[Vol. 1 pt. 35] Training, Sticks, and Skills
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Alright, I got my bone back, took a nap, healed up, and am good to go.

My hip and side are still pretty sore, and both have obvious lumps for bruises whenever I turn my head to look back at them, but I’ve got full health which is all that really matters. If anything, I might get to increase Pain Tolerance’s rank by dealing with how sore I feel.

Whether I’m in a human’s body or a puppy’s body, I guess that being sore is just part of the job.

Damn. Now I feel old again even though my body is brand new.

Anyways, time to get down to the seventh floor. That’s where the goblin sorcerers should be unless a rare one pops up on this floor.

Time to find the stairs.


This might be more difficult than I thought it would be.

I guess I never really thought about it before since I could have easily killed all these monsters as a human, but… they’re way more grouped up on this floor. That lone giant tower rat is the only monster on its own that I’ve seen since reached this floor. Every other monster has been in groups of at least two to three, and I even saw a pack of five goblins with an orc at one point.

That orc is probably going to level up and evolve if nobody manages to take it and its followers out within the next few days. Though, it didn’t seem special at all from a regular orc, so I doubt it has the potential to become a roaming boss.

Back to the difficulty problem, since I can’t just turn invisible like some psychotic elf girls can, there’s no way for me to sneak around and explore for long without getting seen and having to run away.

So, that is why I must wait and be a patient pup.

What am I waiting for?

A distraction.

And here comes the distraction that I’ve been waiting for.

To the right of the hole I’m currently hiding in is a group of giant tower rats. I might be able to kill one on my own, but there’s no way I can handle more than one. That means I’m definitely not going to try my luck against three of them.

Meanwhile, now standing just outside of where I’m hiding are two adventurers. I’m assuming that they’re adventurers, anyways, going by the fact that they’re whispering to each other and I can see metal boots.

The two sets of boots charge forward.

I’ll wait a few seconds to see if there’s any backliner to follow them. The last thing I need is to get sandwiched between some adventurers.

Unless they’re adventurers with nice tits, and they plan on sandwiching me with those instead of their weapons.

That’d be nice.

Nobody goes running after the first two, so I poke my head out just to check one last time.

I’m clear. Those two adventurers are swinging their swords around while kicking the rats away whenever they go for their legs.

King Pup, max speed charge!

One of the rats notices me, but it gets stabbed in the side.

“Is that a puppy?” one of the men asks after I’ve run past them.

Now just to hope that there aren’t any serious threats up ahead.

There were, of course.

There was also another hole to hide in.

More importantly, those adventurers have continued coming this way.

“No way that puppy got past them. Where’d it go?” one of the guys asks.

“No idea,” the other answers.

I see one pair of boots turn toward the hole’s entrance. “Think it might be hiding in one of the spawn holes?”

“Eh. Even if it is, it’s just a puppy. Not worth spending any time on.”

“It was acting like an abnormal. A normal pup shouldn’t even be down here.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s better off to not let an abnormal live. Let me check this h—”

“Gotta deal with them first.”

The sound of the goblin group rushing towards the adventurers reaches my hiding spot.

I have a feeling that I know exactly how my little adventure here is going to go.

While they’re busy fighting again, I charge out from my hole, run past them, and surely enough come across another of monsters up ahead for me to hide in a hole from.

Then the adventurers progress up this way, get into a fight with the monsters, and I use that distraction to run past them again.

This process happens one more time before I’m finally able to run more than one stretch of tunnel without running into any groups of monsters.

At least the seventh floor should be back to having stronger, but individual, monsters if my memory is correct. It’s just this sixth floor that is a major pain in the puppy ass because of how many monsters are grouped up.

I guess it makes sense, though. This floor is more of a “check” to make sure that adventurers will be able to handle what comes after this. Since it’s hard to guess how difficult it will be if there is only one monster available at a time, multiple monsters are thrown at them at once. If they can handle weaker monsters that are grouped up and fighting together, then they can handle stronger monsters who are on their own.

All this floor really has compared to the previous one are giant tower rats and the evolved version of those snotty worm bastards. They won’t be out of the dark zone, though, so I shouldn’t have to worry about them.

Now, I’ve finally found the stairs to the seventh floor.

I can see the point where the rocky walls turn into purple bricks from here.

The seventh floor is meant to give adventurers their first taste against “intelligent” monsters, and that’s where I’m going to find some sorcerers to get what I need to evolve.

“There!” one of the men from before shouts.

Shit. They went through those orcs faster than I thought they would.

Guess I better hurry down these stairs.

And now that I’ve tripped, I’m falling down the stairs.