Chapter 96
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Lucky 96

[You know her tragic past, but what about her crazy part?]

Yuna learned a lot of things while stalking Calix. 

First, Calix has a relationship with Scarlett. They love each other, and at one time, Yuna found them having sex in the storage room of the campus. It was so hot and Yuna had orgasms three times while peeking at them. At one point, she imagined what would it feel if Calix fucked her with his giant cock. 

It would definitely make her go to heaven, the heaven of pleasure, it was made in heaven. She knew in herself that she would never leave Calix if she experienced his megalodong. 

The second thing that she learned was that Calix would sometimes experience accidents in his daily life. She was sad to see Calix being hurt so she tried her best to protect him. One time she caught a falling flower vase before it hit his head. It made her heart shitless, she almost thought that Calix was going to die. Since then she would try her best to protect him.

And the third thing that she learned, the reason that caused her to abduct Calix. She found that Calix was starting to warm up with Kimberly… And it broke her heart. Furthermore, they were having sex! One thing that she was dying to experience with him!

"Why?" She asked herself, tilting her head severely.

When she learned that Calix was Scarlett's boyfriend, she knew that she didn't have the charisma nor elegance to steal Calix from her. That's why Yuna decided to become his guardian angel instead. She promised to herself that she would protect Calix while keeping her existence a secret from him. 

However, her judgment started to change when she realized that Calix was having an affair. She didn't know that Calix and Scarlett had an agreement. After all, she was always far from Calix and she would only look at him from afar. That was the essence of her Fuel, to maintain her stalking without getting noticed, that's why she made sure to maintain a proper distance from Calix. 

Because of this, Yuna was oblivious to the fact that Calix didn't cheat. He had permission from Scarlett to have sex with other girls, all he had to do was to make sure that Scarlett would always be the number one in his heart, which is factual as of the current situation.

"Why? Why not me?" She questioned herself. Why did Calix choose a nerd woman who loves to repair broken stuff like a person in a junk shop? She couldn't understand why.

"Ara ara?"

It was unfair. She touched her boobs while in the middle of the street, where people were watching her. 

"I'm beautiful and I'm much experienced than her… Yes, she has bigger boobs and ass but I'm confident in my assets. I can make Calix happy more than what she can do." 

Yuna knew that fact, she knew how to make a man cum using her feet alone. She was far more experienced than Kimberly and Scarlett. 

"So why not me? WHY NOT ME!!!?" She raised her voice, the people around her were confused and started to get away from her, she was crazy. 

Yuna bit her nails and muttered, " This is unfair,  this is unfair, this is unfair, this is unfair, this is unfair, thisisunfairthisisunfairthisisunfair." 

She was indeed crazy, her behavior was in turmoil. Perhaps because her emotions were sealed for three years Yuna was having a hard time controlling her emotions. She was driven by it. 

Her jealousy was starting to become dangerous because jealousy could turn into hatred… And she was entering that state. In a way, Yuna was still a child with handling her feelings. 

Despite regaining her emotions, her mind couldn't keep up. So her emotions were winning right now. 

"I hate this, I hate this, I hate this… Heheahahahahhahahahaha!!! I HATE THIS!!" She started laughing so loud and screamed after. No one tried to get close to her, because she's scary. 

Yuna pulled her luscious pink hair and looked at the sky, she found a way to end the pain that she was having. Her eyes dilated, the blinding sun burned her sight but she didn't blink nor close her eyes.

"Calix… I will make him mine," She grinned so wide that it reached her ears. It was frightening. Suddenly, she disappeared and the people thought that they were just hallucinating. 

"No one can have him except me! Hehehahahahaha!!!"


"Hoh, what a coincidence. To see the illegitimate daughter of Mark Cudgel in front of my boyfriend's room is quite fascinating." Scarlett sarcastically said as she crossed her arms.

Scarlett and Kimberly were in front of the door and they were waiting for Calix to open the door. 

"Good afternoon, Lady Scarlett. I'm happy to meet you in person. It's true that you are indeed beautiful now that I see you personally." Kimberly bowed her head then fixed her glasses after. 


Scarlett couldn't retaliate, because Kimberly didn't insult her. Instead, she showed good manners and praised her. Yet, Scarlett felt that Kimberly was mocking her. 

"By the way, can I ask you who are you waiting for? I'm here for my boyfriend so…" Kimberly didn't continue her sentence but Scarlett immediately got the gist.

"Hah! This woman. For your information, I'm Calix's girlfriend. And you, you're just a plaything. Don't forget that." Scarlett wanted to make it clear. The way she said it was filled with pride. 

Kimberly clenched her fists but she controlled her expression, she was going to lose if she showed even one mistake. 

"Is that so? Well, I guess it's hard to deny a person who's been with him since childhood. I can relate to Calix."

"Are you saying that Calix only loves me because I'm his childhood friend?" 

"Yes. But I'm different, he immediately loves me. That tells a different."

Scarlett became livid as she further listened to her. She took a step and got closer to her. Their faces were so close. Their eyes looked at one another and no one averted their gaze. 

"Listen woman, you don't know Calix. Sure you have your fill for some weeks but it's not enough. You can do what you want but you will fail. I can assure you that. Your understanding of Calix is shallow. You're not there when he lost his mom, you're not there when he injured his knees when he was young. You didn't even see him grow as an adult. Now, tell me that his love for me is bleak, and I will tell you that your understanding is trivial."

She said right in front of her face, Kimberly didn't change her expression. However, she was stabbed in her chest. It was painful because everything that Scarlett said was right.

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