[Vol. 1 pt. 39] Training, Sticks, and Skills
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I have realized something.

A wand… is just a fancy stick.

The more I look at this wand, the more it looks like a tempting stick to chew on and carry around.

But then there’s my bone.

My bone has been here for me since my first day as a pup.

But now there is a perfectly fine stick. Not only is it a stick that is the perfect size for me to hold in my mouth and to chew on, but it’s a fancy stick that can help me with evolution.

Stick, or bone?

Bone, or stick?

How is a pup supposed to choose?

In terms of usefulness, I should probably take the stick since I can use it to evolve.

No, wait.

The bone has been helping me out in fights. Its ability to envenom people thanks to the venom coating the tip has given me the chance to bite and tear with my fangs. Without my enemies being paralyzed by that venom, I would be at a much greater risk of getting hurt or killed.

It also does more damage than my fangs do, and it can parry attacks.

Damn it, how am I supposed to choose between a prime chewing stick and a prime bone?

Let’s try this anyways.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

My mouth just isn’t big enough to hold both at once without one slipping out every few steps.

I have to choose one or the other.

Should I keep my bone that has been making all of these fights easier and that will definitely help me stay alive, or should I keep the wand that will help me evolve?

Then again… is the wand even really important right now? Those other requirements listed needing one hundred kills as well as higher intelligence and wisdom than what I’ve got right now.

That’s a lot.

I didn’t know the requirements would be that much higher, so I can’t really call this a waste of time since I’ve at least learned something, but…

Yeah, I just need to keep my bone for now.

There is something that I can do with this stick before I leave it behind, though.

That’s better. I chewed on it until it broke in half.

At least I’ve got chewing on a stick out of my system now.

Back to my bone.

And now back to the upper floor.

As soon as I turn around to go and explore to find out where the stairs are, I find myself pup-to-goblin with another sorcerer.


Of course I find another one of these bastards right after realizing that I don’t need them yet.

Actually, there is one thing that I still need them for.

Getting that kill count up to one hundred.

[Tower Goblin Sorcerer (Earth) slain!]

I think I should be up in the thirties by now. Maybe later twenties.

This is probably the most I’ve ever killed in a short amount of time, and I’ve been pushing myself to hunt almost as much as I possibly can whenever I’m not napping or debating about whether to choose between a bone or a stick.

I want to chew on this other stick now.

It’s alright if I take a small puppy break to chew on this stick even if I did just get done chewing on that other one.

I mean, what’s the worst that could happen if I spend some time chewing on a stick in the middle of a hallway where I’ll be exposed to danger if anybody comes this way?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. No matter how dangerous I know this might be, when it comes to a stick, I just can’t resist.

That’s two sticks down.

I guess that Item Breaker skill won’t get unlocked if I’m just breaking random items by chewing on them instead of breaking them during combat.

That skill never did get too high. It was something more for berserking frontliners to rank up rather than somebody who just targeted weak points.

Now then.

Looking all around, there are no more goblin sorcerers appearing right when I am no longer looking for them.

I guess it’s safe for me to get back up to the other floor so that I can hopefully find Elanah for some more scratches.


No, what I meant to think was so that she can find me and get me out of here.

I just have to find the stairs again thanks to the shuffle.

Then again, I am kind of sleepy already and going for the stairs this soon will be dangerous.

What does that mean?

It means that it’s time to take a nap.

There’s even a convenient hole in the wall nearby.

Don’t mind if I do.

After crawling into the hole, I set my trusty bone down and cuddle up against it.

Cuddling with my bone is kind of dangerous right now.

If I lick it in my sleep, it’s going to paralyze me.

If I position it so that my face is near the blunt end rather than the point one, I might accidentally stab myself in the dick or something while I’m sleeping. Women have complained before about how much I can kick in my sleep, so if that’s still the case here, moving my lower half around while a pointed, venom-coated bone is pointing at it probably isn’t a good idea.

Sure, I might be tiny there, but I still want to keep what I have.

There’s always the chance it gets bigger when I evolve.

The best option would be to just not cuddle with my bone in my sleep.

But I tried that once, and when I woke up, I was cuddling with it.

Well, I haven’t been affected by cuddling with it before. Even if I do lick it enough to get affected by the venom coating, I’m in a hole outside of adventurers’ sights. I doubt a monster will come looking in holes for snacks, too. So, even if I do get paralyzed, I can wait for it to wear off.


Time to nap, and then it’s time to get back upstairs.

I’ll just have to hope that the abyssal girl is as obsessive as I’m afraid she is.