[Vol. 1 pt. 37] Training, Sticks, and Skills
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While hunting for a magical goblin bastard to kill, I’ve come to realize something.

I might need to replace my bone soon.

It wasn’t strong enough to penetrate that evolved lizard’s scales, and it can’t break through shitty goblinite in a single strike either. Orcs won’t have anything resembling armor for a few more floors other than their fat, but they’re going to have a lot of fat starting on this floor. A proper sword or even a spear is going to be required to deal any real damage to them unless I go for the face again.

My only real strategy now for any monsters other than evolved rats and goblins is to paralyze them, get them to fall over, and then go for the face.

But I don’t want to lose my bone.

I’ve never really been one to place sentimental value in things, but… I’m attached to this bone as weird as that is to me.

This bone has been with me since my first day as a pup, and it’s saved me a few times now. Whether it’s been helping me block attacks or to stab oversized lizard’s eyes, this bone has been a massive help.

Also, it’s tasty and fun to chew on.

I can’t just abandon it.

Well, as long as I don’t try going down to any deeper floors, it won’t get any more ineffective than it already is now. I’m only on this seventh floor for the goblin sorcerers. Once I’ve found what I’m hunting for and have killed one, I can just go back to hiding on the sixth floor and wait for that girl to come back down here.

If there’s one good thing about her having used the F word on me, it’s that I can trust she’s going to come back for me no matter what.

Now, where are the goblin sorcerers at?

If I remember correctly, they tend to stick around the paths leading to and from the gathering zone. Stronger monsters usually do that in general.

But I have no idea where the gathering zone is, so all I can do is roam around and hope that I come across it while also hoping that nothing stronger than I can handle comes across me.

And so, I look.

And I look.

And I keep on looking.

[Sneaking increased to rank 6!]

At least I’ve got that going for me since I haven’t come across any goblin sorcerers. All I’ve been able to find are some more armored goblins and a couple of fat orcs.

My body is still sore from that fall, too.

I wish I could level up.

Or at least evolve.

Well, I could evolve right now if I wanted to, but not to what I want to evolve into.

Now I’m remembering that I still need to get Throat Ripper up to ten.

I still need some more kills, too, so I guess I’ll start…

Oh. Well, I’m stupid.

I could just force a goblin sorcerer to spawn by picking on the armored goblins enough.

Either I’ll kill enough armored goblins that a goblin sorcerer spawns or I’ll come across a goblin sorcerer on its own.

Time to hunt.


[Armored Tower Goblin slain!]
[Vital Targeting increased to rank 7!]
[Bleed Attack increased to rank 6!]
[Venom Attack increased to rank 5!]

Three ranks up all at once. Very nice.

Onto the next one.

[Armored Tower Goblin slain!]
[Blade Proficiency increased to rank 9!]

Only one more until that’s up to rank ten.

Speaking of rank ten… didn’t I hit rank ten for Bite Proficiency?

Yeah, that’s right. It happened back when I killed Saylee.

I forgot to check it out afterwards.

Information: Bite Proficiency.

[Bite Proficiency |R10|
+10% damage dealt with biting attacks.
Skill Specializations Available!]

Information: Bite Proficiency, Skill Specializations.

Skill Specializations: Bite Proficiency
NameForceful Bite |R1|
Name: Bleeding Bites |R1|
Type: Trigger
Type: Passive
Requirements: 20 STR, 1 proof
Requirements: Bleed Attack |R5|, 1 proof
3 SP
Force your fangs through stronger materials to damage your enemy.
+25% damage and increased penetration for next attack using your fangs.
+10% damage dealt with biting attacks.
Bleeding effects caused by your bites deal more damage.

I wonder how many other specializations there are for this skill that it’s not showing me.

Anyways, at one proof each, with my evolution also going to cost one proof, I need to choose between Forceful Bite and Bleeding Bites.

Forceful Bites might help with the problem I’m having against the monsters on this floor being either armored with shitty metal or scales, or being way too fat. It’s also a cheaper and simpler trigger skill than Throat Ripper is.

Almost every single attack with my bites results in my targets bleeding. That increased bleeding damage will stack on top of the bonus from Bleed Attack, so if I ever have to go up against anything with an annoying amount of health regeneration again, this would help counter that.

I think I definitely need to get Bleeding Bites. Forceful Bite could be useful, but as a trigger skill, it isn’t that necessary since I already have Throat Ripper.

Then again, I could stack Forceful Bite with Throat Ripper for even more damage and increased penetration since Throat Ripper makes use of my fangs already.

But Bleeding Bites would also stack with Throat Ripper in a way since Throat Ripper always makes whatever I use against it bleed a lot.

I do have four proofs, and these two would only cost a proof each, so it’s possible to just get them both.

And even if Forceful Bite isn’t that great right now, I might be able to advance it as well once it hits rank ten.

Fuck it.

Information: Skill Specializations Unlock, Forceful Bite and Bleeding Bites.

[Do you wish to unlock the following skills for two proofs?]
[Forceful Bite |R1|
3 SP
Force your fangs through stronger materials to damage your enemy.
+25% damage and increased penetration for next attack using your fangs.]
[Bleeding Bites |R1|
Bleeding effects caused by your bites deal more damage.]
[Yes] [No]

I choose yes.

[Skill Acquired!
Forceful Bite |R1|
3 SP
Force your fangs through stronger materials to damage your enemy.
+25% damage and increased penetration for next attack using your fangs.]
[Skill Acquired!
Bleeding Bites |R1|
Bleeding effects caused by your bites deal more damage.]

At least the goblin sorcerer should be even easier to kill now.

If only I could find one or force one to spawn.