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The sight before me is one that any man would love. I am sure that there are just as many women who would love this sight, because who wouldn’t? Is it even possible to not enjoy the sight in front of my eyes?

Elanah and Snow are both stripping in front of me.

To my surprise, though, Snow seems the most nonchalant about this.

Her armor is coming off piece by piece without any hesitation whereas Elanah at least nervously glances at me every now and then.

Snow knows that I’m a man in this body, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all – she doesn’t seem to care the slightest about stripping in front of another man even if that man is in the body of a puppy.

And now she’s taking her breastplate off.

I’m finally, finally going to get to see what’s underneath there.

Are they going to be as big as I fantasized about in that dream?

Are they actually going to be just as small if not somehow smaller than the board’s?

No, that’d be impossible. To be smaller than the board’s… they’d have to reverse and go into her instead of sticking out at all, and I’m pretty sure that chests don’t work that way. If they do, I want to see it out of morbid curiosity.

Elanah is watching her, too. Probably to know if she should be jealous or not.

And as it turns out… she should be.

Snow might not be as busty as a certain vampire whose chocolate all goes into her chest, but she’s still got a pretty nice, soft looking pair inside of that undershirt she’s got on.

Plus she actually has some visible cleavage there unlike—

“Woofen,” Elanah says, grabbing my head by the sides to turn me away from looking at Snow. “It’s… if – if you want to look at somebody, then…”

She lets go of my head and, going by what she just said, I don’t think I need to look back at Snow.


Because Elanah has gripped her shorts and is sliding them off.

Slight indents are left on her hips where her shorts previously hugged her, and she takes her time in slowly pulling them down over her legs.

All she’s got left on her legs now are her black tights and what appears to be a pair of almost-as-dark underwear underneath them.

I don’t know what I should call those.

Panties? That’s the word my mind always goes to, but I’ve known a few ladies who’ve absolutely utterly despised their underwear being called that.

Those same women couldn’t give me a better option to call them that didn’t sound stupid, so I’m just going to stay with underwear even if it’s more basic sounding than how Elanah’s look.

And just as her shorts left indents in her skin, now her tights are.

I guess they’re called tights for a reason.

I have to admit, though. I’ve always been a major lover of when girls wear clothes that fit them just right or that are just too tight on them. Seeing where clothes push in on the skin to create an indent is just so damn sexy to me, especially when it comes to thighs.

And… has Elanah always been this damn cute?

This fucking feminine?

She might be making the most girlish expression I’ve ever seen her make. She’s red from her neck to her ears, and her ears are even twitching every now and then like some sort of dog.

I forgot that elven ears can behave like this.

And now she’s sliding her fingers underneath her tights, taking a hold of it before slowly rolling them down over her legs.

I think she’s just embarrassed… but this is probably the most erotic strip I’ve ever been shown. Girls trying to purposely be erotic while stripping can’t compare to this!

She pulls her tights off of her feet, leaving her in nothing but her underwear and the wet, white cloth around her chest.

I’m finally going to—

Wait, why’s it so dark all of a sudden?

And who’s lifting me up?!

Damn it! It was getting to the best part!

And now I’m wet up to my neck. I’ve been moved to deeper water.

The darkness finally ends and reveals that it was Snow’s hand the entire time.

And… now both Snow and Elanah are in the steamy water with water up to their necks, sitting in deeper water than where I’ve been left standing.

Damn it.

Damn it!

The water is too cloudy for me to see anything other than the outlines of their curves!

At least I can see that Snow does have some pretty nice curves. As for Elanah… I’m not learning anything that I didn’t already know. She’s straight up top and wide down below.

“You… didn’t have to do that,” Elanah tells Snow.

“I distracted him. You distracted him for me,” Snow replies.

“Well… yeah, but – but I distracted him because…”

Snow shakes her head and says, “Is okay. You did not have to, but thank you.”

I think these girls are on two different pages.

Two different, disappointing pages that make me hate everything.

But one of them decides to not be so disappointing.

Elanah reaches her arms above her head and stretches herself out to relax in the water, arching her back just enough to… poke out of the water with the small peaks of her chest.

And now, after just a second of letting me see that, she’s blushing and looking away while occasionally peeking over at me like she’s trying to see my reaction.


That was definitely on purpose.

And it’s a good thing that water is covering most of my body up right now.

“Woofen… c-come over here,” Elanah mumbles.

Seeing her this shy is pretty new.

I like it.

Seeing her like this makes me want to tease her and corrupt her, like pinning her against a wall with one hand while tilting her head back by her chin with my other hand. Just like what Zurie was about to do that one time, but I want to actually do it.

I can be smooth if I want to… when I’m not in a puppy’s body.

Either way, I walk over to her.

Walking through water with four, short legs covered in it is kind of strange feeling.

I also feel… weak?

But there aren’t any windows popping up telling me about how I’m affected by a negative effect or anything like that.

The only thing I can think of… is that maybe it’s because I’m a hellfire pup? Does being associated with fire mean that I don’t like being in water as much anymore? I mean, it’s only a slight discomfort and definitely tolerable, but it’s also noticeable.

“I’ll wash you, Woofen,” Elanah says, bringing cupped hands up and over my head to drop water down onto me.


Now I definitely don’t like this.

My body being submerged was fine, but my head getting soaked? No, I don’t like this.

I’m just going to—

“Wait!” Elanah says, grabbing onto me to stop me from hopping out of the water. “I – I have to make sure you’re all clean.”

“I don’t care about being clean, damn it!” I bark at her.

And I turn my head to look at her.

There is no escape.

Those hearts are back in her eyes and she has the look of a predator locked onto her prey.

“Zurie gave me this,” she says, reaching behind her to grab something off of the ground.

It looks like a small… pink ball of sorts?

“She said it’s really expensive but would be a nice way to relax if we find any water,” Elanah explains, dropping the ball into the water.

It immediately begins fizzling before bursting open and causing a reaction with the water, resulting in a swarm of pink bubbles coating the pool’s surface!

“This… this was made—”

Snow seems to know the origin of whatever that ball was… but I’m too distracted by Elanah.

How can she go from looking shy and innocent to quickly flashing me to holding me like this?!

She’s got me “standing” in the water with my back feet on her thighs and my back against her chest, the bubbles reaching up to my neck and almost distracting me from the feeling of her bare breasts against the back of my head.

“Ehehe… Woofen,” she coos, her hand on my chest holding me still as her other hand dips below the bubbles. “I’m going to clean you really good, okay, Woofen?”

I have no idea where her hand is going.

All I know is that it’s somewhere under the bubbles and approaching me.

I don’t know if it was part of her plan or not, but between the bubbles blocking the view and Snow being distracted by the origin of the bubbles… Snow has no idea what’s going on over here.

“Look at me, Woofen,” Elanah says, bringing her hidden hand out of the water to tilt my head up.

She places a single kiss on the tip of my nose before staring me in the eyes, sliding her hand back down beneath the bubbles.

“I’ll rub you really good, alright?” she whispers. “I’ll rub you until you’re aaalllll clean.”

She probably just means that she’s going to rub my belly again.

Actually, I have no idea. Going by what’s happened every other time, she’s definitely just going to rub my belly. Going by the look in her eyes and the tone of her voice, though…

She’s probably still just going to rub my belly.

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