone right onto anybody who comes down here.

Dealing with dense vegetation and monsters hiding in it is one thing. Dealing with monsters hiding in the darkness and not being able to see anything is another thing.

Dealing with both at once is a really fucking annoying piece of shit, damn it.

It would be better, and infinitely safer, to just go back up to the fourteenth floor and wait until the tower shuffles its floors again. That should only be two or three days from now, I think.

The lower floors are going to take even more time, though, and Zurie wants us to get to the thirtieth floor by the end of the month. It’s already been – what, three or four days? I’ve lost track already, but I know that the end of the month was only about two weeks away from when we first came into the tower again.

That means… we really can’t afford to wait a couple of days or more.

We need to get through these floors.

It wouldn’t be a problem if Snow would help us fight, but she won’t.

could try causing another fire to burn away all this vegetation and maybe light up the dark zone a bit, but that would be risky. I don’t want to spawn a patrol of an abnormal on the fifteenth floor.

“We’ve got to keep going,” I bark.

Snow relays what I said to Elanah.

“Yeah,” Elanah says. “Woofen, is there anything you know about this floor that we should know?”

“Ya know those sticky-spitting bastards from above? Their webbing burns now if it gets on ya. There’ll be a bunch of poisonous roses, but they glow purple a bit, so keep your eyes open for them and ya should be fine. We can even use them to poison our weapons. Just got to make sure that ya don’t get pricked by their thorns or else you’ll be in serious trouble,” I bark.

“He said… webs will burn, glowing roses can poison you, and to… watch out for thorns?” Snow translates, obviously having trouble.

I guess I said too much at once for her to translate well.

“Tell her that if we get in serious trouble, I’ll set the tunnel on fire and we’ll run back here to wait it out on the stairs.”

Thankfully, Snow is able to translate that without completely butchering the message.

She did hesitate a bit at translating the “fire” word, though.

Before we get going, I should check to see what I’ve got to work with now.


Primary Title
Hellfire Pup
4 (9)
19 (24%)
E (Elite)
Life Attributes
Body Attributes
Regen Per Second
192 / 192
148 / 148
172 / 172
206 / 206
Average Combat Stats
Important Notes
Physical Attack
Physical Defense
Magic Attack
Magic Defense
Speed & Evasion
Critical Chance

I’ll take it.

Still a long, long way to go before I reach how strong I was as a human, but my life and body attributes are so much better than they were when I was a level nineteen human. It wouldn’t surprise me if I’ve got twice the stats as Elanah. If anything, I might be getting close to Snow depending on what that skill and title of hers do.

I just… really need to work on my luck. It hurts me to see it so low still.

Hang on, whatever happened to my lucky bone toss technique?

There are three available routes for us to take, each one looking equally shit, so this would be the perfect time for me to use lucky bone toss.

“Woofen?” Elanah asks as I step in front of her.

I turn my head to my right, my sword held between my fangs, and swing to the left and up before letting go!

“Lucky Bone Toss!” I bark.

“He… said ‘Lucky Bone Toss?’” Snow translates.

“Ya didn’t have to translate that,” I bark.

“Lucky… bone toss?” Elanah asks right as the sword lands, pointing to the tunnel to our right.

[Skill Acquired!

Coin Flip |R1|

+1 LCK

Increases your luck when you follow through with the gambles that you take.]

[Title Acquired!


Awarded for acquiring 50 skills.

+1 Proof

Decreases effect of not learning new skills when used as Primary Title.]

Huh. I actually got that skill from using Lucky Bone Toss enough times.

If I get it to ten then I can get my Lucky Dice skill back. Then, when I get that to ten, I can get Loaded Dice again!

I’m slowly making my way back to getting my favorite skills. I just have to do a lot more gambling to get them.

Alright. From now on, I’m going to use Lucky Bone Toss for every decision that needs to be made.

On another note… shit, I already hit fifty skills. Each skill is going to be harder and harder to learn at first from now on unless I use the Talented title.

So, do I keep Skilled as my primary title so that I can continue increasing the ranks of what skills I already have at a faster rate, or do I use Talented so that I don’t miss out on potentially learning new skills?

I think I’ve got to go with Talented. Skilled can always be used to help increase my skills’ ranks later, but Talented will make sure I actually get more skills. The more ranks for skills that I have to increase, the better.

Set Primary Title to Talented.

[Primary Title Changed to:


Awarded for acquiring 50 skills.

+1 Proof

Decreases effect of not learning new skills when used as Primary Title.]

Alright. Now we can continue with our exploration and into the fifteenth floor’s dark zone.

I lift my paw and point to our right.

“That way?” Elanah asks.

I bark up at her, pick up my sword, and take the lead.

At least I have the mental image of Zurie, Elanah, and Snow in those revealing uniforms to help relax me from how pissed off this floor has made me.

All I have to do is imagine them at the end of this floor and I should be more motivated to—


I look up and jump to the side.

I was barely able to dodge the sticky webbing that was just shot at me. As for the grass that it landed on, it’s already dissolving thanks to the web.

Thanks to Night Sight, I can see the Magnurr corrosive peripatus on the ceiling tracking me with its eyestalks.

It shots another shot of webbing at me that I’m able to dodge, but it gets onto my sword which sticks it to the ground.

Damn it.

How the fuck am I supposed to kill something up on the ceiling that can just keep on shooting at me from there without any way to fight ba—

“Void Missile!”

Elanah’s spell tears straight through the monster’s squishy head, instantly killing it and dropping it to the ground.

I miss having my throwing knives, but at least Elanah is here.

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