[Vol. 1 pt. 43]
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“S-so,” Elanah stutters as she pulls her hand away, holding it within her other hand as if it’s something precious to her.


“I said we could spend time and fight together and bond, but… where do you want to go?” she asks. “Is there anything you want to hunt? Maybe something that tastes good?”

Nothing down here really tastes good.

What I could really go for is some chocolate. And some ale.

I should probably just focus on killing monsters at this point to satisfy that requirement for evolving. With Elanah here, it should go faster.

But that’s only if we can party up.

If we’re not in a party, then whoever gets the final blow is going to get the credit for a kill.

In that case, let’s see…

I have no idea if this is going to work or not since I’m technically a monster now, but let’s try it out anyways. It’ll make life much easier while with her if this works.

Invite to party.

Her eyes widen. “Eh? You know how to do that? I didn’t even think this would be possible… but alright!” she says with an annoying smile.

Party Formation
LeaderSkilled King Pup
Level: 10
Status: Healthy
Member: Thief Elanah
Level: 19
Status: Healthy

It’s been a while since I’ve seen that, and it turns out that Elanah really is just like how I used to be. She’s even got one of my old titles. Though, I’m surprised she doesn’t seem to have a last name.

“King… Pup?” Elanah asks. “Your previous owner gave you a pretty cute name, Woofen.”

“Damn it, woman, it says right there that I’m King Pup! Stop calling me Woofen!” I bark at her.

“I guess you don’t think it’s cute? It’s alright, I won’t call you that.”

Thank you.”

“I’ll keep on calling you Woofen instead!”

Damn it, she completely misunderstood.

She’s never going to call me by my real name, is she?

In that case, I’ll give her a name that she won’t like.

“Alright. If this is how ya want to play it, then you’re Assen now. How’s that sound, Assen?” I ask her.

“Woofen? Make that noise again,” she says.

“What noise?”

“No, no, the cute whimper you did before!”


She lights up, picks me up, and cuddles me against her. “You sound so cute when you make that noise!”

Damn it.

Damn it all.

I give up.

I’m ready to die again.

“Can we just go kill something?” I ask while she rubs her face against mine.

She sets me down again.

“Let’s go hunt together now, alright?” she suggests.

Damn, it’s annoying not being able to speak directly with her.

At least we’re on the same line of thought aside from when it comes to her lusting after a damn puppy.

“Oh, and I guess you got into some trouble while I was gone… I saw the quest put out for you,” she says. “The reward isn’t that good, but I heard people thinking you would be an easy target since you’re only a puppy. And it said you were spotted on the seventh floor? I guess you got bored on this one.”

That’s right. I know how to make use of Elanah.

“Follow me,” I bark at her.

“What’s that, Woofen?”

Rather than try to explain myself, I just walk toward my destination.

And my destination is the stairs down to the next level.

She follows me the entire time, of course.

Now, back on the seventh floor, it should be… here.

In the tunnel where I killed the two goblin sorcerers are their broken wands and rapidly-decomposing bodies.

“Here,” I bark.

“Wow. Two of these spawned this closely together? That’s rare,” Elanah says.

“Take this.” I pick up the top half of one of the wands and swing my head to throw it at her feet. Then I look up at the sack she brought for me and bark at it. “And this.” I do the same with the other broken wand.

“What? Do you like them because they’re sticks? Oh, do you want to play fetch?” she asks, holding up one of the wands and waving it around as if she’s about to throw it.

“No, you damn wom—”

Damn it, tail! Stop wagging!

“It looks like the cute little puppy wants to play fetch,” she says in a teasing, emasculating voice.

I hate this.

“Just – just throw the damn stick already,” I bark at her.

“Here!” she announces, swinging her arm to throw the… to stop. “Sorry, Woofen. Some annoying thing wants to ruin our fun. I’ll save this for later.”

At least she’s putting the “sticks” in the bag.

I can’t help but to feel disappointed.

As for the annoying thing ruining our fun, there’s a fat orc holding a wooden club coming this way.

“Here, Woofen,” Elanah says, handing me her dagger.

Yeah, unfortunately for my bone, it’s not going to be strong enough to cut that fat bastard.

“I’ll keep your bone safe for you.” She picks up my bone once I’ve grabbed her dagger in my mouth, placing the bone inside of the bag with the sticks.

I guess she still did what I wanted her to do in the end.

Elanah might be crazy, but she’s going to make one damn useful looter.

“I guess I’m acting like our party’s looter now,” she says with a giggle.

“Stop repeating my thoughts for me out loud when ya can’t even read what they are. It’s creepy,” I bark at her.

“Come on, Woofen. I’ll distract him while you go for his ankles. He’s a fat one, so make sure you cut deep.”

“Ya don’t need to tell me that. I’ve fought B and A-ranked orc types before.”

“Let’s go,” she says, charging forward with her sword gripped in both hands.

Might as well get killing this bastard over with.

Especially since he interrupted fetch time.

Not… not that I wanted to play fetch.


Now that she’ll be carrying my items around for me…

I can collect more bones.