[Vol. 1 pt. 41]
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I feel weird tracking somebody based off of their scent, but it’s working.

The scent is getting stronger.

This is definitely a fresh scent – it has to be.

Though, the more I follow this scent, the more everything around me starts smelling.

Sure, I’ve been able to smell everything much stronger ever since I was reincarnated now that I think about it, but it was all sort of blended together back then. Now, the more I practice following this scent, the more distinct everything smells.

Instead of my nostrils being overwhelmed by one powerful, blended scent of all my surroundings, I can pick out the different scents with ease.

For example, I can smell the dead goblins up ahead without even being able to see them yet.

When I do find the goblins, it’s obvious that girl is behind their deaths.

One’s throat is slashed to the bone, another has a hole in its chest that looks like whatever was there before just disappeared without a trace, and the third goblin’s head is almost split into two.

The girl knows how to handle herself, and it’s a good thing that she does.

If she were to get defeated by a group of goblins down here, as a woman…

They’d eat her.

Nothing made me cringe more than hearing people try and warn girls that they might get raped by monsters in the tower. No monster would do that. Not only can a girl not even get knocked up by a monster in the first place, so there’d be no point in the monsters wanting to try that, but all they care about is survival.

Maybe an abnormal monster would try something like that if it felt especially sadistic, but then there’s the whole logistics problem.

I doubt goblins would even be big enough for any regular sized girl.

Regardless, at least she can handle herself when it comes to a group of goblins. It’s easy for solo adventurers to get overwhelmed by groups, and I’m sure that she’s being a loner right now while looking for me.

Seriously though, the amount of rumors I heard about girls getting raped by monsters in the tower is ridiculous. It makes me think that they must have had a fetish for thinking about girls getting raped by monsters.

Damn degenerates. Who’s into that sort of thing?

- thought the puppy who wants to bury his bone inside of an elf and a vampire.

Now then, these bodies are still somewhat fresh, so I shouldn’t be too far behind.

It’s nice not having to worry about coming across any monsters getting in my way since this floor has annoying groups of them. Either I’ll come across dead monsters, or I’ll come across her first.

And going by the sound of fighting that I can hear up ahead, I’m pretty sure that I’ve—

[Skill Acquired!
Tracking |R1|
+1 WIS
Increases your ability to track targets.]

Oh. I guess I can get that by sniffing my way to a target, too.

Now, time for a reunion and a cool entrance. What better way for a pup to make an entrance than by stabbing some monster with a bone to save the girl?

Then there’s the fact that Elanah really doesn’t need any saving.


Because she’s got this.

Despite there being a couple of orcs standing in front of her, there is already a dead one on the ground next to her, one of the standing orcs is missing an arm, and the other looks to be bleeding out at a fast rate.

I might as well enjoy the show instead of helping at this point.

Between her sword, dagger, and her magic, some orcs are no match for her even if they do outnumber her.

The orc down to one arm tries punching her, but she dodges and runs her dagger along the underside of its arm all the way up to its shoulder.

Well, fuck me.

That not only looked pretty badass, but she must have cut an artery in the orc’s arm going by the amount of blood spilling out from it now.

The orc swings its arm at her and splash blood around but falls over dead before it can even hit her.

Only one orc is left, and it’s holding its chest to try and cover the gashes Elanah has already cut carved into it.

“It’s annoying when you won’t just die,” she tells the orc, bringing both of her blades up to slice at the orc’s arms.

The orc falls over to join the other two dead orcs on the floor.

Well, that went smoothly.

She doesn’t even look the slightest bit hurt from what I can see, though all I can see is her back.

And damn. I didn’t notice before, but those stockings and shorts she’s wearing look pretty nice on her.

Her legs are more slender than the vampire’s, and she might not have much going on in the chest department, but this elf has got some damn nice hips. They’re the kind of hips that make me want to bend her over and hold from behind while going at her.

Of course, it’s not like I can hold anybody now since I don’t have opposable thumbs.

I look down at my paws and sigh.

Well, even if this elf is as flat as an anvil up in the front, at least she’s got a nice ass and hips.

I should find an evolution that will give me opposable thumbs.

“So annoying,” Elanah sighs before swinging the blood off of her blades, sheathing them at her sides.

I guess I’ll grab her attention.

“Nice ass,” I bark at her.

Those long ears of hers twitch before she spins around with wide eyes and a growing smile on her face.


“Woofen!” Elanah cheers, running over to me with orc blood sprayed across her face and lack of chest.

“It’s King Pup, damn it,” I bark at her.

Alright. So, another short (well, normal up until now) size chapter. This is also going to be the only chapter this week. This is because I'm testing out a new release schedule over on Patreon where I do weekly, big releases instead of splitting a chapter up into five small parts. So, since the $10 tier on Patreon just got its chapter for the week which ended up being bigger than 5 small chapters like usual, that means I can't post anymore without screwing up how far ahead Patreon is. But, if I decide to switch fully to the weekly system after Patreon feedback once this week is over, then I'll try to figure something out for you free readers. I didn't do this poll here on SH, but I did a poll both on Patreon (70 votes) and RR (1000+ votes) that had people overwhelmingly vote for less but longer chapters, so that's why I'm trying this. Speaking of Patreon, it's 10 chapters ahead if you pay $5 and 20 chapters ahead if you pay $10 > : ^ )