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“I mean, don’t you think? I don’t remember too well what it was like before since I was only a little kid, but my mum loves our new vampire overlords.”

Some time later.

“Want to hear about the time I almost cut my arm off? I’ve still got a scar where I got cut, see?”

More time later.

“That’s why I think that it’s better to bring an extra tank instead of an extra healer if you have to choose between them.”

And more time later.

“Basically, that’s why I think foxes are better than dogs, but dogs are better than cats. Cats are great if you have a bunch of rats running around, but that’s not really a problem these days. I hear that you only have rats if you’re doing something worth being watched – like the rats are spies. Not sure if I believe that myself. I mean, rats working for the vampires? Wouldn’t they have bats working for them instead? Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve never seen bats around vampires. Maybe that’s just a rumor?”

Yet even more time later.

“This shield is great! I kind of feel bad for leaving my old shield behind, but it was cheap and I really didn’t need to carry it around. Besides, no monsters are going to get their hands on it in the boss room.”

Floor after floor.

Solo discussion after solo discussion.

It never ends.





Apparently, after that last boss battle, he thinks that we’ve bonded as a group and now he’s all chatty and sociable like the annoying little fuck that he is.

It doesn’t even matter if anybody responds to him or not. He’s perfectly happy just talking to himself and assuming that we’re listening to whatever so-damn-interesting topic that he’s rambling about.

It’s absolutely insufferable.

I’ve told Snow to tell him numerous times to shut the fuck up already, but she refuses to translate my words with the harshness that they require to get him to actually shut the fuck up.

And then there’s Elanah.

She’s the only one who can make Vysan shut up.

Whenever he’s rambling about some annoying topic, if he looks her way, he’ll see just how annoyed she looks and then bring the topic to an end.

But even Elanah won’t just tell him to shut up and stay that way.

Snow is just too damn nice to tell him what he needs to hear.

Elanah… maybe, deep down, she actually doesn’t hate men as much as she likes to pretend that she does.

Or maybe she knows how awkward it would be if she told him what he needs to hear.

I don’t fucking know.

All I know is that I’m annoyed and want to get out of this tower so that we can get the fuck away from him.

He’s even worse now that we know how much of a vampire fan he is.

But I guess that I can’t blame him for that.

After hearing that story about the fucked-up situation his mom was in with her “employers,” any son would love whoever could free his mom from that.

His mom’s supposed ability to stay cheerful regardless of the situation must be part of why this bastard is so annoying.

But there is good news.

We’ve been making really damn good progress. Seriously good progress.

He wasn’t completely wrong about thinking we’ve bonded. Well, mostly wrong, but not completely wrong.

I just think that we’ve “bonded” in a different way than what he thinks.

While he thinks we’re all friends and shit now, I think that we’ve just learned how to fight using each other’s strengths.

Between his ability to block any attack from these floors with that new shield of his, Elanah’s ability to get behind any enemy to stab them in their weakest spots, and my ability to – well, kill things in general, we’ve flawlessly made it down a few more floors.

Snow hasn’t been getting to do anything other than carry our belongings since Vysan has been enough of a tank… but she hasn’t seemed to mind that. If anything, she seems happier getting to relax and stay in the back outside of the combat than having to step in and help us.

So, she’s a damn good shield when we need her, but she really doesn’t want to be one.

At least she’s not completely useless. She just wants to be useless.

I seriously have no idea what Zurie wants to do with her.

Zurie said that Elanah is filling the role that she had planned for Snow or something like that, so… Snow is supposed to be the annoying girl who always stays with me and fights with me.

But she’s afraid of fire and doesn’t even like to fight.

So, what’s the point?

Am I supposed to babysit her?

Is the whole point of her being around that she can jump in when necessary to save us? Is she nothing more than a last-second shield?

“See? We wouldn’t even need to trade with those other cities if we switched what crops we grew. I get that the current crops the farmers are growing are better for trade and make the city more money, but we wouldn’t need more money for trading if we were self-sufficient from the surrounding farmland.”

Vysan must have been talking some more.

And going by Elanah’s twitching hand on the handle of her blade… I’m going to start worrying for him if he doesn’t learn to shut up.

At least he knows to keep his voice down. The current floor doesn’t really carry sound all that well, but it’s still good to stay quiet when possible.

But I’ve got to admit that I’m really tired of this tower now.

There is nothing special about these floors since I’ve seen them all before as a human. That extends to the monsters, too.

