[Vol. 1 pt. 38] Training, Sticks, and Skills
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One nap later and I’m… and I’m waking up just in time for the weekly shuffle.

No matter how many times I hear that bell ring, it’s always going to creep me the fuck out. It’s like whoever built that bell designed it to be as creepy and as attention-catching as possible… which does make sense.

Creepy. Seriously creepy.

And being in such a tiny body makes this whole experience even worse.

The entire tunnel shakes. Walls and floors break apart to slide into new positions, forming new mazes for everybody to get lost in.

One section of tunnel slides right past mine, and I can see a few orcs in it bracing against the wall to make sure they don’t fall over.

I bet it’d be a pain in the ass for them to get up after falling with how fat they are.

Once the tower is done shuffling, I should prioritize finding the stairs to get up again to get that out of the way with. Having an escape route to the higher floor is important. Besides, that crazy abyssal is going to be looking for me there either later or tomorrow.

Yeah, with that logic, I should get back up there as soon as possible even though I haven’t found any goblin sorcerers yet. If the tower is shuffling, allowances will be reset, and she’ll be free to come down here.

Though, if she’s smart, she’ll wait a bit so that she doesn’t have to deal with everybody rushing to the tenth floor’s boss.

By that same logic, I shouldn’t look for the stairs yet either since most people are going to be near them.

I guess I’ll stick to roaming and hiding as soon as the shuffle is done.

Speaking of which, since things are starting to slow down, it should almost be ov—

There is a goblin sorcerer standing in front of me in the tunnel that’s almost past mine.

It’s standing in the tunnel that’s going by, and the tunnel coming after it is most likely going to be the one to lock in place against mine.

I’m not going to let this opportunity go to waste.

There is just barely enough speed in these stubby legs to carry me over to the small opening connecting our tunnels.

All I get is one jump, and all I need is one jump.

I clear the opening and safely land in the other tunnel, the goblin sorcerer staring at me and not wasting any time raising his wand to attack me.

Looks like some sort of green gem is embedded in the wand, so it’s attuned to earth.

The goblin’s high-pitched voice cracks out some unintelligible words, causing the bricks beneath my paws to open up and try to trap me within them.

I may be in the body of a pup now, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to fall for such amateur-tier magic.

The tunnels come to a sudden stop and cause the goblin to lose its focus for just a second.

And that second is all I need.

I charge at it and thrust the venom-tipped end of the bone into its exposed stomach.

[Tower Goblin Sorcerer (Earth) took 21 damage!]

It cries out in pain, reaching one hand down to try and smack me away, but I jump away before it has a chance to hit me.

Damn. This is easy. Seriously easy.

The goblin casts one more spell.

Unfortunately for the goblin, I can recognize what spell it’s casting by the annoying way that it shouts out the spell’s name.

I may not be able to understand the language of goblins, but I’ve killed enough of them to recognize the names for their attacks.

A dozen fragments of stone rise up from the bricks making up the floor and shoot straight at me.

Too easy.

Because the goblin had to aim the spell downward to try and hit me, all I have to do is jump backward to dodge it.

And that’s exactly what I do.

The goblin falls to its knees and tries to raise its wand once more, but the venom’s effect is too strong now.

It’s done for.

“Listen, I don’t have anything against ya, but I really need that wand of yours,” I bark at the goblin while walking up to it.

It crosses its eyes to look at me as it struggles to breathe.

With how small its body is, and with how strong this new venom coating my bone is, it makes sense for its body to react this way.

There is no stopping King Pup, and there is no stopping King Pup’s Lucky Bone Sword now featuring even stronger venom than before!

Shit. Wait.

How am I going to carry around a bone and wand?

There’s no way that I can carry both around in my mouth. The only solution I can think of is walking ahead, dropping one, going back for the other, walking ahead, dropping it, and repeat.

That would take forever, especially when it comes to going back up the stairs.

I already have to keep my mouth open wide just to hold this bone, and that wand isn’t much thinner!

Now I’m pissed off for having to try and decide between a wand and a bone.

Fuck you for pissing me off, you goblin bastard.

[Tower Goblin Sorcerer (Earth) took 17 damage!]
[Tower Goblin Sorcerer (Earth) took 23 damage!]
[Tower Goblin Sorcerer (Earth) took 19 damage!]
[Tower Goblin Sorcerer (Earth) slain!]

All that time spent hunting for this bastard, only to find it and then realize I’m screwed, has pissed me off.

What’s equally enraging is the fact that I know the wand is more important than some used-up bone, but this is my bone!

Whatever. At least I can drop the bone for now to check out this wand.

Information: Evolution: Hell Pup.

Evolution: Hell Pup
Name: Hell Pup
Rank: E (Rare)
Description: A cursed pup that has been exposed to demonic energy and excels in physical combat.
Primary Attributes: STR, VIT
Secondary Attributes: INT, WIS, DEX
Cleared Requirements
Be a level 10 Cursed Pup
1 Proof
30 VIT
Bite Proficiency |R10|
Consume the blood of any demon
Missing Requirements
25 STR Any |R10| physical, damaging trigger skill
Kill 50 total enemies  
Elite Variations
Name: Hellearth Pup
Rank: E (Elite)
Description: An elite variant of the hell pup that has been exposed to earth magic and is capable of utilizing such magic during combat.

Primary Attributes: STR, VIT, INT

Secondary Attributes: WIS, DEX

Cleared Requirements
Possession of any earth-attuned item
Missing Requirements
20 INT | 30 WIS | Kill 100 total enemies

Ah, shit. So, all I would really become is a hell pup but with earth magic.

Is that even any good?

Well, when I think about it, it was a pain in the ass taking anybody out who could cover themselves in rocks. Golem animators were even more annoying.

Being able to cover myself in a rocky shield would be useful. I’d basically be like a dog made out of rock at that point.

But that would probably slow me down way more than I’d like.

I’m guessing any other elite variations are more or less the same. Depending on whatever item I have attuned to an element, that’s what element I could evolve to have.

That girl knows void magic, so she might have some void-attuned items. If that’s the case… could I become a hellvoid pup? Is that even a thing? What if I have two items? A hellvoidearth pup? That just sounds stupid.

I drop the wand and look over the dead goblin.

I’m hungry.

While I eat, I’ll figure out what to do with the bone and wand situation, and then think about getting back up to the sixth floor.