[Vol. 1 pt. 36] Training, Sticks, and Skills
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[Skill Acquired!
Falling Resistance |R1|
+1 VIT
Increases your resistance to damage taken from falling.]

Damn it.

This tiny body has got some bounce to it. I can’t even count how many times I flipped, bounced, and rolled while falling down those steps.

I also completely forgot about Falling Resistance being a skill.

Always did think it was a stupid name since it makes it sound like I can resist falling. Wouldn’t I just slowly float down to the ground then? Or not fall at all?

“Sh-should we go after it? I’d feel kind of bad hurting it after seeing it fall like that,” one of those annoying bastards chasing me says.

Now I’m sore all over.

Well, as degrading as it is to know that they saw that pathetic fall, at least they might leave me alone.

“It’s not worth chasing. Let’s just report it as an abnormal once we leave,” the other man says.

Ah, shit.

I forgot that the only alternative to them not killing me is either me killing them or getting reported as an abnormal, and there’s no way I’ll be able to take them down.

“Yeah, you’re right,” the first guy says.

Now they’re walking away, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Well, if a quest gets put up to hunt an abnormal puppy, I shouldn’t have to worry too much as long as nobody who’s accepted it comes across me.

Now then, with my whole body feeling sore, it’s time to get to hunting.

It’s much easier moving around down here since there aren’t as many grouped monsters as on the last floor.

The only trouble is that everything is stronger now. Whereas the last floor had grouped monsters, there were stronger and weaker variants of them mixed together. Now, all the goblins here should be armored at least, the orcs should start having weapons and be even fatter, and—

Just as I was thinking about it.

A frilled Magnurr rattler.

Stronger venom than a regular Magnurr rattler, and it can spit said venom.

Oh, and it has a slightly acidic effect now.

I can’t let it hit me, but I really want to get some of it to coat the tip of my bone in.

Guess I’ve got to kill it.

The frilled, oversized lizard turns to look at me and expands the colorful frills around its neck.

Yep. It wants to eat me.

It rears its head back before thrusting it forward, spitting some of its venom at me which I’m barely able to dodge out of the way from in time.

I forgot just how fast these bastards can actually spit.

Alright, King Pup. Be smart and play it safe.

I wonder if the strategy I used against a king variant of these bastards would work.

I mean, it should work, but it’ll be harder to pull off since my target will be smaller and I’m going to be at a greater risk of getting bitten. That’s the opposite of playing it safe.

But I don’t know if I’ll be strong enough to bite through its hardened scales.

Another spray of venomous spit gets shot at me.

Must be nice having an attack like that which doesn’t require a skill.

“Ya’ve got shit aim,” I bark at it, causing it to rattle its tail at me. “Ooh. So threatening.”

It charges at me.

This is a risky plan. Seriously risky.

But I believe in myself to pull it off even if I’m in the body of a puppy.

It spits venom at me two more times before it’s close enough to try and bite me.

Rather than dodge out of the way, I counter its attack by aiming my bone so that it stabs into the monster’s mouth and into one of its venom glands.

[Frilled Magnurr Rattler took 18 damage!]

I immediately pull my bone out and jump away before its venom has a chance of getting onto me.

Instead of getting onto me, the ruptured gland leaks venom out into the monster’s mouth.

It shakes its head in pain as the acidic effect gets to work slowly dissolving whatever it touches. The effect is only meant to dissolve just enough skin for the venom to get past it and into a target’s body, but all the venom from that gland is leaking out into its mouth now.

And the interior of the mouth is much more vulnerable than skin is.

Not only that, but the venom is getting soaked into whatever it dissolves through. The lizard won’t be ingesting the venom despite being in its mouth so much as the venom will be injecting itself into its owner.

Its limbs lock up as the paralytic effect of the venom takes place.

Whatever venom that leaks out from its mouth lands on the brick floor and sizzles for a couple of seconds.

Now then.

I walk over to its nearest leg, let go of my bone, and try to bite it.

Yeah. It’s scales are too hard now for me to bite through. I’m not even doing a single point of damage trying to bite it.

I pick up my bone and try to stab it into the leg.



How am I supposed to kill this bastard other than by stabbing the inside of its mouth over and over again?


I think my only option is to put a new entry onto my top ten list for most brutal kills.

First, I get some distance between us and then charge straight at its side, jump up, and slam into it to knock it over!

Next, since it’s on its side now and still locked up from its own venom, I walk up to where its head is.

The slitted eye can hardly even move to follow me.

The slitted eye doesn’t get to move at all after I stab my bone into it.

[Frilled Magnurr Rattler took 20 damage!]

Shit, at this point, I just want to hurry up and kill it for its own sake. The inside of its mouth is being dissolved by its own venom, and now I’ve stabbed a bone into one of its eyes.

But the only way to kill it is to keep on going for this weak point, so…

I lift the bone out and stab it back into its eye over and over again until it dies.

[Frilled Magnurr Rattler took 15 damage!]
[Frilled Magnurr Rattler took 17 damage!]
[Frilled Magnurr Rattler slain!]

There we go.

Not getting to level up sucks, though, and it’s taking so long to increase my skills’ ranks… why am I being stupid?

There’s no point in using this current title if I can’t actually level up.

Set Primary Title to Skilled.

[Primary Title Changed to:
Awarded for acquiring 25 skills.
+1 Proof
Increases progress gained toward raising skill ranks when used as Primary Title.]

I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner.

Now to get my prize.

Being careful to avoid getting any of the dead lizard’s venom on me, I stand next to its mouth and press the side of the bone’s tip against its intact venom gland.

Venom continues spraying out of its fang until I stop applying pressure to the gland.

[Extraction increased to rank 4!]

There we go.

Now, while the dissolving effect of this new coating for my bone won’t be as strong as it would be if it was coming straight from the glands, the paralytic effect will be a good deal stronger than before. Even an orc will get fully paralyzed from this.

Taking down a goblin sorcerer will be easy as long as I can get even one stab in on it.