We’re on the twenty-fourth floor and all we’re fighting are evolved variants of goblins, orcs, hounds, snakes – they’re all so damn generic.

We’re going to start encountering demons when we get to the twenty-fifth floor, but there isn’t going to be much variety in those, either.

I wonder what the other world towers are like.

I’ve heard of that one in the ruined city being full of undead, corpses, and bones. What was that one bastard singing about in the bar that one time? Some brave adventurers going in with holy magic and flaming weapons to cleanse the souls of those who were turned into monsters of the tower?

Shit, now I’m remembering just how creepy that tower sounds.

A tower that doesn’t spawn its own monsters. Instead, it supposedly uses underground roots to pull corpses from all the graveyards on the continent to bring back to life.

Seriously creepy.

Then there’s that world tower out in the ocean – the one that has an entire city built inside of its upper floors and around the tower on the outside. Need special equipment to go descend the tower’s floors since they’re mostly underwater and full of monsters from the ocean.

No idea if the legends about that place are true or not, but I’ve always thought it’d be interesting to see a city built around a tower using the tower as a support beam – a city that’s high enough above the ocean to stay out of the way from all the waves and storms.

Seriously interesting.

Then there’s this tower.

Just a boring tower with a city built around it and full of basic monsters that can be found in any forest.

Seriously boring.

There are so many unique world towers in the world… and then there is this one.

Well, when I think about it, I guess the others would be kind of boring if I lived around them. People at that jungle tower probably don’t think that a bunch of monsters covered in bright scales with massive mouths aren’t anything special but might be surprised to see goblins and orcs. Same thing with the ocean tower. And the undead tower, not that anybody actually lives around it anymore.

I wonder if anybody managed to get into that frozen tower in the fourteen years that it took me to reincarnate as a damn puppy.

If I’m remembering correctly… they only found that tower a few months before I was killed.

A tower covered in magical ice in that frozen wasteland.

The bastards crazy enough to sail that far south in the first place are damn crazy.

I’d need a lot of damn fur if I ever go down there.

Or a really thick coat.

Wait, could I even wear a coat?

A puppy in a winter coat…

Damn, that is a pretty cute image.

Not me. I’m not the cute image. A generic puppy in a winter coat is the image.

Damn it. Whenever I imagine puppies, I imagine myself.

And now that I’ve randomly thought about it…

Thunderstorms were always annoying when I was a human because of how loud they were.

Now that I’m a puppy and have got better hearing…

Aren’t they going to be way too damn loud?

I’m not looking forward to hearing my first thunderstorm as a puppy.

I’m going to be miserable the entire time, probably.

Even just hearing that crack of lightning whenever Snow uses her magic hurts my ears.

I’m annoyed just thinking about it.

I’m also annoyed by how damn repetitive these floors are.

We seriously need to hurry up and get to the twenty-fifth floor. At least demons will give us somewhat more of a challenge.

But this talkative bastard is not going to have a fun time if he’s claustrophobic.

At least I should be fine with how small I am now.

Actually, yeah. Now that I’m thinking about it, those floors are going to be way easier for me than they were before since I’m smaller now.

Snow is probably going to feel the most cramped there since she’s the biggest out of all of us. Elanah should be fine, too, since she’s as petite as she is.

But Vysan is just large enough that he’s going to feel cramped.

I wonder if his reactions will be any good.

For now, though, all there is to do is continue heading down…


And down we have gone.

The annoying-but-easy twenty-first through twenty-fourth floors have been cleared in just a couple of days since we defeated the boss on the twentieth floor.

Those floors annoying because of the repetitive monsters and the twisting tunnels that made it like a maze, but we still got through them in good time.

At least I got another two levels from them. Only two away from evolving now.

Some people like to call those floors “celebration” floors for making it to them. They’re nice and easy – well, easy in the sense that the scale of difficulty doesn’t match higher floors. Each of them was only slightly harder than the last whereas most floors are usually closer to twice as hard as the previous one.

That’s also why it’s damn near impossible to make it far after the thirtieth floor. The difficulty ramps up at an insane rate.

But that’s alright. We only have to make it to the thirtieth floor and then we’re good to go.

This is when things should start getting interesting again.

Then again, interesting isn’t a good thing in the tower unless it applies to some loot from a chest.

Cramped tunnels and demons…

Wait, aren’t demons resistant against fire? No immune, but more resistant to it than normal?

Damn it! I’m going to have even less of a reason to use my fire magic now!

I’m seriously going to burn the first bastard I see that doesn’t look resistant to fire.

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