[Vol. 1 pt. 45]
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I end up watching her carve the orc up while chewing on my bone.

She’s pretty impressive when it comes to things like this. Most girls I’ve seen in the tower were too grossed out by this part of the job and would make the men do it.

But not this elf.

Well, it’s not like she has anybody else to make do it for her. I’m out of the question since I don’t have thumbs.


She cuts off the orc’s left ear which will serve as a basic turn-in item for some money up above. Then she knocks some of his teeth loose to place in her bag, so she’s probably going to turn those in to an alchemist. Then, she pulls an empty jar off of her waist and… well, it makes me cringe while I’m trying to snack on my new bone, but she – well, yeah, I can’t watch this.

I don’t do eye stuff.

After a few moments of cringe-worthy noises, I look back over and see her drop the orc’s two eyes into the jar.

Teeth, eyes – she’s definitely going to be dropping these items off to some sort of alchemist, and probably a shady one at that.

I hope this girl isn’t getting mixed up in any black markets. Respectable alchemists make use of plants and natural items and all that basic shit. The ones who use the body parts of the dead, and sometimes from the living, are the ones who you’re better off not getting involved with unless you’re desperate or know exactly what you’re doing.

Even if the body parts are coming from dead tower monsters… a normal person isn’t going to learn how to specialize in such alchemy requiring those materials in the first place.

It’s especially dangerous for an abyssal elf to be getting involved with that type.

Now, she’s chopping off the fingers from each of the orc’s hands.

Yeah. She’s involved in something shady.

“Don’t worry,” Elanah says after looking over at me. I guess she can read my expression. “I won’t do this to you.”

That’s not what I’m worrying about!

“I know somebody who will buy these parts. They don’t pay much, but… every little bit helps! Especially with what I want to do for you.”

I have no idea what she’s talking about, but this girl just has to go and remind me that she’s actually stupid every time I start thinking that maybe she’s not.

Well, I can always hope that she’s going to be selling these items off to a researcher… but I doubt that’s the case. They come down here in teams to collect materials themselves. The only times they don’t do it themselves is when a powerful monster is in question. In those cases, they put out quests.

And I don’t think this girl is on a quest.

“Ya know, my heart is probably as tiny as the rest of my body is now. That means I really don’t need any extra stress,” I bark at her.

“Don’t worry, I’m almost done,” she says.

I want to smash my head into the ground. Repeatedly.

I would do that if I didn’t have a bone to stress-chew on.

Wait, why am I getting stressed out over this crazy girl again? I mean, there’s the whole her-being-able-to-get-me-out-of-here-maybe thing, but it feels like that isn’t the only reason why I’m worried.

Damn it. Emotions are annoying.

Why couldn’t that vampire have reincarnated me as a zombie or something?

No, wait.

Then I’d really be out of luck for fucking.

This elf here has proven that even a dog has a chance in this world, but a zombie?

No, wait.

There was that one crazy necromancy woman that I knew… the way that she talked about skeletons and zombies was always pretty weird. Everybody thought she was just joking around, but I’m not so sure about that anymore.

“Alright, all done,” Elanah says, wiping some sweat off of her forehead before closing the jar and hanging it back onto her belt. “Ready to go?”

I look over my new bone. I’ve already chewed all the meat off of it, so I guess we might as well go on.

“I’ll put the bone in the bag with the others, alright?”

The thought of giving up a bone hurts me. I want to run away with it and hide it somewhere. But, fighting with that dagger she’s lending me is going to be better.

I wonder if she plans on letting me keep the dagger? Well, she didn’t before, so I doubt she will now.

I don’t know how I feel about this. This girl acts like she’s obsessed with me but won’t even leave me with a real weapon.

“Alright,” I bark at her before going to pick the dagger back up.

“By the way, what do you think about going lower? I think we could handle the eighth floor on our own. I mean… I’ve been to the ninth floor on my own before and was able to hold my own one-on-one, so with you, it should be easy.”

“Are ya forgetting I’m only level ten? Sure, I might be seriously awesome, but I’m still only a level ten. Monsters on this floor are already beating me in raw stats,” I bark at her even though I know she won’t understand anything I’m saying.

The only reason why I’m comfortable on this floor is because of that curse boosting my health. If it wasn’t, I’d never be on this floor.

Her ears twitch.

Seeing hers twitch make mine twitch, and now I know why our ears are twitching.

“We must be making too much noise,” she says.

A couple of frilled Magnurr rattlers are heading this way.

They should be much easier to kill now that I’ve got her with me and a dagger instead of a bone. My first bone might not have been enough to cut through their scales, but this dagger should easily manage.

“They must look big and scary to you, but don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you,” she says.

Well, I won’t lie that they do look way more intimidating as a puppy, but I can still handle myself. I don’t need her worrying about me.

“Make sure to avoid their spit. It will paralyze you if it hits you.”

“I know,” I bark.

“And don’t let them bite you. They’ll inject venom that will paralyze you if they bite you.”

“I know.”

“Don’t let them hurt you at all.”

“I. Know.”

“N-not that I’d be angry at you if you got hurt… I’d just be really angry at them.”

“Can we kill them already?”

“You probably look like a snack to them, so it might be better if I go ahead and you stay back for this one. I won’t be able to distract them both.”

Fuck it, I’m going in first.