[Vol. 1 pt. 42]
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“I’ve been looking for you, Woofen!”

“Damn it, girl, it’s not ‘Woofen.’”

“Are you okay? Have you been safe?” she asks, leaning over to scoop me up into her arms.


“I knew you’d be safe. I bet you could have killed those orcs even faster than me.”

“I’m not so sure about that, but you’re welcome to believe it if you want to.”

“I wish I could understand what you were saying… but I’m sure that you’re happy to be with me again!”

Yeah, she’s crazy.

At least she’s hugging me against her chest. Even if there aren’t any soft mounds to rest on, she’s still nice and warm.

And getting orc blood in my fur.

“Oh, and I’m sorry, but… I don’t think I’ll be able to get you out of here today. The watchers on duty can’t be bribed and always check bags. I really, really want to take you up so that you can meet the rest of our family, but it will have to wait.”

Damn it.

And what’s this “our family” she’s talking about?

“Why are you even here if it’s not to break me out?” I bark at her.

She holds me up in front of her face and kisses my snout.

“I’m sorry,” she says before kissing me again.

“I get it already,” I bark.

“I’m sure you’re disappointed in me. Sorry,” she says, kissing me again.

“People who apologize too much are annoying shits, so ya can stop with that now.”

“Will you forgive me, Woofen?” Another kiss.

“Sure, just stop apologizing already.”

To try and get my point across to her since I know my barking won’t, I lift my front paws up to try and pat the top of her head.

Of course, they’re too damn short and stubby to reach there, so I end up just patting cheeks instead.

“You’re such a good boy, Woofen,” Elanah says, leaning her head closer to nuzzle the side of her face up against mine.

This is so emasculating.

But also kind of nice.

Mainly emasculating.

“So, since I can’t take you out today, I thought I’d come and spend time with you! I wanted to make sure you’re still alive and healthy and safe even though I know that you’ll always be fine. You’re my fated, so nothing bad is allowed to happen to you in the first place.”

“Please stop using variations of that cursed word.”

“How about we fight together? We’ll grow stronger together and bond! That sounds like a good idea since I can’t get you out of here yet, right?”


“Hmm… what level are you? You can still understand me, right? Lift your paw for how many levels you are. Like… lift it and then put it down for each level.”

At least she’s smart enough to try and communicate with me this way.

I lift and lower my paw ten times.

“Level ten? You’re such a strong puppy!” she says using a voice that I’ve only ever heard for babies and small… animals.

The fact that she’s using that voice on me despite also kissing me so much and looking needy the other day gives me serious concerns for this girl’s mental health.

“Why haven’t you evolved yet? Shouldn’t you be able to? If you become a big, strong dog then we could…”

The tips of her ears are slowly turning red.

I wonder if my look of extreme disappointment is getting across to her.

Sure, I’m a perverted man who loves sex and wishes I could fuck her right now. But, I want to fuck her as a man, not as a puppy, not as a dog – as a man.

“Are you waiting for something? Lift your right paw for yes, left paw for no.”

I raise my right paw.

“What are you waiting for? Maybe… to get a different evolution? I think I remember hearing that monsters could choose…”

I raise my right paw again.

“But if you evolve, then you might be too big for me to sneak out of here…”

Left paw.


Right paw.

“Wouldn’t you get bigger if you evolved?”

Right paw and then left paw.

“Both? Then… does that mean that you could stay small?”

Right paw.

My legs are getting a workout.

Damn stubby things.

“Well, you could always wait to evolve, couldn’t you? You could become big after we get out of here.”

I think she really wants me to become big, and I’m not so sure which part of me she’s hoping gets bigger.

For now, though, I guess I’ll raise my right paw.

I wonder if becoming some variant of hell pup will make me a larger pup than I currently am? Or would I just become a different color? If hell is involved in the name, then maybe… maybe I’d get red fur instead of black? Or black and red?

Black and red would look so damn cheesy.

I’ve known too many up-and-coming “rogues” who went for color schemes like that. If they weren’t loner rogues, they were “fallen knights” who had annoyingly-dark personalities.

“Oh, and I almost forget. Here,” Elanah says, holding her hand out to me.

There isn’t anything in her hand, so she can’t be giving me something. Maybe… oh.

There’s a cut on her hand.

“Woofen, would you… would you lick it for me? Like before? Please?”

There is something wrong with this girl. I know I’ve thought this multiple times already, and I’ve even busted out the seriously, but there is seriously something wrong with this girl’s head.

Well, it’s not like there’s anything wrong with licking her other than feeding whatever sick desires she’s having.

How do I know she’s having sick desires?

Because that look in her eyes and the way she’s panting tells me she’s looking forward to being licked too much.

Just get this over with, Woofen.

No! King Pup! Not Woofen!

I’m not going to be Woofen just because some elf girl wants to call me that, damn it. King Pup will forever be King Pup and nothing else.

Now then, time to lick.

I stop mid-lick to look up at her after hearing her moan.

Apparently, my look of disapproval isn’t translating that well since she doesn’t phased at all.

I’m starting to feel violated even though I’m the one licking her.

Not even the vampire was this crazy.