[Vol. 1 pt. 44]
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Elanah is the first one to reach the orc, and she opens up by dodging the wooden club swung at her and then slashing at the orc’s arm.

While she keeps the orc distracted, I’ll be going for his ankles with the dagger that she’s lent me.

“Get him, Woofen,” Elanah says, keeping her eyes on the orc.

The orc swings one of his feet at me but misses.

With the backs of his ankles exposed to me now, I slice the dagger into the fat hanging down over one after the other and cut deeply enough to slice into the actual ankles.

[Fat Tower Orc took 19 damage!]
[Fat Tower Orc took 18 damage!]
[Vital Targeting increased to rank 8!]

Only nineteen and eighteen… damn. The problem with this variant of orcs is just how fucking thick they are, and not thick in the good way.

Now, that vampire was thick in the good way – her chest was, anyways.

Then again, this orc has man tits that are just as big as hers without any of the wonderful perkiness and fuckability.

Then there’s Elanah who isn’t thick anywhere. She’s got kind of wide hips, but that’s it.

I need more thick women in my life.

It should be easier since I’m a puppy now, and no women can resist a puppy. Even ugly puppies get showered in love… sometimes.

At least the orc has dropped to his knees now.

“Good job, Woofen,” Elanah calls out.

I seriously hate how getting praised forces my tail to wag.

At least I was able to hold back the bark that threatened to come out.

Elanah slashes at his arm again, slicing deep enough to sever the tendons and forcing him to drop his club.

All he has left now is his other arm which is slow and predictable.

As the orc swings his arm at her, she holds up her sword to face the oncoming attack.

The dumb orc slices his own hand off by swinging it against her blade.

With that, Elanah raises one foot onto the orc’s chest to kick and push him over.

“You can have the final blow. Just stab him right in the head, alright?” Elanah says.

“Yeah, yeah. I know how to kill an orc,” I bark at her.

“Good boy!”

Damn it.

I stab the dagger into the middle of his head and only stop when the blade’s hilt is against his head.

[Fat Tower Orc slain!]

Yay, and I got nothing for it other than one more kill towards that requirement.

It’s going to take a while to get all of those kills.

“You’re such a good boy, Woofen!” Elanah says, back to scooping me up so that she can cuddle me against her and cover my head in kisses.

She better not get excited over this.

“Seeing such a cute puppy be such a strong fighter…”


“You’re so…”

For fuck’s sake.

“You need to hurry up and get big, alright? But, after we get out of here together.”

The reason for her wanting me to get big is completely different than the reason for why I want to get big.

Something is wrong with this girl. Seriously wrong.

At least she sets me down faster now.

Now, let’s see.

“I want one of this bastard’s bones,” I bark at her.

“What’s that?” she asks.

“Bone! B! O! N! E!”

“I’m sorry, Woofen, I don’t know what you’re trying to say.”

Not being able to clearly communicate with her is a pain in my fluffy ass.

Alright. Let’s see.

I point up at her bag.

“The bag? Do you want something from it?”

I nod.

“Alright, here,” she says and sets the bag down.

I climb into it, pull the bone out, and then point at the bone with one paw before pointing at the orc with the same paw.

“Bone? Orc?”

“Put two and two together ya washboard,” I bark at her.

“Do… you want a bone from the orc?”

I wag my tail and nod my head – wait, the tail wagging isn’t intentional!

“Alright. Do you have a… preference? Do you want a specific bone?”

I freeze.

That’s a damn tough question.

For such a fat and large orc, there has to be a whole bunch of bones in there for me to choose from.

How am I supposed to choose?

“You look cute when you’re confused,” she teases and pets the top of my head. “Does that feel good?” she asks when I can’t resist pushing my head up against her petting hand.

“Just be useful and get me a bone.”

“Let’s see…”

“And stop using my phrases. Get your own.”

“You’re so talkative all of a sudden.”

“I’m getting the bone myself.”

Actually, since she already cut off one of his hands, I think there’s a couple of bones that should be easy enough for me to get.

All I have to do is reach my snout inside of his bleeding arm, bite onto the end of one of the bones, and pull.

“Is that the one you want?”

I let go, bark, and go back to pulling.

Elanah walks up to middle of the arm, presses her sword down against it in a few spots as if looking for something in particular, and then swings her sword down.

She cracks right through the bones.

Now the problem is that, since she severed the arm, all I’m doing is pulling the arm along when I try pulling back on the bone.

“Here,” she says.

I step away to see what she’s doing.

She slides her sword up along the bone through the arm before sliding it back and forth while pulling upward. Basically, she cuts right up through it.

The skin and fat peel off to the sides, allowing Elanah to easily pull the bones out from the opened arm.

The bones are still covered in some chunks of flesh and blood, but that’s just a snack for myself at this point.

Not that I enjoy snacking on raw orc meat or anything.

“Which one do you want? Or do you want both?” she asks.

As tempting as both sounds, I only really need one of them.

I bark at the thinner of the two bones since the other looks slightly too thick for me to hold in my mouth.

“Want me to make it like your other bone? So you can use it whenever you need to?” she asks.

That’d be pretty nice, I won’t lie.

I nod and bark.

“Let’s see… hm. I don’t know if I’ll be able to break it to be sharp like your other one. But… I have an idea, so I’ll hold onto it for you when I go and then bring it back, alright? I promise.”

“Sure, fine, just let me chew on it.”

She hands the bone over and pets my head afterward. “You’re too cute.”

“You’re too annoying,” I mumble while chewing on the bone.

“Enjoy your bone for a few minutes while I carve him up for rewards. I’m going to need the money.”