[Vol. 1 pt. 40] Training, Sticks, and Skills
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Naps are the best. Is there really anything better in life than getting to nap? Well, I guess women are better than naps. And gambling is better. And drinking. And smoking.

Alright, there are a lot of things better than napping, but napping is definitely in my top ten list for best things in existence.

I wonder if I can get a skill for napping all the time.

That should be a skill, shouldn’t it? Where’s my bonus for being a legendary napper?

There are never too many reasons to take naps, so I’ll be happy to get one more reason to justify napping.

And, going by the fact that I can stretch and yawn, I’m not paralyzed despite waking up to my bone being right in front of my mouth.


I’ll just—

“Man, I wish we could find a group to take down the boss,” some annoying guy outside of my hole says.

“Yeah, it’d be nice to get some materials from the boss,” another, just-as-annoying guy says.

I guess I’ll just wait for them to leave before leaving myself.

“Hey, the notice said that the target was hiding in the spawning holes, right?”


They’re right outside of the hole I’m hiding in.

Well, shit.

This might be bad. Seriously bad.

I guess that enough time has passed for those punks to report me, a quest to be posted, and for some new punks to discover the quest and come looking for me.

“What would a cursed pup even be doing this low?”

“No idea. The quest said it’s an abnormal, so it must be a dumb one. Not even a normal cursed pup would come down here on its own.”

“Maybe it just got really unlucky and kept on running away from everybody and ended up down here.”

“That’s some bad luck for it then.”

“Eh, it doesn’t really matter. A monster is a monster. Being an abnormal just means it’s smarter – or, I guess dumber in this case.”

“Yeah. Anyways, let’s check this hole out.”


One of them gets onto their hands and knees in front of the hole.

This is bad. Seriously bad. Way too bad.

If a fully equipped adventurer finds me while I’m in here, I’m absolutely fucked with no escape.

Maybe I should just risk it and run before he spots me. There’s a chance that he grabs me, or that one of them might be able to hit me from range, but… I can’t just—

“Hang on,” the one still standing says.

“What is it?”

“Looks like a patrol is coming this way. Just a few orcs, but… yeah, they’ve seen us. I wonder what it’d be like to be so fat that you make the floor shake when you walk.”

“Just ask your mom.”

“Come on, seriously? You’re still saying those jokes?”

“Sorry. I couldn’t resist,” the one on his hands and knees says before standing up and turning away from the hole.

Thank fuck.

“I’m punching you once I’m done punching those orcs.”


“Because of your stupid joke.”

“You’re calling your mom stupid? Wow, that’s harsh.”

I don’t see it, but I hear a loud hit.

“I thought you said you’d punch me after the orcs? Damn, that hurt.”


Damn annoying brats and their friendships.

At least they’re gone.

I’ll just get my bone and get out of here.

“He-hey! The puppy was in there!” one of the men shouts as I run off.

“Shit!” the other shouts.

Hah. This is what you bastards get for being slow and not checking out the hole sooner.

Let it be known that none will ever capture King Pup!

Unless I want to be caught. But, in order for me to want to get caught, my captor must be a beautiful woman with long legs, big tits, and a nice face.

Basically, she’s got to be like that vampire.

That damn vampire was my exact type up until the whole killing me and reincarnating me into the body of a puppy part.

Maybe she’s got a thing for puppies? That’s why she turned me into one?

Then again, if that was the case, I doubt she would have left me down here.

I’d be in her lap or somewhere else inside of her if she was into me how I want her to be into me.

Wait. Isn’t it fucked up for me to want some crazy vampire woman who killed me to be into me?

I guess it makes sense. Even though I know I’m supposed to avoid crazy women like her and the F-word-slinging elf, I always end up sharing a bed with them by the end of the night.

Now I’m imagining sharing a bed with both of them.

The abyssal elf on one side and the vampire on the other, each one wearing some sort of skimpy, transparent gown.

That’d be nice.

Especially if they both want to scratch behind my ears and rub my belly.

Damn it. Why am I thinking of that again when I could be thinking of something way more erotic?

Whatever. I just need to find that elf.

Fortunately, I find the stairs before long and there doesn’t seem to be any adventurers near it.

Getting back up onto the sixth floor is one of the easiest things I’ve done since my reincarnation.

At least it’s not all annoying.

Now, I just have to wait for her to…

What’s this?

Sniffing the air… I think I can smell her?

The more I look around and sniff, the stronger her scent becomes.

Damn. Puppy noses are impressive. Seriously impressive.

She must be looking around for me already if I can smell her this strongly. I doubt this is her scent from days ago… unless my nose is even stronger than I think it is.

I might as well try following the scent for now.

The sooner I can find her, the sooner I can make it onto a bed with at least one of the women in my fantasy.

Not that I want to be on a bed with her while getting my belly rubbed or anything.

There’s no way I’d want that.

Damn it.

I want that.